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Are you looking for the best ceiling speakers?
The ceiling speakers are also called wireless ceiling speakers. Ceiling speakers are divided into “active” and “passive” speakers.

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Ceiling speakers are the best match for home theater. The ceiling speakers have a surround sound and immersive experience. And they are installed on the ceiling and do not take up space.


Ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers are audio equipment installed on the ceiling or wall to provide the same sound effects as ordinary speakers without taking up space.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Lenovo, YAMAHA, Bose, Sonos, JBL, Monoprice, Klipsch, Generic, Polk Audio.

Before Install

Check the back of the ceiling and choose a suitable area for your ceiling installation of audio speakers. When laying the speaker cable to the installation location, avoid putting it together with the wire to prevent noise.

Prepare Materials

A ladder; tape; pencil; plank; knife; keyhole saw; wire stripper; screwdriver

Step by Step

Step 1: Use a wooden board to make a template that is the same size as the ceiling speaker.

Step 2: Use a pencil to draw a circle on the ceiling along with the template, and use a knife to draw a circle along the pencil mark.

Step3: Follow the circle you have drawn and cut with a keyhole saw.

step4: Put the speaker into the hole, then remove the grille from the speaker, then pull out the wire on the ceiling, peel off one end of the two conductors and strip the insulation sleeve to expose about half an inch of copper wire, and connect both ends to the speaker. Finally, tighten the speaker with screws.

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How far apart should ceiling speakers be?

It is best to put the ceiling speakers at the same distance from each wall and at least 2 meters between the ceiling speakers to get the best surround sound experience.

The number of ceiling speakers can be determined according to the size of the room and the size of the speakers. Generally, there are two ceiling speakers, one for playing the left channel and the other for the right channel. However, four ceiling speakers in the room will provide a more balanced surround sound.

Ceiling speakers are usually passive speakers, which means that they do not have a built-in amplifier, but instead amplify the sound by connecting each ceiling speaker to an amplifier.

How are ceiling speakers powered?

"Active" speakers can be used when powered. They contain a built-in amplifier, which works after connecting the power supply to the speakers. It can be controlled by Bluetooth or WiFi.

The most common are "passive" speakers, which require an external>
Step 1: Before wiring, the amplifier, determine where to put it. It should be placed in a convenient location for you to manipulate. Then measure the distance between the amplifier and the ceiling speaker to determine the required length of the wire.

Step 2: Connect the black and red wires on the amplifier to the ports on the ceiling speakers that correspond to the colors of the amplifier wires. After connecting the wires, leave some extra wire length where the speakers are.

Step 3: Test whether the amplifier and ceiling speakers can work normally and fix the ceiling speakers.

The price range for installing ceiling speakers is between US$53.48 and US$127.42 each. The actual price will depend on the location you choose, the scale of work, etc.