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The best way to put a smile on your kids’ faces is to buy a race car bed. Can you imagine their happy faces when they see their unique racecar toddler bed? The joy and cheer are priceless!

Race car bed frames generally look like racing cars. Stickers for the headlights, hood, doors and even wheels will also be available, making kids feel as if they are in a real racing car.

If you buy a race car bed for your boy or girl, you will never regret it. You will have more free space and time to yourself because he will be busy playing on his cool bed, which is a relief for you. What’s more, the sides of the racecar toddler bed will prevent children from rolling out of bed at night.


What is a race car bed?
A race car bed, also known as a car bed, racecar toddler bed, toddler race car bed, is a children's bed with a frame that looks like a racing car. The race car bed frame itself is usually made of plastic. Wood under the mattress is common for stability and strength. Racecar toddler beds vary in color, size, shape, and cost, and many are usually quite affordable. A mattress may or may not be included. The frame design generally fits the typical mattress size.

How much is a race car bed?
Prices for a racecar toddler bed range from $200 to $1,000, and the quality will have the final say.

Why choose LumBuy?
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What are the best brands?
  • Best Brands
Little Tikes

grandma's boy



Delta Children

How to assemble a race car bed?
The racecar toddler bed needs to be installed correctly to ensure the child's safety. Learn the installation steps in advance so that you can avoid unnecessary trouble.

The following video may be helpful to you.

How to disassemble a race car bed?
  • Step 1
Lift the spring and mattress from the frame.

  • Step 2
Remove the three boards from the bottom of the racecar toddler bed frame. Slide one end along the side rails and lift it out of the bed frame.

  • Step 3
Flip open the cover covering the four large screws that hold the headboard and bottom board in place. Unscrew the four long screws. Locate these screws in the middle of the front of the frame and at the back of the frame. Put the cover back over the screw heads.

  • Step 4
Unscrew the screws used to secure the bottom board and headboard to the side frames. Locate the screws in the corners that connect the wood panel to the side frame.

  • Step 5
Pull the four sides apart. Start with one side. Then pull the bottom board and headboard away from the other side.

  • Step 6
Remove the wheels. Remove the cap on the wheel screw and unscrew the screw. After unscrewing the screws, remove the wheels and hub caps.

Here comes the video. You can refer to it.

Can you paint a plastic race car bed?
You can paint a plastic race car bed! And using the right paint is vital.

  • Can I paint a plastic race car bed without sanding?
The two problems with painting a racecar toddler bed are adhesion and wear. Cleaning and light sanding will help the paint adhere. You can also skip sanding if you use the right paint and clean the surface thoroughly.

  • What is the best paint for a plastic race car bed?
The best plastic spray paints are these. They are the best for plastic.





  • How to paint a plastic race car bed?
1. Take the racecar toddler bed entirely apart. Removing the wheels is the trickiest part.

2. Clean each surface as thoroughly as possible.

To remove all the dirt, you can prepare these things.

A spray cleaner like Windex

A solution of white vinegar and water

Diluted detergent in a bucket of water

Use a brush to brush it clean. Pay special attention to corners and crevices.

3. Use tape to seal surfaces that you will not paint, such as wheels and axles.

4. Now you are ready to paint. Make sure it is completely dry.

5. Use clear spray paint to seal and protect the racecar toddler bed. Make sure it is UV protected and will not fade over time.

6. Reassemble the racecar toddler bed. Make sure the paint is completely dry.

7. Add stickers as the perfect finishing touch.

How big is a toddler race car bed?
These are popular sizes for a toddler race car bed.

- King size racecar toddler bed

- Queen size racecar toddler bed

- Full-size racecar toddler bed