10 Best Air Tracks for Gymnastics and Home Use [Sports Spirit]

Air tracks are on your list to buy, but you can’t decide which air track to get. Read along!

Once you become a gymnast or want to learn certain fitness sports that lead to a leaner body, you will understand the importance of equipment like an air track. You wouldn’t want your little gymnast or yourself hitting the floor directly while doing a summersault, right? Much like gym mats, they are soft and have a bounce to them. The difference is that these are inflatable, which makes storage and portability an easy option.

You can use the air track in your home, gyms, school, etc. They come in various sizes and thicknesses and provide proper floor resistance to reduce the chances of injury.

If you are buying the air track for being used within your home or a specific room, it is encouraged first to take the dimensions of the place and buy the air mat that fits into the dimensions. It is easier to store once it is deflated, unlike a trampoline.

Our Picks for the Best Air Track

In the world of fitness and sports, it is essential to equip yourself with the right gear. In addition, it is imperative to take precautions for safety and fewer chances of errors and injury. This is why you must choose the best air track for yourself or your gym.

Following are the best air tracks available in the market; you can choose which one suits your requirements the best.

1. Best Weight Supporting: AKSPORT Gymnastics Air Track Inflatable Tumbling Mat

AKSPORT Gymnastics Air Track Inflatable Tumbling Mat

Dimensions: 120 × 480 × 48 Inches

Size: Multiple Choices

Item Weight: 19 Pounds

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Air tracks are inflatable mats made with specific materials to support gymnasts on their leaps and jumps. The AKSPORT Gymnastics Air Track is available on Amazon.

Coming in various colors like mint green, pink, and blue, it is made to fit all areas you can think of putting in.

  • Garden
  • School gym
  • Gym
  • Backyard
  • Home
  • Pool
  • Fitness clubs
  • Dance studios

The inflatable tumbling mat is made with a material called polyvinyl chloride. It comes in sizes that are easy to carry for portable choices. You can easily carry the track around if you want to take it to your gym or someone’s pool party!

The dimensions of this air track are 10 ft x 3.3 ft.4 Inches. The product weighs around 19 pounds, and with packaging included, the weight can go up to 12 KG. Many accessories are offered in the package, including an air mat, an electric pump machine, a carry bag, and a repair kit.


  • Easy inflating and deflating
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • Durable material
  • It can be used in various locations
  • Ease of carrying


  • Needs to be taken care of around the water

2. Best for Indoor Use: FBSPORT 13ft/16ft/20ft/23ft/26ft Inflatable Air Track for Gymnastics Training and Home Use

FBSPORT 13ft/16ft/20ft/23ft/26ft Inflatable Air Track for Gymnastics Training and Home Use

Dimensions: 118 × 39 × 4 Inches

Size: Multiple Choices

Item Weight: 25.35 Pounds

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

FBSPORT Inflatable Air Track is made with superior quality material to give you all the support you or your gymnast would need while practicing. The product comes in various sizes and colors to suit everyone.

It is made with 500D Filament grade PVC tarpaulin for better air-tightness and durability. The air track has a repetitive frequency due to the material used in the production. The polyvinyl chloride helps the bounce better, with fewer chances of slipping or injury while practicing.

You have complete control of how hard or soft you want the air track to be; the variations in sizes help with the indoor and outdoor settings. You can choose the size as per your location and how you are planning to carry it around.

The air track comes with a mat and an electric air pump, allowing you to set up the inflatable mat in a few minutes. The regular dimensions of the air track are 10 ft x 3 ft x 4 inches. The color variations range from green to pink. You can choose a color that suits you the most, along with the most comfortable dimensions for you or your gymnasts.


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to inflate
  • Deflation is only a matter of minutes
  • It can be used anywhere
  • It has more bounce to support more leaps and injury resistance


  • It needs to be protected from water
  • It needs maintenance and proper storage, while it doesn’t come with a proper carrying bag

3. Best Waterproof Air Track: XUNLONG Air Inflatable Gymnastics Training Mat

XUNLONG Air Inflatable Gymnastics Training Mat

Dimensions: 78 × 39 × 4 Inches

Item Weight: 7.6 KG

Weight Capacity: 250 Pounds

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

The XUNLONG Air Track is an inflatable gymnastics mat in different colors and sizes. The air mat is made to facilitate the gymnasts with better practice leading to better performance.

It is an air track that is waterproof and makes usage in water easy. It supports the training and practice of gymnastics, cheerleading, etc. The waterproof PVC material makes it an air track that supports even heavyweight, so one doesn’t have to worry about their weight while practicing.

XUNLONG Air track comes in varying sizes. All these sizes are best depending on the gymnast’s age and the room area where the mat will be placed. If one wants a longer air track, they can attach two air tracks from the Velcro sides, making customization easy and your practice more fun!

The accessories that come along with the air track are an electric air pump, an inflatable mat, a repair kit, and a spare valve cover.


