8 Best Gym Timers For Your Home Gym

Gym Timer

In recent decades the trend toward fitness has gained a lot of momentum. As a result, people of all ages and gender can be seen working out in gyms more than ever. Whether people want to build their stamina, loss or gain weight, or want a fit body, the gym is one solution for all. However, due to many reasons, going to the gym outside is becoming inconvenient. Because of that, now people are making their homes their gyms. One of the primary pieces of equipment that they need to do so is the gym timer. That is why a gym workout timer is handy when turning your home into the gym and focusing on your workout. In this article, we will discuss the best helpful gym timer.

Our Picks For The Best Gym Timers

Best Overall
Title Deluxe Gym Timer

Title Deluxe Gym Timer

  • Capped lighting system
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2 or 3-minute workout period
  • Three-way adjustable ring bell 
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Best Bluetooth
GymNext Flex Timer Gym Timers

GymNext Flex Timer Gym Timers

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Best Remote Control
BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer Gym Timers

BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer Gym Timers

  • Bright LED
  • Pre-programmed buttons [TABATA & FGB]
  • Remote control
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Best Easy to Carry Around
Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch Gym Timers

Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch Gym Timers

  • One or two intervals [2 seconds-99 minutes]
  • Built-in Stopwatch and Clock
  • Auto mode
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Best Modern Wall-mounted
XREXS Large Digital Wall Clock Gym Timers

XREXS Large Digital Wall Clock Gym Timers

  • 16.5" LED DISPLAY
  • Three modes: Timer, Alarm Clock
  • Remote control
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Best Fully Customizable
Seesii Gym Timer Clock for Home Gym

Seesii Gym Timer Clock for Home Gym

  • Bright 1.5" Digits numbers
  • Popular Pre-Set Timer Modes
  • Save up to 10 customized timers
  • 2 Ways to Power Seesii Gym Timer
  • Excellent accessories
  • Different sizes Available
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Best Smart LED
West Ocean Smart Digital LED Wall Clock Gym Timers

West Ocean Smart Digital LED Wall Clock Gym Timers

  • 6-inch Red LED with 3 Adjustable Brightness
  • Smart control
  • Pre-program Countdowns/Timers/Alarms/DST
  • High accuracy
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Auto-Rotate Screen
  • Ultra-thin design
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Best Digital
Seesii Gym Timer

Seesii Gym Timer

  • Multi-Functional
  • 11’ ultra-clear display
  • 1.5’LED digits
  • Brightness is adjustable in 5 levels
  • Pre-programmed buttons [TABATA & FGB] 
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Best Remote Control: BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer Gym Timers

Our Score

Our best gym timer is the one that has achieved this position because of its features. Whether it's a home gym, a professional weight-lifting training center, or any other space, it 

is perfect for all purposes.

With this timer, users can track their gym time and rest periods. Its customization level makes it different from others, which makes every function adjustable.

Even a newbie in the gym can use this easily for regular workouts and setting ratios for exercising and rest. In this timer, users will get the following functions: 

1. It is offered by BTBSIGN and comes in a combination of blue and red colors.

2. This timer has a metallic body with a weight of 1.3 pounds.

3. It comes with two buttons, FGB and Tabata buttons, and for gym sessions, it has four times, a stopwatch, a countdown, an interval timer, and a 12/24 hour clock.

4. Users can customize the intervals and enhance their gym sessions with the EMOTM routine.

5. There is a stand and hanging option available with this timer.

  • It is easy to use and install, which makes setting up the process hassle-free and less hectic.
  • This timer has full customization support.
  • It comes with a stand and hanging support pieces.
  • It can be more than enough for people who want a normal workout.

Best Overall: Title Deluxe Gym Timer

Our Score

The second rank holder gym timer in our list is this, which comes with various excellent features. What makes it stand apart from others is the three-light system.

It has three lights, green, yellow, and red, indicating the three workout session phases. A green light indicates workout time, yellow last seconds remaining, and red for rest time.

With a visual alert system, it also has an audio alert feature and makes a sound to alert users. It comes with the following features: 

1. This timer is by Title Boxing company and is available in several colors, including green, yellow, red, white, and black.

2. It weighs 4.55 pounds and comes in the dimension of 4x8x11 inches.

3. Users can set a timer for 2 and 3-minute workout periods and the rest 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4. Setting time is super easy; users need to flip a switch.

