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If you regularly camp for long periods, a portable refrigerator can bring more joy to your trip. If you’re tired of buying ice for your cooler or dealing with melted ice, why not try a portable refrigerator?

Portable refrigerators offer you camping freedom. There are three different types: absorption, thermoelectric and compressor refrigerators. Car fridges are the most valuable appliances to take with you when you pack for a camping trip. They keep your food and drinks cold, allowing you to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables even when you’re on the road.

Don’t leave out the camping refrigerator when you pack for your camping trip. Buy the best portable refrigerator for your family! We get various brands covered, such as LACYIE, Audew, KROAK, lieve, Alpicool, VEVOR, and so on.


A portable refrigerator, also known as camper refrigerator, car fridge, portable fridges, is a powered mobile cooling system, usually powered by your car's 12-volt electrical system, to keep food and drinks cold (or frozen) indefinitely. It is more expensive than a cooler or Esky, but you never have to worry about refilling the ice again.

  • Camper Refrigerator Capacity
How much food do you want to be able to store?

How often are you willing to shop at the grocery store?

Do you need a frozen food section? If so, how big is it?

  • Efficiency and Power Consumption
When it comes to Vanlife, one of the most important things to plan for is power consumption. Be sure to check how much power your camper refrigerator will draw and how well your van can handle it before making a final decision (see below for more on this).

  • Budget
Pricing ranges from $300 to $2000, depending on your needs.

  • Styles/Configurations
Top Loading Refrigerator (Chest)

Front-loading refrigerator (upright)

Front Loading Refrigerator (Drawer)

  • Compressor & Absorption Refrigerator
Compressor Refrigerator (Recommended)


1.Energy efficient

2.Works well in uneven terrain

3.Powerful compressor motor


1.Expensive (prices range from $300 to $2000)

Absorption refrigerator


1.Multiple power options (12V DC, 110V AC, or propane)

2.Long run time


1. Running them on propane means you need to worry about other fuel lines

2.Inefficient when running on 12V power

3.More difficult to install

4.Extra ventilation

5.Due to the airflow exchange system, these camper refrigerators should be kept level to operate correctly.

  • Reliability and Warranty
With any large purchase, you want to make sure you buy from a famous brand that has received many honest and positive reviews. Therefore, you also want to make sure you get a long and useful warranty.

  • The best brands:
AstroAI portable refrigerator

JOYTUTUS portable refrigerator

Chefman portable refrigerator

CROWNFUL portable refrigerator

Midea portable refrigerator

Frigidaire portable refrigerator

ICECO portable refrigerator

BougeRV portable refrigerator

AUSRANVIK portable refrigerator

YITAMOTOR portable refrigerator

Whynter portable refrigerator

Dometic portable refrigerator

mycoolman portable refrigerator

Engel 60l portable refrigerator

Halfords portable refrigerator

KINGS portable refrigerator

Costway portable refrigerator

To use a camper refrigerator the right way, you must know the different types, optimal temperatures, packaging basics, and the best place to install it. Also, how to make it colder, the importance of keeping it level, and choosing the correct size.

- Setting the right temperature.

- Camper refrigerator Options

- Keeping frozen foods in the bottom of the camper refrigerator

- Mount the camper refrigerator in the shaded part of the camper

- Make it colder with a frozen water bottle

- Use ventilation fans, airflow, and low-temperature settings to keep it cool

- Always level your camper refrigerator

- Choose the right size

- The differences between electric, propane, and combination refrigerators

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  • Compressor Refrigerators
Refrigerant fluid is brought into a high-pressure condenser chamber located outside the freezer compartment for a compressor refrigerator. The fluid then enters a low-pressure evaporator and a narrow valve located inside the refrigerated chamber. As the fluid is pressurized in the condenser, it warms up and releases into the outer chamber's air.

Later, as the fluid flows into the low-pressure evaporator, the temperature becomes colder. The fluid circulates between the two, keeping the interior cold while pumping hot air out into the surrounding area.

  • Thermoelectric Refrigerator
Thermoelectric refrigerators use what is called the Peltier effect to keep food cold. As electricity flows between different conductors, it heats up, becoming hot at one end and cold at the other. Peltier's cold end is inside the camper refrigerator, keeping items cold, and the hot end is outside the camper refrigerator, releasing heat into the outside environment.

While these thermoelectric refrigerators are smaller and more compact, they also require more energy to operate effectively.

  • Absorption Refrigerators
With absorption refrigerators, the cooling process begins with the evaporation of the refrigerant fluid in a low-pressure chamber as it absorbs heat from inside the camper refrigerator. The heat required is very low because it is located in the low-pressure chamber. The salt solution absorbs the refrigerant that has now evaporated into a gas and then heated again, which causes the gas to evaporate out of the camper refrigerator.

The heat loss causes the gas to be transferred back to the liquid to continue the evaporation stage so that the process can be cycled. This process keeps the camper refrigerator cool as long as the heating coil is heated. Absorption refrigerators perform best when there is a source of airflow over the heating coil, especially if you use this portable refrigerator in hot weather.

Ensure the level of your camper refrigerator

Increase circulation

Don't overfill your camper refrigerator

Don't put hot food in the camper refrigerator

Don't leave the camper refrigerator door open

Let the camper refrigerator get cold before you travel

Check the camper refrigerator door seal

-Does your car fridge work in two modes: electric and low voltage?

If your car fridge is not running, the first thing you should check is whether you have run out of propane or electricity.

-Is the cooling unit leaking?

Open the access door at the back of the car fridge. The main signs of a leak are:

There is a strong ammonia smell.

Yellow stains or residue on the coils in the back of the car fridge.

-Are ammonia deposits building up?

-Is the cooling unit icing up?

-Is the car fridge burner failing?

-Tried everything, and it's still not working?

It may sound crazy, but the problem may be related to where and how you parked your car.

If your car fridge is parked and running on a ramp, ammonia may be collected in the evaporator instead of circulating through the system. An ammonia blockage can slow down or eventually stop the cooling performance of your car fridge.

To solve this problem, make sure you park in a flat, level space.