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Are you looking for the best tumble track?
The tumble track is also known as an air track or air mat. There are steel frames, sponge filled and inflatable mats, among which the inflatable mats are light and portable, soft and safe.

There are various tumble tracks on the market. Do you find it hard to choose the best one? LumBuy provides quality and popular tumble tracks.

On a tumble track, you get less bouncing force than on a trampoline. This requires you to have better control over your body. The inflatable platform is soft enough to protect the player. You can put the inflatable tumble track on the pool in summer, providing more fun for water sports.


The tumble track is also known as an air track or air mat. A tumbling track is a trampoline-like inflatable platform used to help and protect players with gymnastics training such as jumping and somersaults.

Gymnastic training requires a large space to do the somersault movement. Secondly, for safety, the size of the tumbling track should be 16 feet or 20 feet long.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Zinco, AK SPORT, Youe shone, and KIKILIVE.

You should get the tumble track, the electric pump with four-valve adapters, the gymnastic air track adapter and three others, a patch kit, glue adhesive and the valve tightener(this should only be used if your mat is not holding pressure, to use it simply tighten the valve in a clockwise motion).

1 Assemble the pump and attach the right valve adapter. If the hose does not come attached, you will need to line up the notches and twist until you get a click. Find the gymnastic tumble track valve adapter and likewise line up the notches and twist until the adapter clicks into place.

2 Unfold the mat and remove the valve cap. There is a spring inside the valve stem. While pressing down on the valve with a twist, you can change the valve into two different positions. The down position allows air to flow in and out of the mat.

3 When you are ready to pick it away, the up position allows air to flow in but not out of the mat. Line up the notches with the valve and push while twisting, plug the pump, and turn it on. The mat should take about 60 seconds to inflate.

4 When the mat is finished inflating, pull the hose off the mat before turning off the pump to ensure you don't lose any air pressure. Replace the valve cap, and you can have some fun with your air track.

How to deflate a tumble track?

Push the valve button into the down position to open it.

Connect the hose to the end of the pump used for deflating the tumble track.

Place the head of the pump into the valve and twist clockwise.

Turn on the pump to deflate to tumble track. It may take about 60 seconds to deflate.


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1 First, find the hole on the tumble track and smear some soapy water on the suspected surface. A bubble will appear at the location of the hole. If several bubbles appear, it means that there is more than one hole in that area.

2 After locating, clean the area around the hole to make sure it is clean and dry.

3 Adjust the patch to the size of the hole, making sure the patch completely covers it, leaving a few inches beyond that.

4 Apply glue around the hole and on the patch and wait for the glue to dry (you can speed it up with a hairdryer).

5 When you apply the patch to the tumble track, keep applying pressure for two minutes to make sure it is firmly attached and put it to the side for 12 hours.

Of course, you can put the air track on the pool in summer, providing more fun for water sports.

Due to the difference in material and size, the price of tumbling tracks on the market is generally between 200-700 US dollars.