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As one of the most popular exercises, pull-ups build upper body muscle and strength. However, pull-ups can be very challenging for most people. Studies show that many people struggle during the workout. If you are one of them, then pull-up assistance bands should not be left out!

This is when the pull up band comes into play. It allows you to both support and challenges yourself to accurately monitor progress. Pull-up assistance bands are low-priced, but they are versatile and work your muscles in a completely different way. In this guide, we have selected the most popular pull-up assistance bands and also provided you with a detailed buying guide.


What is a pull up assist band?
A pull up assist band, also called a pull up bands, a pull up resistance band, or an assisted pull up band. It is a rubber band that takes the weight off as you perform your pull-up exercise. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds and use a 25-pound pull-up assistance band, then instead of pulling up your full body weight, you pull up 125 pounds.

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What are the best pull up assist band brands?
Rogue Fitness






WOD Nation







Epitomie Fitness


How to use a pull up assist band?
Please read the following steps to learn how to do assisted pull-ups with bands.

  • Benefits
Uses proper form.

Builds strength.

Improves stability.

Correct movement pattern.

  • Tips
As you begin your workout, use strong resistance bands. Gradually, you can try a lighter band. As time passes, you can try putting one knee or foot in. As you lower, keep your knees bent and your arms straight.

  • Steps of Resistance Band Assisted Pull Ups
Wrap the band around the bar to create a hoop.

Hold the pull-up bar with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Place your feet or knees on the band.

Raise your body as high as possible.

Slowly lower to the initial position.

How to choose a pull up assist band?
  • Bodyweight
Body weight will determine the level of resistance provided by the pull-up assistance band. The band should be able to support your body weight as the assistance bands are all capable of stretching to a limit and providing varying levels of resistance. The weight range represents the maximum weight the band can support.

  • Material
The material of the band is very important. The material determines its quality and durability. Most bands are made of rubber, with natural rubber latex being the best. It is friendly to the environment and is not harmful to the skin. Some of the best bands are made of 20 layers of seamless rubber that will last a long time.

  • Thickness & Length
Thickness and length are important factors. Thicker resistance bands have a greater load capacity. Shorter bands have more resistance and greater load capacity. In addition, if the resistance band is long and narrow, then it does not have a high capacity.

The stretch length of the pull-up assistance band should be at least as long as your height. Most bands stretch longer than 6 feet.

  • Colour
Generally speaking, the orange resistance band has the least resistance. The red band has medium resistance. And the blue and green bands have the most resistance. If you are a novice, it is recommended to choose blue or green.

What pull up assist band should I get?
It depends on your workout and your strength. If you can do one without assistance and need less support, a lighter resistance band may be considered. If you can't do a pull-up, you can choose a heavy resistance band.

Do pull up assist bands work?
Many people ask if band-assisted pull-ups are good. Yes. Assisted pull-ups allow you to build strength and refine your body positioning and movement. While it won't bring the same strength as a regular pull-up, you'll still gain strength and target the same muscles. In addition, you can improve your grip strength.

How to tie band for assisted pull ups?
  • Steps
Pull the loop of the band to the top of the bar.

Put the other end of the band through the loop at the top.

Pull the band through.

There is a tightened loop at the top of the bar and an opening at the bottom.

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