5. It's a gym clock standing on the desk with a plug for charging.

  • It is super easy, and there is no installation process. Users need to plug it into a switch, which is ready for use.
  • This timer has visual and sound alerts for users.
  • Setting workout sessions and rest periods is easy.
  • It is not a wall-mounted timer.
  • This timer doesn't have any other features.
  • It doesn't have customization either.

Best Easy to Carry Around: Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch Gym Timers

Our Score

We have this gym timer with us because of its perfect size and the features that it offers. It has the size of a small pager and comes with a removable belt – clip.

This timer can be used for a range of workout sessions, including cardio, kettlebells, cross fit, running, boxing, strength training, MMA, and weightlifting, to count a few.

It has the following features: 

1. This timer is manufactured by Gymboss and comes in blue and black colors with a weight of 35 gms and a dimension of 2.25x0.75x1.75 inches and weighs 1.23 ounces.

2. To set the timing, there are buttons, and users can set alarm durations and use the stopwatch feature.

3. It has an auto mode extending up to 99 repeats with vibration and chime notifications of intervals.

4. Users must change their AAA battery to use the powered gym timer.

  • It is impact and sweat resistant.
  • This timer is easy to use and requires no installation.
  • It is used as a wrist timer or set on the table and, with the help of a built-in clip, can be clipped to clothes too.
  • It is very small.
  • Not customizable; users can only set timers for different workouts and rest.

Best Smart LED: West Ocean Smart Digital LED Wall Clock Gym Timers

Our Score

This gym wall clock is best for home gyms with a brilliant combination of features, and it is perfect for recreation, game, and other training centers. This timer uses corded electricity and is a smart digital LED clock for workout sessions.

1. This gym timer is by West Ocean, comes in red only, and has various amazing features like a daylight saver and three different use modes.

2. It comes with a 18x0.95x 6.8 inches dimension with a weight of 1.9 lbs, one lithium-ion battery, and an adapter. 

3. Users can use and control the clock with remote control, wi-fi, and a smartphone.

4. It comes with a 32–bit microprocessor, three countdown types, real-time calibration, and different timers for different workout sessions and alarms.

5. In this timer, users can set pre-program countdowns, a 12/24 hour display with three-level adjustable brightness.

6. Users can use it as a wall gym timer and keep it on the table and a tripod.

7. It has an auto-rotate screen, alarm mute, and customizable timers for exercising like cardio, Tabata, HIIT, and weightlifting to count prominent ones.

  • This timer has many features and offers users an easy installation procedure.
  • Its many control options and lightweight body makes it easy to carry.
  • The best functions are the auto-rotation mode and display brightness saver mode.
  • It is very sophisticated.

Best Bluetooth: GymNext Flex Timer Gym Timers

Our Score

One Bluetooth gym timer with us is true to its nature and offers plenty of functions to the users. It is a multipurpose timer used for various workout sessions like MMA, circuit training, cross fit, HIIT, boxing, EMOM, Tabata, interval training, and many more.

This is an excellent option for all workout sessions and gyms and connects easily with a smartphone through an app. Users can sync this timer with Bluetooth speakers and hear the notification sounds from the point in the gym.

1. It has ten timer modes, including standard countdown and up, stopwatch, interval, EMOM, round, multi-segment and Tabata, scoreboard, beep test, and shot clock.

2. This timer is powered by GymNext and comes in blue or red color with an aluminum body and dimensions of 13x5x2 inches in a weight of 2.99 pounds.

3. The customizability it offers is matchless, and with ten timer modes, users can customize their workout sessions and rest periods.

4. It can be synced with headphones and speakers and has a built-in buzzer to alert users.

5. This timer has a big LED display so that the timing modes are visible, and they can set the required pace of timers.

  • It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices and lets the users check and control their workout sessions through their phones.
  • Users can also use the FLEX app to analyze their workout sessions, heart rate, etc.
  • It is not portable.
  • This timer is for professional working-out sessions, not normal workouts.

Best Modern Wall-mounted: XREXS Large Digital Wall Clock Gym Timers

Our Score

One more smart wall clock with a gym countdown timer is here with us. This gym timer is loaded with features.

It has a modern and smart remote control with buttons and a digital calendar clock for the day. Users can use this timer for home gyms, garage gyms, and for other training centers.

1. It has manual and auto display brightness that comes with 4-level adjustable brightness.

2. The timer is available by XREXS and comes in 16.5x5.7 inches and 2.46 pounds.  

3. This timer has three clock modes, an alarm and a timer for a workout.

4. Users just need to press the button to change modes, and users can change from a 12/24 hour display to workout timers.

5. With the help of remote control, users can set the time easily and quickly.

It has an extra wide and large LED display for easy viewing, two set-up modes, and a perfectly accurate date and time.

