7 Best Gyro Machines To Make Your Life Easy [Complete Guide]

Everyone loves having a great time with friends and families. The availability of superb kebabs makes these times even more fun. Who doesn’t want to have mouth-watering grilled meat with drinks and good laughs once in a while?

Having a wonderful kebab experience with your loved ones is easily achievable when you have your gyro machine. Investing in a satisfactory gyro machine means signing up for a long-term kebab enjoyment for you and your friends.

Choosing what machine, for what occasion and purpose can be challenging for many people, which is why this article was written. After thoroughly reading through this article, you will have read about the best types of gyro machines you can purchase.

You will also learn the pros and cons of these gyro machines, how best to maintain them and what to look out for when purchasing yours.

Our Best Picks for the Best Gyro Machine

Definition of a Gyro Machine

You have probably found yourself in a gathering where there are lots of grilled meats, skewered meat, kebabs, etc., and you wonder what machine makes them. Well, that is the gyro machine.

A gyro machine is used to grill, toast, or barbecue meat on a spinning spit. Essentially, using a gyro machine is needed when you are serving meals that have to do with beef and lamb, including sandwiches.

The gyro machine was initially introduced in Chicago in 1965 and can either be electric or gas-run. The ease of operation, durability, and dependability of a gyro machine makes it a great inclusion in your kitchen. 

For large-volume restaurant owners, commercial gas gyro machines are perfect for you, primarily because of their ability to cook meat efficiently. Another awesome thing about commercial gas gyro machines is that although they are very fast, they don’t taste the meat. In essence, the taste of the meat is untouched even though it cooks very fast.

Design of a Gyro Machine

The gyro machine, typically, is invented from pure, stainless, and crucible steel which provides longevity for effective commercial use. Good gyro machines are furnished with stainless steel with high-quality insulation to guard them against oil. They have heat shields to maintain the heat inside the machines.

The gyro machine consists of three main parts, which are: 

  • The rotating (or spinning) spit
  • The burners
  • The grease drawer

For a start, your gyro meat or kebab should be heaped on a gyro spit that is long enough and can accommodate the weight of your meat. You should then conclude on the quantity of meat to be cooked, then go ahead and select among the cookers which one has a meat capacity that ranges from 33 lbs to 128 lbs.

The length of the spit is also very vital for the capacity. You can find spits with sizes ranging from 16 inches to 38 inches. If you run a restaurant that requires you to serve a large number of kebabs or gyros daily, you should purchase a gyro machine with a spit that is 20 inches and above in height.

Gyro machines come with an inbuilt grease drawer to retain the grease and oil in a preserved place to keep the counter neat. The grease drawer can be quickly taken out to be cleaned.

In addition, you should know that gyro machines come in different sizes, so you must know what size you require and how much space you have for it.

Burners and Fuel Types of a Gyro Machine

The gyro meat and kebabs are cooked around the long, vertical spit, which spins slowly just in front of the machine’s burners. Thus, the gyro machine has a control panel that helps you to control the burners easily.

Subsequently, gyro machines either run on electricity or gas. Liquid propane or natural gas can be used to operate gas gyro machines. However, some gyro machines come with options of natural gas and liquid propane through an adapter. Gas gyro machines cook the meals with actual flames as they have propane connections. An electrical connection is also needed for these units to get the electric engine running, which spins the pure and stainless steel spit.

On the other hand, electric gyro machines can be connected anywhere with an electric connection. The electric vertical gyro machines maximize heating and burning coils for the process of cooking the chicken or beef that has been heaped around the rotating spit. This shows that the meat is evenly cooked from top to bottom.

Detailed Reviews About the 7 Best Gyro Machines

Having gone through the definition of a gyro machine and its features, you can now learn about top gyro machines fashioned to give you a great experience.

1. Best Affordable: NutriChef Countertop Vertical Rotating Gyro Machine Oven

NutriChef Countertop Vertical Rotating Gyro Machine Oven

Material: Tempered Glass

Item Weight: 11.4 Pounds (5.13 kg)

Wattage: 1500 Watts

Capacity: 22 Quarts

Time Setting: Up to 60 Minutes

Max Temperature: 464 ℉ (240 ℃)

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

The NutriChef Countertop Vertical Rotating Oven is one trusted gyro machine that guarantees a hitch-free food preparation. You can be assured of a thorough and preserved cooking that keeps the flavor of food, makes the outsides of the meat crispy and keeps the insides juicy and tender.

Your cooking will be clean and less messy all through as this gyro machine has a stainless steel stain-resistant body and a tray for collecting oil and grease.

This machine is a multifunctional oven, and you can set the timing to up to one hour. Although the power heat of the gyro oven is quite high, it comes with a glass door that is heat-resistant for regulation.


