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Are you looking for the best concrete saw?
The concrete saw is also known as a concrete cutter, or a demo saw. There are several types of concrete saws.
– Handheld concrete saw
– Chainsaw and ring saw
– Slab saw
– Floor saw
– Wall saw
– Wire saw

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A concrete saw is a powerful tool for cutting hard materials such as concrete, masonry, asphalt, and tile. It can adjust the shape after the concrete become hard. Depending on the size and scope of the cutting project, there are many types to choose from handheld models to walk-behind models that resemble lawn mowers. While they vary in size and shape, the power point of the concrete saw is the blade. The ideal is a diamond saw blade.


A concrete saw is a power tool for cutting concrete, masonry, asphalt, tile and other solid materials. There are several types, such as small hand saws and large push saws. Its saw blades are usually diamond. It can be powered by gasoline, hydraulic or pneumatic or electric.

If you want to cut concrete or tile, you will need a concrete saw with a diamond blade in your toolbox. Finding a suitable concrete saw for your cutting project will depend on a few critical factors, such as blade size and depth of cut, type of concrete, and your budget. Pneumatic concrete saws are suitable for outdoor work as no wall socket is required. It is powerful and stronger than an electric concrete saw. It is not recommended to be used indoors with little ventilation, because it causes a lot of dust and exhaust gas and is very noisy.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Milwaukee, DEWALT, Evolution, Makita, Vevor, and Doxa.

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How to use a handheld concrete saw?

Safe and well-ventilated work area. Make sure you wear protective gear—Mark your cutting area. Concrete saws usually have two handles for the front and back. The back handle mainly controls the concrete saw. The lowest possible speed should be used when cutting masonry. You don't need to push down when cutting on horizontal concrete. Let the weight of the machine do the job. If you are working vertically on the wall, you must apply pressure.

How to use a walk-behind concrete saw?

A wet blade should be used for wet cutting, and a dry blade should be used for dry cutting. The cutting ways depend on what you are going to cut. Adjust the blade to make the concrete saw forward with the cutting guide. The maximum cutting depth can be 4.5 to 5.5 inches. Remember to protect your ears, eyes and airways with a face covering and hearing protection.

Does a concrete saw need water?

Dry cutting blades feature segmented cuts that prevent overheating, so they do not need water to cool down. These saws are suitable for small jobs requiring a clean cut and still get the job done at a low RPM. You can use diamond blades with or without water.

Wet cutting is suitable for jobs requiring more control over concrete dust and cooling the blade. Wet cutting blades are used for some concrete and masonry work. Most saws that require a water source will provide a water supply way. These saws run at high rpm, making them very efficient.

The decibels of a concrete saw is about 85-120. 30 to 40 decibels is a relatively quiet environment. More than 50 decibels will affect sleep and rest. More than 70 decibels interfere with daily life. Long-term work in a noisy environment above 90 decibels will seriously affect hearing. So be sure to wear protective gear when using a concrete saw.

How to cut concrete blocks with a circular saw?

Use a standard circular saw with corundum or diamond blades for small projects. However, cutting concrete with a circular saw is hard for beginners. There are two types of concrete blades for circular saws: corundum and diamond blades. Corundum blades are cheap and available for concrete, asphalt, and stucco, but at a slow speed, making 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep cuts. If you only need to create some shallow cuts, an abrasive corundum masonry blade is a more cost-effective option. Diamond blades are more expensive but last longer. They can make clean and fast cuts.

A handheld concrete saw is cheaper than the walk-behind type. It was around $300-700.