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Are you looking for the best serger machine?
A serger machine is also known as a serger sewing machine and overlock machine. There are three main types of serger machines, categorized by the number of threads on each stitch. A two to four-thread serger makes a two-thread overlocked edge, a three to four-thread serger makes a three or four overlocked edge, and a five-thread includes three threads for the overlocked edge and two for the seam line.

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serger vs. sewing machine

The serger machine has a multi-thread source, so the serger machine can do stitching, trimming, and overcasting in a straightforward operation. Compared with the serger machine, the sewing machine is much slower than the serger. It specializes in making basic stitches, including straight stitch and zig-zag.


What does a serger machine do?

The serger machine is a type of sewing machine. It combines stitching, trimming, and overcasting in a straightforward operation with a more professional and fast sewing way. It uses three or more thread sources to complete the overlock stitch.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Brother, SINGER, Janome, Dritz, and JUKI.

Thread your serger machine

Commonly, you can see the threading directions and order, which is the crucial step for your start, on the inner panel of your serger machine.

Start to sew

Feed your fabric under the foot. Leave an end of the thread, and hold it so it doesn't get caught up in your material. Let the fabric get through the serger machine's presser foot while sewing stitches and the blade cuts to create the very neatest seam and overlock.

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A regular sewing machine can do serger. But you can't get a great overlocked stitch edge with a sewing machine as a serger machine does. So, if you are a perfectionist, the serger machine is a better choice.

A serger machine is made mainly for an overlock job, and it could do regular sew at the same time. You can use an overlock machine for regular sewing. Rather, it would be an excellent choice as that will make the overlock job done efficiently.

The serger machine thread is lighter than regular sewing machine thread so that it can feed through the serger machine at a really fast speed. Serger machine thread is too weak for sewing machines to make a strong seam. This could cause the fabric not to hold together at the seams very well. So it's better to use sewing machine thread.

The regular price of the serger machine on the market is about 200 to 600 dollars. However, there are more professional and multi-function machines with a higher price of 1000 more dollars.