  • Easy inflation
  • Waterproof
  • Supports up to 250 pounds of weight


  • Does not come with a glue
  • Only washed by hands

4. Best Anti-slip Air Track: CANWAY Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

CANWAY Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

Dimensions: 118 × 40 × 4 Inches

Colors: Green and Blue

Item Weight: 24.25 Pounds

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

CANWAY is known to produce the best anti-slip air track. These mats are inflatable and come in different sizes and colors. It comes with an electric pump that stops pumping when the mat is inflated to the maximum.

The air track is 4 inches thick and ensures you bounce back with fewer chances of injuries. These mats are available for practice for any age. The sizes can be chosen as per personal preference and the area of the place.

These are professionally handmade and are designed to be used outdoors specifically. It can also substitute for a float in the swimming pool as it is waterproof.


  • Waterproof
  • Best for outside
  • Anti-slip
  • Made to support various sports, including taekwondo


  • Only two colors are available

5. Best Bounce Back Air Track: Naice Inflatable Air Tumbling Mat for Gymnastics Training

Naice Inflatable Air Tumbling Mat for Gymnastics Training

Dimensions: 120 × 39.6 × 4 Inches

Colors: Pink, Black, and Mint Green

Width: 3.3 Ft

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

The Naice Inflatable Air Track Mat is designed to support and facilitate various sports activities. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The mat’s design helps the user get more bounce and spring, making practice easy and more fun.

Being waterproof makes it beneficial for being used in water and outdoors. The area should be checked for sharp or damaging objects before inflating the air mat.

It comes in three colors: pink, black, and green. All air mats available are 4 inches thick and 3.3 ft wide. The length can be extended by attaching two or more air tracks with the help of self-adhesive loop strips.


  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Multiple sports can be practiced on it
  • The bounce back is great


  • It doesn’t float in water

6. Best for Large Weight Capacity: ALIFUN Inflatable Tumbling Air Track for Gymnastics Exercise

ALIFUN Inflatable Tumbling Air Track for Gymnastics Exercise

Dimensions: 118.11 × 39.37 × 3.94 Inches

Weight Capacity: 371 Pounds

Item Weight: 19 Pounds

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

The ALIFUN tumbling mat is made of drop-stitch material to help the gymnast excel in their respective practices. Furthermore, it is made to perfection so that the chances of error and injuries are reduced to almost zero.

The air tracks come in four lengths; the thickness and width of all the mats are the same. The lengths are 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, and 20ft, and the width is 3.3 ft. The mats can be used in a pool or water. The air beam is made soft to encourage higher jumps and spring.

Air track as air-tightness that gives the leverage to the person practicing as the support for spring is excellent.


  • Good stability
  • Waterproof
  • Shock-resistant


  • Hand wash only

7. Best Sturdy Air track: IBATMS Air Tumbling Inflatable Mat

IBATMS Air Tumbling Inflatable Mat

Dimensions: 36 × 10.8 × 1.2 Inches

Thickness: 0.9 mm

Package Weight: 10.77 KG

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Apart from fire or sharp objects, you can place this air mat anywhere you can think of. The IBATMS air track is designed to be used indoors and outdoors. It is made with 0.9 mm of commercial PVC tarpaulin. The air track has air-tightness that prevents any air leakage, ensuring safety and no chances of injuries.

The length of the air track is 9.4 ft. It is easy to inflate and makes no noise while being used. It is also anti-slip and has a good grip on the ground.


  • Anti-slip
  • Air-leak proof
  • Easy to inflate
  • No noise while usage


  • Hand wash only

8. Best Value: CHAMPIONPLUS Inflatable Tumbling Mat Air Track for Gymnastics

CHAMPIONPLUS Inflatable Tumbling Mat Air Track for Gymnastics

Dimensions: 120 × 48 × 39.6 Inches

Size: Multiple Choices

Item Weight: 22 Pounds

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

The air tracks made by CHAMPIONPLUS use German Henkel adhesives and drop stitch fabric. The air tracks come in many shapes and sizes. There are small air tracks as well that can be used to aid the bigger ones in performing different kinds of jumps and gymnastics.

CHAMPIONPLUS makes professional-grade air tracks that are suitable to be used indoors as well as outdoors. The tracks are waterproof, but they do not float in water. The tracks are 100% handmade and have durable handles for easy carrying.


  • Various sizes
  • Professional grade
  • Handmade


  • None

9. Best Environmental: WelandFun Inflatable Air Track Mat for Home/Gym/Yoga

WelandFun Inflatable Air Track Mat for Home/Gym/Yoga

Dimensions: 118.11 × 39.37 × 3.94 Inches

Thickness Options: 6 or 8 Inches

Item Weight: 11.5 KG

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

These air tracks, unlike others, come in varying thicknesses as well. Along with varying lengths, these tracks are made to provide further support and spring to the gymnast.

The mats are made to be environmentally friendly and durable. The seams are such that the air is secured tight. It leaves a lower margin of falling off and getting hurt. The accessories of the air track package include a premium air mat, repair kit, spare valve cover, durable bag, air pump, wrench, and user manual.

The sizes of the mats are; 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, and 20ft. the thickness available are; 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. The mats are to be hand-washed only. It cannot be put in the washing machine.