  • Your counter will be clean both during and after cooking because of the machine’s grease tray and stain-resistant body.
  • The vertical rotating oven is both time-saving & energy effective.
  • You have the opportunity and freedom to cook different recipes in this multifunctional oven.
  • With its auto power-off function and heat-resistant glass door, the machine’s high heat is well regulated.
  • The mode of operation is pretty easy, and it has an adjustable time setting of up to 60 minutes.


  • The size is not big and might not serve a large gathering.

2. Best for Propane Gas: Li Bai Gyro Machine Doner Kebab Grill

Li Bai Gyro Machine Doner Kebab Grill

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 5 KG

Voltage: 110 V/60 Hz

Capacity: 8 Pounds


Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0

The Li Bai Gyro Machine is a commercialized vertical oven manufactured with top-quality stainless steel. This pure steel makes the machine resistant to rust and decay. The kebab grill is, therefore, very durable and fit for long-term use.

Another cool thing about this gyro machine is its two infrared burners with high heating efficiency. This means that you can cook your lovely meat dishes in a short time. Additionally, the two burners have adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to adjust the machine’s temperature as you please.

The suspense pole of this gyro machine can rotate very smoothly with absolutely no noise. This pole ensures uniformity in the heat distribution, which means that your meats are uniformly cooked. This gas gyro machine that uses natural gas or propane is straightforward. A change in the valve is all you need to switch to natural gas as its power source instead of propane.


  • There is a uniformity in the distribution of heat which leads to uniformity in meat cooking.
  • The machine is very durable and was constructed to last long.
  • You can use either natural gas or propane as your power source option.
  • The mode of operation is very smooth with no noise whatsoever.


  • Cleaning this gyro machine can be time-consuming 
  • It must be compatible with your power switch; otherwise, it won’t work.

3. Best Manual: Zz Pro Doner Kebab Gyro Machine Grill

Zz Pro Doner Kebab Gyro Machine Grill

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 5 KG

Voltage: 110V

Capacity: 5-13 Pounds

Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

This is yet another 2-burner commercialized gyro grill with a sturdy motor at its bottom. This motor is protected from heat and ensures the vertical oven gives long-lasting performance. 

Furnished with a sturdy and robust motor that can work for long hours without a break, the Zz Pro Gyro Machine will ensure your meat dishes are cooked in a very short time. All you have to do is stack up the meat and turn on the switch.

The vertical spit will start spinning smoothly and adequately while ensuring an even heat distribution. Close your eyes for a few minutes for your meat to cook. Then, open them to the beauty of smoothly prepared chicken, beef, or kebabs.

In addition, you can use the temperature control knobs of each burner to adjust the temperature to your cooking requirements.


  • You can bid goodbye to rust and corrosion as this gyro machine is built with pure, crucible, and stainless steel.
  • The mode of operation is straightforward, and the machine requires no technical know-how to be operated.
  • You can control the temperature of each burner according to what you’re cooking and what is required. 
  • It has a robust and sturdy build.


  • The cooking rod of this gyro machine is very frail and light. It is supposed to have a T-shaped metal piece that will help secure the rod into position, but it doesn’t have.

4. Best Controllable: Yooyist Electric Vertical Broiler Doner Kebab Gyro Grill Machine

Yooyist Electric Vertical Broiler Doner Kebab Gyro Grill Machine

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 12 Pounds (5.4 kg)

Heating Power: 2.4 Kilowatts

Temperature Range: 50-300 ℃

Capacity: 5-13 Pounds

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

The multifunctional electrical vertical broiler meets the demands of a commercial kitchen as it is highly efficient and high-performance equipment. The oven comes with an oil tray for the awesome collection of oil, which makes the whole cooking process very neat and less messy.

The gyro machine’s cooking rod spins smoothly and consistently for a long while. The smooth rotation helps the device attain a reasonable temperature while cooking.

The Yooyist gyro machine also comes with two side-by-side electric burners, and the smooth rotation of the spit evenly distributes the heat across the vertical broiler. Hence, your meat will cook uniformly with a crisp outside and tender inside.


  • It is ideal for families, gatherings, picnics, and even commercial barbecues, as it can take about 5-13 pounds of meat.
  • Being an electric machine, you can be guaranteed convenience and safety. You won’t be exposed to the risks in the usage of gas.
  • The ease with which you operate this machine is compared to none. You basically just put the meat on the pan, turn on the switch and allow it to cook for a few minutes.
  • An oil tray comes with this gyro machine to easily retain the oil used during the cooking, therefore making the machine easy to clean.


  • You can’t use it except when there is electricity.

5. Top Rated: BNDHKR Homemade Chicken Gyro Machine Countertop Rotisserie Grill

BNDHKR Homemade Chicken Gyro Machine Countertop Rotisserie Grill

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 14.57 Pounds

Voltage: 110V/60Hz 

Capacity: 11-13 Pounds

Power Source: Propane

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

The BNDHKR gyro grill has two cost-effective ceramic burners, which enable low consumption but high efficiency. The stainless steel used to manufacture this oven makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. 

