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Are you looking for the best portable outdoor shower tents?
Shower tents are also called privacy tents, pop-up pods. There are three types of shower tents: Solar Powered Shower Tents, Battery Powered Shower Tents, and Propane Powered Shower Tents.

There are various shower tents on the market. Do you find it hard to choose the best one? LumBuy provides quality and popular shower tents.

How to shower while camping?
When you are camping, how to take a shower is a big issue. You need a private place and facilities for showering. Shower tents can solve your problem. Shower tents are lightweight, compact, and can quickly be set up, making them ideal for showering while camping.


A shower tent is a kind of single or double room tent that can be quickly set up and folded, light in weight and small in size, used for showering and toileting during camping.

When choosing a shower tent, the three most important things. It can quickly install, is waterproof and sheltered from rain, and is sturdy enough to withstand high winds.

How do you install a shower tent?

Shower tents usually pop open. However, it is necessary to set the support rod at the top and fix the bottom to the ground. After setting up the shower tent, hang the water storage bag, and one end of the water storage bag will be linked to a showerhead, which is very convenient.

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There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Generic, Desert&Fox, Green Elephant, Your Choice, Naturehike, Alpcour, Stansport.

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Open all zippers first, then push firmly inward to fold the tent into a flat surface. Hold on both sides 20cm from the bottom.

Lift until the bottom of the shower tent bends toward you and the top is against the ground.

Right hand over left and walked forward.

Keep the top of the tent against the ground without moving, press down, and then you can get a folded tent.

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Shower tents vary in price depending on their material and type. Common prices range from $30 to $300.