  • It is a smart digital clock for gyms and other purposes.
  • Users can adjust the modes, brightness, and other settings.
  • It is very customizable and allows users to set the timers according to their needs.
  • It is difficult to carry this gym timer around.
  • This timer is only for indoor use.

Best Digital: Seesii Gym Timer

Our Score

Next in the line of gym timers is this incredible digital gym clock, and it is a workout clock for gym purposes and power bank compatibility.

1. This timer is manufactured by Seesii in a metallic body of 11.5x1.5x4 inches. 

2. It has buttons for changing modes and setting timers so that users can customize their workout sessions and interval periods.

3. The timer offers multi-function timers, including a stopwatch, countdown and up, 12/24 hour display, Tabata, boxing, UFC, EMOM, HIIT, and other exercises.

4. This timer offers five brightness levels with the customization and different timers for various clock and stopwatch modes.

  • It is easy to use and works as a wall gym timer.
  • This timer is only for wall mounting and is difficult to carry around.

Best Fully Customizable: Seesii Gym Timer Clock for Home Gym

Our Score

Last but not least, the gym timer on our list offers superb features. This is a great option for home gyms and garage gyms.

1. The timer is offered by Seesii in 11.5x1.5 x 4 inches dimensions and 0.7 kgs and comes with an adapter, cable, mounting brackets, and remote control.

2. Users can change the modes through the buttons and control the timer through remote control.

3. There is green rubber protection.

4. This interval clock for the gym is available as a wall-mounted and portable timer. It has ten customized timers, including boxing, weight lifting, cross fit, interval training, EMOM, and HIIT.

5. To ease the users, it comes with various preset timers and intervals like Tabata, countdown, rest, and training intervals.

  • It is easy to use and set and has lots of features.
  • This timer is fully customizable.
  • It does not have buzzer functions.

Why Do You Need To Buy Gym Timers?

There are many reasons why people find outside gyms inconvenient for them, and the primary factor is their irregular lifestyle.

This leads to mismanagement of all things, including workouts. So it becomes hectic to make regular timing for a gym.

Also, the unfortunate events make people realize that their home is safer than any outside place. This is also why people are now making gym space in their homes.

Fitness timers are essential among all other equipment people need for their home gym. Why? Well, because there are many reasons for it.

When people work out at home, they tend to use mobile phones for time tracking, which often distracts them too.

While working out at home, a gym timer can help in many ways. We already know they keep track of time, and we can use them instead of our phones.

This makes our exercise sessions more focused. They are also alert while working out and keep track of rest intervals in the middle of sets and reps.

What To Remember While Home Gym Timer

Gym timers seem attractive at once. However, that’s not always the case. Buying a perfect gym timer is necessary, but there are certain things that one must keep in mind.

  • Features

Buying a gym interval timer looks easy, but when you search there, you will find many options. They come with their distinct features. So what you need is first to decide the features you want.

For what kinds of workouts you want and what features you need are some points while buying gym timers. Otherwise, you can buy a gym timer that is either overloaded with features or not useful at all.

  • Price

They are very costly when you look out for even a mini gym timer. So you must select a gym timer with appropriate features to buy one accordingly.

If you want a simple one, you can have some budget-friendly times, and if you want some sophisticated timers, they will be expensive.

  • Portable or Wall Mounted

Another thing that you need to decide is whether you want a wall-mounted option or a portable gym timer. Today companies are providing mounting stands too for portable timers. So you can go with such options too.

  • Work Out

A simple gym timer is best if you want to do regular workouts. However, you need sophisticated timers to support your aerobic exercises, HIIT, or weight-lifting training.

Ultimately the type of workout becomes an essential factor in deciding what kind of gym timer you need to buy.


Should I work out with a gym timer?

Working out with a gym timer is very beneficial. So it doesn’t only eliminate the chances of exercises and exercises but also can alarm about the rest intervals.

These timers are suitable for various workouts like HIIT or aerobic exercises.

What are gym timers used?

Gym timers are used for various purposes. They can be good for indicating the time for resting. With their help, you can set the alarm for a particular exercise.

Thus, they will tell you about the final reps so that you can buckle up and focus on your workout.


In this article, we have discussed some of the best gym timers that you can use for your home gym. One option has simple features, then the other has Bluetooth connectivity.

If one is wall-mounted, then the other is easy to carry around. All the gym timers listed here are known for their features and have good ratings.

Now you have to decide what features you need. Hence it will be your final decision what gym timer to choose.

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