A stainless steel grease drawer is attached to this vertical gyro machine to collect oil during use. With its manual ignition, the broiler is super convenient and safe.

Your meat cooks more uniformly with the combination of the 360-degree rotation and the double ceramic furnace heating burner.


  • Due to the even heat distribution, you are sure to have your meat evenly and effectively cooked while cooking.
  • The gyro machine is straightforward to clean and maintain. 
  • On purchasing this machine, you have signed up for long-term usage as this machine is very durable and long-lasting.
  • The skewer is detachable and can be appropriately cleaned and maintained. Also, your meat will be properly removed and detached from it.
  • The removable spinning skewer rotates 360 degrees, meaning every single part of your meat is adequately cooked.


  • None

6. Best Value: Zz Pro Electrical Vertical Broiler Doner Kebab Gyro Machine

Zz Pro Electrical Vertical Broiler Doner Kebab Gyro Machine

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 5 KG

Temperature Range: 50-300 ℃ 

Power: 2.4 Kilowatts

Capacity: 5-13 Pounds

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

Just like the Zz Pro Kebab Machine, this is the electrical and more sophisticated type. The Zz Pro Electrical vertical oven uses electricity as a means of heating, not gas, making it very convenient and safe.

The mode of operation for this gyro machine is seamless and stress-free. You just stack your meat on the pan, turn on the switch, and adjust the temperature control. Your barbecue will be ready in just a few minutes or less.

You can conveniently cook about 5 to 13 pounds of meat, making it standard for public gatherings and restaurant barbecues.


  • The gyro machine is easy to clean and maintain, and there is less mess because of the grease tray that collects oil.
  • The machine has adjustable controls for increasing or decreasing temperature according to your cooking requirements.
  • It is convenient and safe.


  • It can’t work without electricity.

7. Best Premium: Royali Gyro Machine Tacos AL Pastor Doner Grill

 Royali Gyro Machine Tacos AL Pastor Doner Grill

Material: Ceramic

Item weight: 16.81 Pounds

Wattage: 1100 W

Voltage: 110 V

Capacity: 5-13 Pounds

Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0

The Royali gyro machine comes with double infrared burners that have ceramic covers. These burners ensure a uniform distribution of heat during cooking.

You can trust this gyro machine to deliver juicy inner and outer crispy meat. The machine has two controls for adjusting the temperature for cooking.

The Royali gyro machine is a perfect fit for small events and light parties. It is suitable for gyros, Tacos Al Pastor, and Doner.

The fuel type for this gyro machine is Propane gas, which burns really well for your meat to be cooked appropriately.


  • It comes with a bottom bowl for oil and grease collection, making it neat and easy to maintain.
  • The temperature is adjustable, and you can control it to your taste.
  • The two burners ensure uniformity in the cooking.


  • It can only serve small events and occasions.

How to Choose the Right Gyro Machine

As stated earlier, settling for the perfect choice of gyro machine for your use can be challenging. There is no need to fret, as you will see guidelines to help you choose the suitable gyro machine.

Capacity of the Cooker

There are varying capacities for each gyro machine available. You can’t choose a device just because someone said it is good. It has to fit your own requirements. If you just need it for the home and nothing significant, you can purchase one with a capacity of 5-11 lbs.

However, if you need it for commercial purposes, consider an oven with a capacity of close to 85 lbs. Some of these models usually come with about three or four burners plus skewers placed at the side that assist you in cooking large amounts.

Making of Gyro Machines

Heavy-duty gyro machines should be made with pure, crucible, stainless steel, and ceramic. This will help the machine last longer and resist rust and decay. 

Gyro machines made of high-quality material will prevent burning and keep the original form and shape even after years of constant use.

Ceramic burners, on the other hand, give gig burning efficiency. As far as they come with control knobs for adjusting the temperature according to your cooking preferences, they will uniformly cook the meat in little or no time.

Gyro Machines that are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Too much emphasis cannot be laid on cleaning and properly maintaining your gyro machine before and after cooking. You must take care of it adequately to get the most out of the machine’s durability. Hence, opt for models that are not just easy to clean but help keep your kitchen mess-free.

Ensure that the oven comes with side wings beside the actual skewer. This will help to prevent your meat from falling on the platform the machine is placed on. In addition, be sure that your grill oven has a grease drawer that helps you collect the oil and retain it. Once the tray is complete, you can empty it and clean it without stress.


Are you craving lamb or beef, chicken or turkey? A gyro machine is a response to your cravings. Imagine being able to make all the kebabs you want to eat without leaving the comfort of your home. Whatever gyro machine you choose will help you cook any kind of meat.

Also, note that some of these machines come with instruction manuals to guide you on how to use them. Pile up your meat on the vertical skewer and let the gyro machine satisfy you to your taste.

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