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Are you looking for the best saddle stool?
Saddle stool is also called saddle chair. There are four basic types of saddle stools, with backrest, without backrest, portable saddle stool, and ergonomic saddle stool, in which you can adjust the height and tilt.

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Doctors, physical therapists, and barbers often use saddle chairs to relieve the discomfort of sitting long times on the back and cervical spine. The study found that the saddle chair’s most suitable sitting position for the lumbar, pelvic, and cervical areas. In addition, the Swopper chair can also relieve cervical pain.


What is a saddle stool?
A saddle stool or saddle chair is a seat designed to resemble the curve of a saddle. The design relieves pain in the back and neck and improves blood circulation in the legs, minimizing discomfort caused by prolonged sitting.

What are the best brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like MASTER MASSAGE EQUIPMENT, Master Massage, Antlu.

How to sit on a saddle stool?
Traditional chairs have a 90° angle between the thighs and the torso, and prolonged sitting will decrease blood flow to the feet. The saddle chair increases the angle to 135° for a saddle chair to solve the problem.

Where to buy saddle stool?
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Are saddle stools good for your back?
The saddle seat is designed to tilt the thighs down, neutralize the pelvis and lumbar spine (waist), allow the spine to achieve a natural curve, reduce spinal stress, and thus reduce the risk of a spinal injury from sitting. It can also help reduce physical pain caused by poor posture.

Are saddle stools comfortable?
Maybe you will feel uncomfortable for the first time you sit in a saddle chair, you may not get used to it, and as it helps keep your back straight, you may get tired. But you will get used to it after sitting a few times.

How to make a saddle stool cushion?
What you are going to do is measure the circumference of the saddle stool. Cut a sponge the size of the saddle chair.

Then place the sponge on top of the stool and measure from one side to the other so you know you have enough fabric to cover the stool and sponge completely.

Cut a square of the fabric, then a circle. The front end can be cut and sewn to fit the saddle shape of the chair better.

Fold the edge over, leaving a space for the bungee cord to pass through, and sew twice with the sewing machine, one on each edge of the fold. Remember to leave an opening.

Finally, thread the bungee cord through the seat cover and put it on the saddle chair.