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Want to provide a top-notch movie experience for your family? No matter what kind of home theater seating you have, the right ambiance is crucial.

The best home theater seating is the heart of the perfect movie theater. You may have a top-of-the-line sound system and a TV or projector, but to sit back and enjoy your home theater – you need the right movie theater seats.

There are quite a few things to consider when looking for the perfect home theater seating, from the ideal capacity, budget, style, comfort to accessories. Lcyonger and Giantex are worth having because we chose them carefully for you. Buy the best for your family! We’re here to help you create the home theater ideas of your dreams.


What is home theater seating?
home theater seating consists of movie recliners with armrests in the middle. They are also known as movie theater seats, theater chairs, movie theater chairs, etc. The armrests of theater-style power chairs usually have holders for cups and snacks. Most entertainment chairs are made of leather or faux leather and have comfortable padding to watch movies.

  • Types
Individual home theater seating

Row of 2 home theater seating

Row of Three home theater seating

Love Seats


  • Features

Holders for cups and snacks

Leather or faux leather

Comfortable padding

How to buy the best home theater seating?
When buying theater seating, consider the following features.

  • Number of seats
When shopping for home theater seating, the first thing to consider is the number of seats you need.

Popular number of seats:

- 1 seat home theater seating

- 2 seat home theater seating

- 3 seat home theater seating

- 4 seat home theater seating

  • Upholstery material
For the ultimate in luxury and comfort, use leather upholstery. For a less expensive option, use bonded leather or faux leather upholstery.

  • Recliner Design
Electric recliners require just the push of a button, while manual recliners require you to tilt back or pull a lever.

  • Armrests
Look for theater chairs with wide enough armrests.

  • Cup holders
Most home theater seats in cinemas have cup holders.

  • Consoles
Storage consoles between the seats provide a space for popcorn, remotes, game controllers, and so on. Some consoles even have outlets and ports to charge your devices or plug in your headphones.

  • Lighting
The base and cup holders glow around, so you're not fumbling with your soda can in the dark.

What are the best brands?
  • The best brands


Valencia Tuscany

Christopher Knight Home





How far from the screen should home theater seating be?
SMPTE recommends a maximum viewing angle of 30 degrees. To create your viewing distance, calculate the diagonal of the screen in inches and divide by 0.6. The answer is the ideal viewing distance in inches at a 30-degree viewing angle.

THX has a similar formula, but THX considers the ideal screen distance closer than what SMPTE says. THX's formula needs to divide the number of inches of your screen diagonal by 0.84 to get the number of inches of your viewing distance.

Other factors to consider:

  • Screen size and type
The rule of thumb is that the higher the resolution, the shorter the viewing distance, so you don't have to worry about seeing the pixels of your monitor.

  • Seating arrangement
If you have more than one row of seats, you'll want to determine the minimum and maximum viewing range.

To determine the minimum and maximum distances for your multiple rows of seating, you can use this formula.

Screen width (inches) x 2 = minimum distance

Screen width (inches) x 5 = maximum distance

  • Room size and shape
If you have a small room, you mustn't go all out with a huge screen, as it may be uncomfortable to watch from a short distance. And you may want to consider purchasing an HD projector or TV.

  • Installation height
The TV installation should be minimal, and the usually recommended height is at eye level.

If you decide to install a TV, you should start at the lowest height and work your way up to avoid an uncomfortable viewing experience. In addition, you will want to consider tilting it downward to make viewing more enjoyable.

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How far apart should home theater seating be?
Just make sure it's no less than 14 inches, which is the minimum space to get in and out comfortably. You can reduce the space between the rows if you need more space. Just make sure you don't make it less than 14 inches.

How do you build a DIY home theater seating platform?
In any theater, if you have one row behind another row, you will need to raise that row so that the audience can see the entire screen. Depending on the height of the first row and the screen's distance from the floor, you will need about 7 inches to 16 inches of additional height.

Step by step instruction

Step 1: Assemble the base

Step 2: Install the vertical shaft trusses

Step 3: Add insulation

Step 4: Install the subfloor

For more information, go to

How to clean home theater seating?
When cleaning and caring for your leather movie theater seats, there are a few things to remember to help them stay looking good for a long time.

  • Use a quality water-based leather cleaner.
Leather Honey Leather Cleaner or Meguiar's Cleaners and Conditioners clean leather without fading while protecting it from further damage, spills, stains, and aging.

  • Do not use products that contain oils, waxes, or silicones.
These include products such as dish soap, baby wipes, furniture polish, and most car cleaners.

  • Wipe down frequently.
Wipe down your furniture often to prevent the build-up of body oils. If you don't use your leather furniture often, then vacuum it every few weeks.

  • Don't wipe up spills.
Leather is a very water-resistant material, and wiping any spills from the leather will only spread it further. Instead, carefully wipe the spill with a paper towel or rag and then treat the spill with a good quality water-based leather cleaner.