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Are you looking for the best translator earbuds?
The WT2 Edge is the world’s first two-way real-time translation earbuds, delivering what you’re saying in 0.5 seconds. Feel a little bit confused about choosing translator earbuds? LumBuy has filtered the best translator earbuds for you.

Translator earbuds are undoubtedly one of the best tools for anyone who likes to travel. It will help you understand the local people and customs, and culture so as to better integrate and add fun to your travel.


The Translator Earbud is a wireless translation tool that can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. It works by syncing with an app on your phone. The device will translate the speech you hear into the target language in the foreign language you set in the app.

Its longevity is very important, especially when you are on the go. The continuous working time of the translator earbuds, the power-on time in standby mode, the capacity of the battery and the charging time should all be within your consideration.

Another thing you need to consider is whether the translator supports real-time translation. And whether the Bluetooth connection is fast and convenient.

We do research targeting the products on the market, and there are some popular and well-known brands: Xiaomi, Generic, SYLLABLE, and Timekettle.

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When paired with the Google Translate app, the Translate earbuds are capable of translating several languages in real time.

Will google translate work with any earbuds?

Google previously only supported the Pixel Buds but now shows that Google Translate works on all Assistant-optimized earbuds and Android phones.

What language do google earbuds translate?

It is said that google earbuds support translation into 40 languages.

Some of these products offer real-time two-way translation by sharing a pair of earbuds. WT2, like Timekettle, works this way. Each headset can listen to what you say and do the real-time translation.

However, there are also translation earbuds that can only be used by one person. The other speaker needs to speak into the phone's microphone for someone wearing translation earbuds to hear it, like the Google Pixel Buds.

AirPods, Beats, and Samsung Galaxy Buds don't have the ability to translate languages themselves. You need to match the translation software on your phone for translation purposes.

Thanks to speech recognition software and artificial intelligence, many headphones can translate languages. However, most of these translation headsets are in their infancy. So can advanced headphones like Apple AirPods translate languages? Apple AirPods do not have the ability to translate languages. However, there are a number of AirPods-compatible programs on Apple's App Store that can be used with Google Translate to translate languages.