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Are you looking for the best sauna blanket?
The sauna blanket is also called an infrared sauna blanket. Compared with the traditional sauna types, the sauna blanket has the advantage of far infrared function, foldable and portable. And friendly to people with low budgets.

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Infrared sauna blankets can heat the body, increase heart rate, prevent heart disease, and accelerate blood circulation at the same time so that more blood flows into the hands and feet, and improve the coldness of the hands and feet. It can also relax muscles and improve the body and skin condition.


The sauna blanket is also called an infrared sauna blanket. An infrared sauna blanket is a blanket that can wrap the body and heat the body directly with infrared rays. Its temperature range is between 80°F-160°F.

The material of the sauna blanket is essential. It should be durable, soft, comfortable, heat-resistant, and elastic. The recommended materials are the waterproof PVC material on the inside and the polyurethane material on the outside.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Vevor, Vinmax, INLOVEARTS.

Put the sauna blanket on a flat surface. It can be placed on a bed, sofa, or floor. Spread a towel under the blanket to absorb sweat. Turn on the power and set the temperature. It takes about ten minutes for the sauna blanket to heat up. It is better not to spend more than half an hour in the sauna blanket.

What temp should I set my sauna blanket?

The recommended temperature is 140°F. The temperature can also be adjusted according to the individual's physical condition and preferences. The temperature for the person who uses it for the first time can be set lower and slowly increased.

What do you wear in a sauna blanket?

You can choose breathable and sweat-absorbent clothes in the sauna blanket, such as yoga clothes, short sleeves, and shorts.

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Using a sauna blanket can increase the heart rate. When the body temperature rises, the heart rate will increase, which has a good effect on the prevention of heart disease.

In addition to preventing heart disease, a sauna blanket will make your heart beat faster, speed up blood circulation, and soften blood vessels.

An infrared sauna blanket can effectively relieve joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also relieve muscle fatigue and relax the body.

One of the benefits of sauna blankets is to improve skin conditions. The heat will cause more blood to flow to the skin, and when sweating, the pores will open to expel impurities.

Those who just started using a sauna blanket are recommended to use it once a week for 15-30 minutes. After that, it can be used three times a week.

First, unplug the power cord, wait for the sauna blanket to cool down completely, unfold the sauna blanket, spray it on the sauna blanket with organic soap water, and dry it with a towel.

You can burn about 500 calories each time in the infrared sauna. You can also improve your body condition and burn more calories in the subsequent exercise process.