  • Greater thickness options
  • Environmental friendly
  • Lots of accessories


  • Hand wash only

10. Best for Professional Use: HIJOFUN Premium Inflatable Air Track for Gymnastics Tumble Mat

HIJOFUN Premium Inflatable Air Track for Gymnastics Tumble Mat

Dimensions: 79.2 × 48 × 39.6 Inches

Size: Multiple Choices

Item Weight: 7 KG

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0

Made with 1500D filament commercial grade eco-friendly PVC tarpaulin, the air tracks made by HIJOFUN are durable. The edges of the mat are made with carbon fiber material to make it lighter and safer for health concerns as well.

Professionals can use these mats to practice, and young enthusiasts who are just starting. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The air mats come with an inflatable air mat, electric pump, wrench, a purple carry bag, repair kit, and a spare valve cover. The mats come in two thicknesses, 4 inches, and 8 inches. The options in length are 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, and 20ft.

Various colors are available to choose from, ranging from black to pink.


  • Money back guarantee
  • Multiple thickness options
  • Made of great material that improves its durability


  • None.

How to Choose the Right Air Track

Now you know some of the best options available in the market for air track. But, among these many options, how will you decide which one is the best for you?

Let us help you. There are a few factors that you need to consider when you are deciding on which air mat you will buy.


Even if you are a professional, there still are chances of mishaps. To avoid these, you need to be sure that the air mat you choose offers maximum leverage and fewer chances of injury.

You must always ensure that the air valve is secured tightly; otherwise, a fall can be pretty gruesome.


The size should be decided depending on the age, height, and area where you will be practicing. It is better to have two varying sizes. This will help be flexible as you can also make a longer air track by joining the two.


Of course, this is a matter of concern. One cannot just buy a product and not consider the price tag. Before deciding and while keeping other factors in mind, you should compare the prices of the air tracks that are of interest to you. Decide on the price point that is suitable for you. As this is an investment for the long term, be prepared to pay around a couple of hundred bucks.


This means the world here. The decision should depend on how convenient it is to carry and store the mat. Will it take up a lot of space? Is it easy to inflate and deflate? Is it okay to be used indoors? These are some questions that need to be answered.


This may sound a bit vague. The comfort means that the material of the air track is non-slippery, and it makes no sounds while used. The squeaks and swishes can be a turn-off while trying to concentrate on your moves.


The material used for making the air track guarantees its durability. Therefore, you should always research which material is the best in every way possible.
All these factors will help you decide which one you should opt for. There can also be personal preferences like color choice, etc.

Safety Tips on Using an Air Track for Gymnastics Training

Given all the guidance, one still needs to be careful facilitation equipment like air tracks present many hazards if the user is not cautious enough.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always check the area for sharp objects that can damage the air track before inflating it. The sharp object can puncture the track, resulting in disastrous results.
  • Do not place it near fireplaces or kitchens or where there is a lot of heat; heat can damage the material. If there is excessive heat, it can damage the performance of the track. Fire is, obviously, dangerous to practice near.
  • Always check the valve before starting practice. The air valve should be secured tightly to prevent any leakages.
  • Check that the airs track is anti-slip; otherwise, it can cause great damage to the person practicing and the surrounding area.
  • Be in proper attire and wear proper shoes. You know the importance of being in gear and flexibility if you are a gymnast. It is of utmost importance to be in proper gear to be safe.
  • Do not use the air tracks to float in a swimming pool. While some are waterproof, they still are not meant to be used as floating tubes.
  • Make sure the size that you get of the air track is suitable for you. You do not want an extra-large air track as it can present hazards.

All these things ensure that you are safe and there are no chances of injuries when you practice. So be safe while you enjoy your leaps!

FAQs About Air Tracks

1. What’s the Difference Between an Air Track and a Traditional Tumble Track?

An air track is filled with air, while a traditional tumble track is made of sponge material. The air track can be deflated to store in a smaller place, while the traditional tumble track will have to be kept as it is. The air track provides bounce to the person practicing, and the tumble track only provides a shield between the floor and the feet of the person practicing.

2. How Long Should an Air Track Be?

The length of an air track depends on various factors, such as your height, the area, the length of the place where you will be using it, the purpose of practice, whether it is cheerleading or gymnastics, etc. All these factors contribute to the estimation of the length.

3. How Thick Should an Air Track Be?

There are typically three thickness sizes available, of which two are common, 4 inches and 8 inches. When deciding on the thickness of the air track, you will have to understand the requirement of the sport you are going to practice upon it. If the sport requires greater bounce and support, go for greater thickness.

4. What Size Air Track Should I Get?

The size of the air track depends on many factors. However, you should get the size suitable for your height, fit in the space you will practice in, and is suitable for your sport.

5. How to Blow Up an Air Track?

The air track usually comes with an electric pump. Find the valve in the track, put in the nozzle of the electric pump, and turn the pump on after connecting it with an electricity supply unit. The pump will inflate it. You can check how much air or softness you want and stop pumping at that point.

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