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Although digitization is becoming increasingly popular today, many important files, from receipts to invoices, still need to be stored in file cabinets. If these files are put on a bedside table, they may soon be lost. So why not consider rolling file cabinets?

In a home office, rolling file cabinets keep your various documents organized. Rolling file cabinets with casters allow you to move the rolling file cart effortlessly. Moreover, they come in various materials, sizes, colors and more. We have selected different rolling office file cabinets on the market and provide a buying guide to help you choose the best rolling file carts with wheels. Read on to make a wise decision.


A rolling file cabinet, also known as a rolling file cart, a mobile file cabinet, or a file cabinet cart, is a cabinet for storing important files, including warranties, birth certificates, tax records, deeds to real estate, contracts, and so on. Most come with padded seats, locks and casters(wheels). Usually, there are 2-drawer and 3-drawer rolling file cabinets.

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  • Dimensions & Number of Drawers
A large rolling filing cabinet can hold all of your documents. You can determine the size and number according to the files you need to store. It would help if you planned for future increases in document storage. Even if you are already a pro at digitizing documents, it is worth considering using rolling file carts to store other office items.

  • Material
The material of the rolling file cart is another critical factor. Rolling file carts can be made from different materials, such as plastic, metal or wood. It is not a good idea to pick a rolling file cart made of sandpaper that will crumble after a few months.

  • Lock
Mobile file cabinets are suitable for storing sensitive documents, such as financial or healthcare records. Thus, a perfect locking mechanism is a plus. It is essential to check whether the drawers are locked. You don't want to accept delivery only to discover that there aren't enough locking drawers.

  • Fireproof
It is essential to make sure that your mobile file cabinet is fireproof. This is in addition to security concerns for sensitive documents like financial and healthcare documents. Fireproof rolling file carts will protect your documents against water and fire damage.

  • Hanging File Folder
You might consider whether the mobile file cabinet can hold hanging folders to keep your documents organized.

  • Color
They are now available in a variety of colors. Generally, black and white rolling file cabinets are the most popular models. You can make your rolling file cart stand out by choosing bright colors like yellow, blue, green and so on.

Once you have determined your storage needs and space requirements, you can look at the different types of mobile file cabinets on the market.

  • Pedestal cabinets
You can move these mobile file cabinets easily on wheels. You may need to move your workspace frequently or use a closet in more than one area. Look for cupboards that are wheelchair-friendly. These closets allow you to move files around without taking up too much space. These cabinets are usually more portable and can hold two to three different cabinets of equal or greater dimensions. These cabinets are ideal for offices.

  • Rolling lateral file cabinet
Hanging rails are a convenient way to store legal documents or letters in these multi-purpose cupboards. You can store other items you might need on hand without the rails. These filing cabinets can be fitted with two or more upright cabinets, depending on whether you require many files or mobile service. Because of the increased width of side file cabinets, they can hold more files than other options.

  • Flat file cabinets
Flat file cabinets are smaller than their counterparts but longer and deeper to store large paper products. These cabinets are great for archiving large amounts of paper, such as blueprints and artwork. Metal-level file solutions come in various configurations, including 5 and 10 cabinets. It can also be made modular to provide more storage space. You can find flat shelves for art that must dry flat so students in a classroom can reaccess it.

  • Rolling vertical file cabinets
These traditional filing cabinets have smaller cubbies that can hold letter-sized files. These compact cabinets can be configured to hold two or more drawer collections. Many include a thumb lock that secures the drawers' easy-gliding movement in the closet system. You can use them in offices, open areas, and homes. They have a small impact but make a big difference.

  • Rolling file shelves
Mixed filing cabinets with hutches can be found for those who work in a traditional workplace and prefer wood or laminate to steel cabinetry. These solutions can be used in any setting and are attractive and unobtrusive. They have side storage space on the bottom and display books or other frequently-used files on top.

  • Open top rolling file cabinet
These solutions are often used in medical professionals' workplaces to store multiple patient records in one place. Its open design makes it easy to access all documents in busy environments.

Steel file cabinets are not fireproof. Fireproof cabinets are those that have been insulated to prevent fire from entering. Proper insulation is the most important thing to consider. It slows down the fire's progress inside the cabinet.

A rolling lateral file cabinet's drawers extend from its long horizontal side. These are great for those with lots of wall space and room to spare. They can hold more pieces than traditional vertical ones but can't be placed under desks and take up more space.