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Maybe you want to enjoy breakfast in bed. If so, an overbed table is a perfect solution.

Overbed tables, often referred to as bed tables, hospital bed tables, over bed desks, are perfect for bedridden people for long periods due to illness or disability. Typically, bed tables boast swivel casters and a crank for tilting the top and adjusting the height. Some overbed tables come with a storage bag for your magazines or books. Swivel casters make moving from one position or room to another very light and comfortable.

Overbed tables with wheels are often used in hospital rooms by pushing the table onto the mattress to eat, read, write or do various tasks. Enjoy your staycation!


Overbed tables are portable tables that can be placed on a bed. They are often designed for hospitalized patients, older adults with limited mobility, and people who live at home and are confined to their beds.

It is like a portable table, adjustable in height, used as a support plane where the individual can sit in bed to eat and perform other activities.

Overbed tables are essential in a hospital room. They serve as surfaces for food trays and can hold personal items such as cell phones.

  • Types:
Bariatric Overbed Tables

Inpatient Overbed Tables

Senior Living & Home Health Overbed Tables

Before choosing an overbed table, consider the following features.

  • Tabletop



  • Style
Medical grade

Stylish and sophisticated

  • Size
Size is important when choosing an overbed table. Make sure you find one that fits your bedroom area and doesn't take up too much space. There are pros and cons to both small and large tables.

  • Load-bearing capacity
For example, if you have a heavy laptop or other heavy equipment, you should pay attention to the load-bearing capacity.

  • Adjustability
Adjustability is key for overbed tables because it gives users more control and a sense of autonomy.

The ability to adjust the height is especially important. A height-adjustable table can be better adapted to different bed heights.

  • Portability
All overbed tables have wheels, which makes them easier to move around. Always look for wheels that can be locked. When the wheels don't lock, the nightstand can easily slide and become a safety hazard that can lead to injuries and falls.

Folding overbed tables are easy to store.

  • Budget
overbed tables typically range in price from $40 to $200. Those with fewer features are the least expensive, while those with more features will cost more.

  • Special Features
Anti-spill devices

Slide-out trays



Plastic laminate surface (lighter)

Built-in socket

  • The best brands
stryker overbed tilt table

hill rom overbed tilt table

Invacare overbed tilt table

Carex overbed tilt table

Medacure overbed laptop table

Vaunn overbed laptop table

TigerDad overbed laptop table

OUTDOOR DOIT overbed laptop table

OMECAL overbed laptop table

IKEA overbed laptop table

By watching the video, you will know how to assemble an overbed table.

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Overbed tables can be used for convenience and necessity purposes. They can help users write, read books, support food trays or even use a computer.

You can also place the overbed tables next to the bed when not in use because they provide an excellent and easy-to-reach flat surface for essentials such as ice, water, and medications. Overbed tables can help prevent falls caused by frequently used items located across the room or out of reach.

You should install the overbed table at a comfortable height.

  • Raise the tabletop
place your hand under the tabletop and move it up to the desired height. Remove hand pressure to set the height.

  • Lower the tabletop
lift the release lever and push the tabletop down to the desired height.

  • Step 1: Materials and Tools.
  • Step 2: Cut the Feet.
  • Step 3: Cut the Flat Surfaces.
  • Step 4: Make Some Discs.
  • Step 5: Make the Tablet Stand.
  • Step 6: Cut the Handles.
  • Step 7: Make Some Holes.
  • Step 8: Insert the Feet.
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