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Are you looking for the best pikler triangle?
Pikler triangle is also called a climbing triangle. There are several types of pikler triangles: traditional climbing triangle, foldable climbing triangle, transformable climbing triangle, climbing arch.

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The Pikler triangle can meet the climbing needs of children. It also helps develop children’s motor skills, including physical strength and agility.


What is a pikler triangle?
The Pikler triangle is also called a climbing triangle. It is a climbing toy that has been popular for toddlers in the past few years. It can help young children develop motor skills. There are several types of pikler triangles: traditional climbing triangle, foldable climbing triangle, transformable climbing triangle, climbing arch.

How do you pick pikler triangles?
The size of the Pickler triangle set should be considered first. Choose the right size according to your child's age. Babies as young as six months old can climb the Pickler triangle. The second point that should be considered is Pickler's triangle fittings. The Pickler triangle can be used with ramps and climbing walls. These additional components can provide children with more game options.

What are the best brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Costzon, JJRC.

Where to buy a pikler triangle?
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How to build a DIY pikler triangle?

First, you have to make a drawing, draw the desired size and style, and then prepare the materials you need to use, including wood, screws, wood glue, and paint.

Step1: First, to build a triangular climbing structure, you need to build two ladders, one a bit longer than the other. (You can make one 36 inches long and one 32 inches long.)

Step2: Color the stairs with paint

Step3: Punch a hole in the board to knock the ladder into the hole and use wood glue to fix each step to the board.

Step4: Use two 1/2-inch pieces of plywood to secure the tops of the two ladders together. (If you want a foldable pikler triangle, you can use wing nuts and knob screws on shorter ladders.) Then drill holes to fix the ladder to the plywood.

Is pikler triangle safe?
The height of the pikler triangle is relatively low, and the structure is simple, so it is safer for children.

If you are still not at ease, then here are some Pikler triangle safety tips: make sure that the triangle is stable and will not slide, you can spread a blanket on the ground, anti-skid can also play a protective role. Also, make sure that the climbing wall and slide are firm. It is better to set the slide gently.

Clean up sharp objects around.

Wearing socks may slip, so it is best to climb barefoot.

What age is pikler triangle for?
Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler invented Pikler Triangle. It can be used for children from 6 months old to 4-5 years old.

Why are pikler triangles so expensive?
First of all, wood is costly, and the material cost of the pikler triangle alone reaches 100 US dollars. Secondly, the pikler triangle is usually made by hand, which requires a lot of labor costs. Finally, there is the transportation fee. The pikler triangle is large in size, heavy, and high in transportation costs.