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Is a live arm always available? If live arms were the be-all and end-all, there wouldn’t be a place for a pitching machine. You want the pitcher to keep throwing, but he’s too tired.

When the live arm is unavailable, a pitching machine gives baseball and softball players batting practice. It can throw the ball at different speeds and styles. Most of them are manual pitching machines, but some are automatic.

Pitching machines and batting cages allow you to practice hitting whenever and wherever you want. You no longer have to drag the pitcher to the baseball field or wear out the pitcher’s or coach’s arm.

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A pitching machine is a machine that automatically throws a baseball to a batter. It is also known as a baseball machine or a baseball throwing machine. Most machines can throw the ball at different speeds and in different ways.

They are available as manual pitching machines or automatic pitching machines. There are various types: softball pitching machines, baseball pitching machines, etc.

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What do you need to consider before buying a pitching machine?

  • Value and price point
An expensive machine is not necessarily the best for you. While expensive ones tend to be of better quality, you should consider age and budget.

Longevity, warranty, overall quality, and price point should all be considered when buying it.

  • Style - Arm vs. Wheel Pitching Machines
If you've been to a batting cage before, you've probably used an Iron Mike pitching machine, and they are the best arm-style pitching machines available.

Arm pitchers can only throw consistent fastballs. Most arm machines can hold hundreds of baseballs and are great for batting cages or team practice. However, arm-style machines are heavy and expensive.

  • One-, two-, three-wheel pitching machines
Wheeled pitching machines are portable and have more pitching options.

There are single, double, and triple wheel pitching machines available. Let's learn more about their features!

- One-Wheel Pitching Machines

Single wheel machines can only throw fastballs. Most are cheaper and more portable than arm machines. Usually, a quality single-wheel pitching machine is under $1000.

They are suitable for youths at least six years old.

- Two and Three Wheel Pitching Machines

Most 2-wheel pitching machines can throw fastballs and breaking balls more accurately and consistently than single-wheel machines.

Kids from 8 to 18 can use a 2-wheel machine because they can adjust the speed.

In addition, they have more power and allow faster pitches for older players at higher levels.

The 3-wheel pitching machine has better speed and accuracy. You can change the speed of each wheel so you can throw more pitches, including split-fingers, fastballs, knuckleballs, left and right-handed breaking balls, and more.

However, 3-wheel machines are more expensive and heavier.

  • Portability
Most machines are portable. Some devices are more portable.

Hack Attack pitching machines are heavy but have transport wheels.

They should be light or have transport wheels or transport kits.

  • Warranty
When buying a machine, consider the warranty. Not all comes with a warranty. Make sure that your new machine is covered.

The average price on Amazon is $706.71. Cheap pitching machines cost about a few hundred US dollars, while high-end machines can cost several thousand US dollars.

Choosing a suitable machine is hard; it's even harder to decide which balls fit. Each pitching machine outlines the accessories and balls that you can use together. You can check the relevant instructions.

Using a real game ball in a pitching machine is not recommended. We recommend that you only use balls that the manufacturer recommends. If you use a real standard ball, please use top-of-the-line real leather balls. Do not use cheap leather balls and balls made of synthetic materials! They can seriously damage the machines.

Pitching machines allow repetitive batting practice without wearing out the pitcher's arm. They are useful for many hitters but not substitutes for a pitcher. Next, we will talk about the pros and cons.

  • Prons
Batters can practice without a coach or pitcher.

Pitching machines can help batters find their preferences.

Timing is an essential skill that hitters can develop. Hitters practice with faster or slower pitches.

For novices, they can help ease nerves.

  • Cons
Too much repetition can make a batter mechanical. If batters rely too much on the machine, they will not be able to adapt to the pitcher.

The batter cannot prepare and adjust to visual cues. Slowly, the batter loses the ability to read these cues and is thus ill-prepared for the real game.

Pitching machines are appropriate for players ages 8-14. Also, the most common pitch is the rising ball. However, 8-14-year-olds do not have many pitchers who produce rising pitches.

They focus on more challenging and faster pitches. This can be good if a batter encounters a fast pitcher, but most don't throw fast.

There are different types. Other types have different ways of working.

  • Homemade Version
The homemade version has two wheels that rotate in opposite directions when it is turned on. Each wheel has a motor. After the ball is inserted, it shoots out from the other end.

You can change the speed of the motors. By increasing the speed of one of the motors, the pitching machine will release the ball at a different speed. After that, it can give fastballs, curveballs, sliders, screwballs, etc.

  • Toss Pitching Machine
First, it allows you to practice tennis, baseball, or softball. They have three-time settings, 6s, 8s, and 10s. Most of them can be adjusted in height. Therefore, it can be used by both adults and children.

- How does it work?

Load the balls in. (10 to 14)

Set the time.

Turn on the switch.

When the ball rolls down, the ball has enough power.

The machine releases it in the same way.

Install a batting cage to prevent the ball from running around.

  • Manual Pitching Machine
Louisville is a famous brand in manual pitching machines. Different machines may have various operations. Therefore, I will use the Blue Flame pitching machine to explain.

- How does the Blue Flame pitching machine work?

Since Blue Flame pitching machines are manual, you need someone to assist you. Depending on the pitch and the type of ball, you can adjust the machine by placing the power spring in the correct speed hole.

Snap the throwing arm of the machine back.

Place the ball on the throwing arm.

Hold the release lever with one hand and place your foot entirely on the power lever until it touches the bottom.

Pull the release lever back with your hand.

The faster you step down on the bottom bracket, the more power the ball will have.

Typically, pitching machines throw sinkers, curveballs, fastballs, and sliders from 15 mph to 80 mph.