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DJ controllers, also known as DJ consoles, have turntables and mixers. They can be connected to DJ software to help DJs mix music at home. Generally speaking, DJ controllers don’t mix audio signals like a DJ mixer; instead, they send signals that tell the DJ software how to mix the audio. Most DJ controllers use standard HID or MIDI protocols. In addition, many DJ controllers also boast a sound card with four output channels, allowing music to be previewed in headphones.

DJ controllers are becoming as powerful as professional media players and mixers for professional club DJs.Buy the best DJ controllers for yourself! A DJ controller is cheaper than a traditional setup since you don’t have to buy anything but the controller and a laptop.


Most DJ software will allow for four decks (some even more). 4-channel DJ controllers help you control all four channels by pressing a single button, allowing one side to swap between decks 3 and 1 and the other side to swap between decks 4 and 2.

2-channel DJ controllers and 4-channel DJ controllers show how many routes to play the music. Each channel indicates that you play the sound of that channel and change the function individually for that channel. Some DJ controllers are for virtual DJ and Ipad.

  • The Best Brands



Native Instruments







Pioneer DJ



Rane One

Akai Professional

Denon DJ

American DJ


Harmony Audio

Sound Town


numark mixtrack

Hercules DJ


Rane Twelve


Gemini Sound


ADJ Products


Elation Control



  • When to clean your DJ consoles?
Wipe your equipment down after a gig.

Clean your DJ consoles at least once a week.

  • How to clean your DJ controller?
- What to use

A microfiber cleaning cloth (prevent scratching)

A soft cotton cloth (absorbant)

Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

Air can

Paintbrush (3/4”)

- Steps:

Use a slightly dampened cotton cloth to wipe away sweat, dirt, and dust.

Avoid transparent surfaces, as they can be easily scratched.

Do not put too much water on the cloth to avoid damaging the electronics.

Use an air can to remove the dust accumulated in the fader slot.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe the dust from the entire controller. This is especially effective for dust stuck to the knobs.

Clean the faders with a paintbrush to remove any remaining dust.

Use isopropyl alcohol to remove bacteria from your equipment.

Let the controller dry before putting it in the case.

- Find the correct cable you need.

- Connect the right cable from the output terminal of the DJ consoles to the DJ consoles.

- Plug the other end of the cable into the dedicated channel at the back of the mixer.

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Before purchasing DJ controllers, you should consider these factors.

  • What is your level?
For a beginner, you don't need the most expensive DJ controllers on the market. On the other hand, expensive DJ controllers will allow you to have more granular control over your music.

  • What kind of connections do you need?
CD and USB connections are usually standard. However, if you have a lot of music libraries to browse, more than one USB connection is necessary.

  • What is the best DJ software?
There is a range of software available on the market today. Rekordbox DJ consoles, Serato DJ consoles, Traktor DJ consoles are some of the more popular ones.

  • What's your "best DJ controllers" budget?
Generally speaking, DJ controllers cost around $800. You can filter it according to your budget.

DJ controller VS. mixer

  • DJ Controller
- Definition:

A DJ controller means an all-in-one device with a mixer and two turntables to connect with DJ software laptops.

- What is included:

Crossfader/ Effects pad control/ EQ knobs/ 2 turntable jog wheels/ 2 to 4 channels/ digital display/ DJ software

A USB connection, a phone/ line input, a master out, and a microphone input

  • DJ Mixer
- Definition:

DJ mixer is a hardware device, and you don't have to rely on a laptop and DJ software. CDJs, speakers, instruments, and turntables are necessary. They should be inserted into each channel.

- What is included:

2 or 4 channels, master effects control buttons, EQ knobs, channel effects control buttons, crossfader.

A USB connection, phone/line input, microphone input, master out, MIDI output, headphone output, earth ground terminals, AC mains

It does not include the turntable jog wheel. A separate turntable device connection is necessary.

- The average cost of DJ controllers is $761.

- Beginner DJ consoles cost about $250.

- The average for 4 channels + 8 PADs + a standalone mixer is $1,237.

- Autonomous DJ controllers that don't require a computer will be more expensive, costing up to $2,299.

- All-in-one DJ controllers cost about $1,392

- DJ consoles with four channels cost about $1,194.

- DJ controllers with DVS compatibility are about $1,202.

- DJ consoles with a standalone mixer are about $1,102.

- Pioneer DJ controllers are $1,053 or so.

A DJ controller is a digital music device that allows a DJ to emulate a traditional DJ mixer and turntable on a single device and a laptop or computer. A DJ controller is like a combination of a DJ mixer and a traditional turntable.

By connecting it to a computer via USB, the DJ controller works. You should install the DJ software on the computer.

After connecting the computer and the DJ controller, the computer will automatically transfer the tracks to the working wheel and DJ controller. You can start mixing the tracks.

After that, the signal is transferred to the computer until it is finally transmitted to speakers, amplifiers, and other related audio devices.

To connect DJ controllers to the PA system, you need connecting bridges, also called cords.

  • Cords types
- XLR cords: It serves as a connection between a controller or a microphone and a mixer.

- RCA cords: It is a typical type. They are connected to the white and red ports at the controller's back.

- 1/4” cords: As the most common types, they work as connections between the PA system and the controller.

Another thing you should consider is the PA system or the speakers.

  • Types of speakers
- Powered Speaker: An inbuilt amplifying system is included. A power source is needed.

- Unpowered Speakers: The inbuilt amplifier is not included. The current supply is not needed.

Power speakers are the usual choices.

The unpowered ones provide better portability.

  • Steps
1. Passive speakers can be connected directly to the amplifier. Then a different cable will be used to connect the amplifier to the audio interface output. Power speakers are much simpler, as they can be connected directly to the main audio interface.

2. Then establish a connection between the controller and the computer. Make sure the computer's drivers are up to date, along with the latest MIDI maps.

3. The audio interface and the interface are linked together with a USB cable. Check the DJ software to make sure the two components are linked correctly.

4. After completing the above steps, the sound will be ready to play. The speaker will not produce sound because it is only played inside the software.

5. Now turn on the power to your PA amp. Make sure to follow these steps, the DJ controller will last longer without popping and feedback pings.

6. For the first time, you must make sure that the sound is set to maximum. Check for any distortion or audio clipping.

If there is any slight distortion, the entire operation should be terminated, as it may damage the entire setup.

If possible, turn to an engineer or an experienced DJ for help.