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Are you looking for the best tailgate bike pad??
The tailgate bike pad is also known as a tailgate pad. Compared with hanging hitch racks or even platform racks, it takes up less space, holds up to six bikes simultaneously, and is price friendly to those on a budget.

There are various tailgate bike pads on the market. Do you find it hard to choose the best one? LumBuy provides quality and popular tailgate bike pads.

Tailgate bike pads hardly take up space, and tailgate bike pads are more affordable compared with pricier hanging hitch racks or even platform racks, most costing around $50-150.


What is a tailgate pad used for?
Tailgate bike pads secure your bikes, whether for road or mountain bikes, over your truck's tailgate while protecting both from scratch. Tailgate bike pads are spacing-saving and available for six bikes max at once.

What are the top brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Thule, Fox Racing, Dakine, VEVOR, Evoc, and MICTUNING.

How to use a bike tailgate pad?
The gatekeeper comes in two sizes, medium and large size. The medium holds five bikes and fits midsize trucks. The large size holds six bikes and only for full-size trucks. Check what size suits your truck.

Measure your tailgate from the top edge to the bottom. Under 27 inches, go with the midsize otherwise, go with the full size. Whichever size is right for your bikes will be secure and safe.

It's a breeze to install a bike tailgate pad. Just hang it on your tailgate, making sure to line it up with the back edge of your tailgate. Then make the straps through the tailgate and fix them on the inside of the truck. You can take it on and off or leave it on your truck.

How do you lock a tailgate pad?

The sit tight cushion cradles keep them in place, and the straps are stable and friendly on carbon frames and painted surfaces.

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Where to buy the tailgate bike pad?
LumBuy cooperates with well-known brands, and quality and professionalism are well guaranteed. There are often discounts on LumBuy. Get the tailgate bike pad at a lower price, twenty-four hours pre-sale, and after-sales service. You can choose the best tailgate bike pad on LumBuy.

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Are tailgate pads safe for bikes?
The tailgate bike pads are safe if you properly load the bike and fix them. Unlike hanging hitch racks or even platform racks, there is little risk of tipping over for a tailgate pad, and six bikes max can hold on to a truck. And there are bike retention cords on the tailgate pads.

Do tailgate pads scratch?
Tailgate bike pads are protection for both bike's and truck's paint. The interior of the tailgate bike pad is made of soft fabric that won't scratch the paint of the truck. But if there is dirt, sand, small rocks, etc., on the tailgate bike pad, it may scratch the bike, so clean it regularly.

How do bike tailgate pads work?
A tailgate bike pad is a large rectangular pad that can cover the tailgate of a truck, creating a protective cover between the bike and the truck to hold and fix the bike, preventing them from scratching the paint. The tailgate bike pad can be folded to save space.