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The stanchion is also called stanchion post. There are four types of stanchion: retractable stanchions, rope stanchions, plastic stanchions and safety stanchions.

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3. Retractable stanchions are often used in shops to line up to control crowds. Red velvet stanchions are mostly used in hotels and red carpets.


The stanchion is also called the stanchion post. There are four types of stanchion: retractable stanchions, rope stanchions, plastic stanchions and safety stanchions. Generally speaking, stanchion refers to a rope or retractable belt connected by two or more stanchions. It is often used in shops, red carpets, and hotels to control crowds.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like VEVOR, Yaheetech, Goplus.

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Prepare materials:

PVC pipe; Plastic ball; Planks; Electric drill; Bolts, screws; Glue

1. Prepare the pillars of the stanchions. You can use PVC pipes, each about 40 inches.

2. Prepare the same number of end caps as the PVC pipes.

3. Drill holes on the sides of the pipes and end cap, then screw them together.

4. Drill holes in the plastic ball and fix the bolts to the plastic ball.

5. Paint the plastic ball

6. Drill holes in the middle of the top of the end cap, and screw the plastic ball onto the end cap.

7. Cut two round wooden boards with different diameters.

8. Drill holes in the circular wooden board, the size of which is the diameter of the PVC pipe, and sand the edges to remove debris.

9. Stack two rubber circles, then place a circle of glue on the bottom picture of the PVC pipe, insert the pipe into the hole, and leave it for 12 hours until the glue is completely solidified.

10. Paint the PVC pipe and base.

1. Refer to the above method of the pillar and base of the stanchion.

2. Prepare a few foam tubes and spray them with red paint.

3. Cut a number of cylindrical wooden pegs, twice the number of foam tubes.

4. Drill the foam tube.

5. Screw the eyebolt into the wooden bolt, and then insert the wooden bolt into the foam tube.

6. Wrap it with tape and attach the spring hook.

Stanchions are the upright iron rods in the windows used to stabilize the lead lamps in buildings. Stanchions are also metal supporting parts for the installation of low-height lighting. The stanchions are also upright pillars inserted into the ground to protect the corners of the wall. In event management, pillars are often used for crowd control. The stanchions include retractable belts, red velvet ropes, and plastic chains.

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