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What can you do to prevent your children from being hurt when you are not with them? The best baby playpens sold on LumBuy will solve your problems.

A baby playpen, also called a playpen, a pack and play or playard, helps you take good care of your babies. Although various baby playpens are available on the market, playards displayed on LumBuy have their own unique strengths. All of them are high-quality and popular among parents.

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A baby playpen, also known as a playpen, pack n play, or playard, assists you in taking good care of your babies at home or during travel. Baby playpens are safe activity centers for girls and boys to sleep and play with joy because they protect toddlers and infants from dangerous household items outside the playard. The number of playpen’s panels is not fixed, varying from 8 to 16. And three significant types of baby playpens are traditional or drop-side playards, portable playpens, and travel cribs. Twin baby playpens are also available, and they can hold two babies.
High-sided playpens with an enclosed area are popular as the high fence ensures that babies cannot climb out of the playard. When choosing a baby playpen, the safest playpen will always be the best one. Here are some suggestions for you to pick out the best baby playpen.

  • Safety standards
Before the payment, check the playpen’s label for JPMA, a certification issued by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. A playpen with JPMA indicates the product has met the safety requirements of CPSC, short for Consumer Products Safety Commission.

  • Height
Playpens for babies should be high enough to protect toddlers’ safety. It’s suggested that the sides of playards, measured from the ground, ought to be no less than 51 centimeters (20 inches) high.

  • Mesh sides
Be careful if you’d like a baby playpen with mesh sides because the mesh' holes must be less than 0.6 centimeters (0.25 inches) to avoid catching some small parts on clothes or babies' tiny fingers.

  • Wooden playpen
If you are looking for a wooden baby playard rather than a plastic baby playpen, make sure the width of slat spaces is at most 5.08 centimeters (2-3/8 inches).

  • Safety supports
On the one hand, the lock is an integral part of a playpen that allows you to protect your babies. Playpens without locks should not be taken into account. On the other hand, a good playpen should have well-protected supports and hinges with no sharp edges.

  • Other accessories
When purchasing a baby playpen, be sure that necessary accessories are available. First, padding can be placed on the rails’ top to protect toddlers from head bumping. Second, a 1-inch firm mattress or pad is essential, which can be put at the bottom of a baby playpen to ensure safety.

  • The best brands:

Baby Care

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Eddie Bauer





Baby Trend


Baby Care

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Delta Children


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Skip Hop


Learning the right way to use a baby playpen is vital to guarantee your babies’ security and make the purchase worthwhile. Tips you’re looking for are as follows:

  • How to set up a playpen
1. Rip off the straps securing the playpen and take off the pad.

2. Pull the four legs apart and form an initial crib

3. Secure the crib’s center in place by pressing down

4. Lay the soft pad at the bottom of a playpen with Velcro

You're ready to use it once you finish the four steps.

  • How to keep my baby safe inside a playpen
1. If you leave them in a playpen with the mesh side lowered, your baby will get caught.

2. Regularly check the padding for tears.

3. Make sure your baby sleeps with their face up.

4. If your baby is under 12 months, don’t place any soft bedding in the playpen, like pillows or quilts.

5. Never place a playpen near windows.

6. If your baby can climb out of the playpen with no effort, stop using it. Finding a larger baby playpen will be better.

  • How to close a playpen
1. Tug on the tab in the center and disassemble.

2. Press the two opposing buttons on the longer bars.

3. Push on the two buttons on the shorter bars at the same time.

4. Fold the bars and put the compact playpen back into the bag.

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Yes. Generally, playpens are safe options for babies to sleep. Despite that, you have to know other basics if you want to let your baby safely sleep in a pack and play with bassinet:

  • When is a baby too old for a playpen
It's not determined by age but size. Because each playpen's producer has its own height limits and suggested weight, the most accurate answer may come from the APA and their manufacturers. But there is a general rule for your reference. Most playpens are produced for babies weighing no more than 30 pounds and up to 35 inches.

  • Can my baby sleep in a playpen at night
The answer is yes if you get precaution measures ready. You have to take care of some dangers while your baby is sleeping in a playpen at night.

1. Side rails may fall down

2. Playpens are damaged or broken

3. Large holes on the mesh sides

4. Soft beddings or toys are placed in a playpen

5. Mattresses are not suitable

  • Choose the sunniest and hottest day for your washing.
  • Get the hottest water to fill the tub.
But if there is a maximum temperature in the attached washing instructions, make sure to follow it.

  • Pour in a special washing solution.
  • Put the playpen into the tub, and keep soaking for one hour.
  • Start scrubbing after draining the water.
  • Use cold water to rinse.
  • Set up the cleaned playpen outside and dry it in the sun.
A foldable baby playpen is a good and secure choice for your babies, where they have a chance to play with baby playpen balls. In addition to the basic safety it can provide, a baby playpen also has other unignorable benefits:

1. Compared to a full-size crib, a foldable playpen occupies much less space at home. Most of them are foldable and compact. If you feel crowded when many children share one bedroom, a playpen will help you a lot by saving space.

2. Your child may not sleep at home sometimes. If you have to ask grandparents for babysitting the children while you’re working, a playpen can act as a temporary crib to reduce troubles.

3. Playpens are portable and easy to pack for travel. It is almost impossible to bring a full-size crib when you plan to travel with your baby. With the foldable baby playpen, you can easily set it up on the beach to have some outdoor activities.