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Are you worried about your figure? Want a perfect shape without leaving home? Adjustable dumbbell sets are a good choice.

Dumbbell set, also known as adjustable dumbbells, free weights(set), hand weights(set), and so on, is the auxiliary equipment for weightlifting, core home fitness exercises, and extension, smaller than a barbell. The dumbbell was named because there was no sound during practice. The weight of light dumbbells is 5, 8, 12 pounds or so. Heavy dumbbells weigh 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, etc.

Long-term and regular full-body workouts can strengthen muscles and muscle fibers, exercise upper limb muscles, waist, and abdominal muscles. You can also work out leg, back, tricep, bicep, shoulder, and chest muscles by raising the arm forward and laterally. Dumbbells, if used scientifically, can indeed create a good exercise effect.


A dumbbell is a pair of tools used to strengthen muscle. Usually, the primary material is cast iron. Sometimes, a layer of rubber covers it.

People use it for muscle strength training and muscle compound movement training. It can exercise upper limb muscles, waist, abdominal muscles. Holding dumbbells to squat up with one foot and squat and jump with both feet can also exercise lower limb muscles, etc.

Following are the factors you need to consider when you buy the core home fitness adjustable dumbbell set:

  • Your exercise goals
For strength training: Dumbbells allowing1-6repetitions

For muscle gain: Dumbbells allowing 8-12 repetitions

For muscle endurance: Dumbbells allowing 15- repetitions

  • Material
Cast iron dumbbell set

Rubber dumbbell set

  • Design and type
1.The dumbbell type

Three basic types: fixed weight dumbbells/ selectorized dumbbells/adjustable dumbbells

2.Dumbbell handles

3.The dumbbell shape: six-sides head/circular end cap/ball end cap

  • Basic dumbbell exercises
1.Concentrated curl

2.Dumbbell biceps curl

3.One-arm triceps stretch

4.One-arm dumbbell rows

  • Weight
The following are popular weights. You can choose the weight you want, but make sure it is right for you. What weight you should get is mentioned on our website, you can take a look.

The following weights are popular.

8 lb dumbbell set

12 lb dumbbell set

15 lb dumbbell set

20 lb dumbbell set

25 lb dumbbell set

30 lb dumbbell set

35 lb dumbbell set

40 lb dumbbell set

50 lb adjustable dumbbell set

55 lb dumbbell set

60 lb dumbbell set

5 50 lb dumbbell set

100 lb dumbbell set

150 lb dumbbell set

200 lb dumbbell set

The most popular dumbbell brands:

CAP, Weider, Bowflex, Powerblock,Bowflex selecttech 552, NordicTrack, Neoprene, Rogue, Ironmaster, etc.

  • Choose the right weight
If you have not done weight training before, choose a set of dumbbells that suits your beginner level. You can buy a set with a variety of dumbbell weights so that you can exercise efficiently. Or, you can buy adjustable dumbbells so that you can add weight at any time.

  • Focus on using the form, rather than trying to complete repetitions in a hurry, to ensure your workouts are safe and focused on your muscles.
Since weight strains your muscles and needs to stabilize and resist muscles, slow and conscious exercise can help you maintain control and focus on the muscles you are working hard on.

  • Observe your form
Practicing in front of the mirror can help you ensure that your posture is suitable for dumbbell exercises. If you need guidance on the correct form, check online videos, magazine articles, and talk to gym staff. The coach can help teach the proper posture and body mechanics of dumbbell exercises.

Online calculators can help a person determine how many calories they have burned, taking into account their weight and selected physical activity.

Generally speaking, 30 minutes of weightlifting can burn 90 to 126 calories. Thirty minutes of heavy lifting may burn 180 to 252 calories, depending on a person’s weight.

Similarly, Omni Calculator uses activity type and duration to estimate the total calories a person burns. It also helps predict how much weight a person can lose.

Another calorie counter is the METS calorie counter from Cornell University. The term MET refers to "task metabolic equivalent" or metabolic equivalent. This calculator calculates the number of calories a person burns by evaluating a person's weight, activity level (METS), and duration of physical activity.

Any form of exercise can contribute to weight loss, including weightlifting-as long as you burn more calories per day than you consume, you will lose weight.

In terms of weight loss, weightlifting has a unique advantage over other forms of exercise: when you lift weights, you increase muscle and lose fat. Fat tissue is less metabolically active than muscle tissue, so when you build more muscle over time, your body will burn more calories at rest than before exercise.

Just keep in mind that weightlifting is not a foolproof approach to losing weight: over time, you have to make sure that your body burns more calories than you consume, or you will fail to lose weight.

There is no accurate answer to this question because it depends on your fitness goals, fitness level, gender, and budget. Therefore, we need to study this issue in depth based on all these points.

  • For beginners

The 5-50 lb (2.5-22 kg) dumbbell group is best. This will be enough to effectively build muscle for each muscle group while also giving you room for weight gain for different exercises over time.

Military Press: 15-30lbs (7-14kg)

Bench press: 20-40lbs (10-20kg)

Squat: 30-60lbs (14-28kg)

Deadlift: 30-70lbs (14-30kg)


If you are a beginner who has never done any weightlifting or sports, you can start with a set of 3-12 pounds. The increments are as follows: 3lb, 5 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb.

Military Press: 10-20lbs (4-9kg)

Bench press: 10-25lbs (4-12kg)

Squat: 20-40lbs (9-18kg)

Deadlift: 20-50lbs (9-24kg)

  • For intermediate and advanced users

If you are intermediate to advanced, it is best to have a set of dumbbells ranging from 10 pounds to 70 pounds to 100 pounds (5-50 kg).


Get yourself a set of 3-25 lbs (2-12 kg) dumbbells (just like a beginner), and then buy a few heavier dumbbells. Prepare a 30-pound and 40-pound dumbbell for squats and deadlifts. Other lighter-weight dumbbells should be suitable for most women, even those who are in good shape.

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