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Little kids sometimes aren’t big enough to do certain things. However, learning towers allow children to experience things that are out of reach.

When your child is not tall enough, learning towers can help them reach the table while reducing the risk of falling. Children can use learning towers to work with their parents, such as washing vegetables, watering potted plants, etc. A toddler learning tower develops eye-hand coordination and a sense of independence, allowing kids to experience the joy of working.

Since learning towers first appeared a few years ago, they have become increasingly popular. The toddler learning tower promotes children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development with parental supervision. LumBuy provides the best kids learning towers. Please check it out!


Learning towers, also known as toddler learning towers, kitchen helper stools, montessori learning towers, are wooden frames that give children a safe place to work with their parents in the kitchen.

When your child is not tall enough, they can provide children with the extra height to help them reach the table while reducing the risk of falling.

DIY learning towers and used learning towers are also available. You can also make DIY learning towers toddlers with the help of learning tower DIY plans.

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Before you buy a toddler learning tower, you need to consider these factors.

  • Adjustable height
Children of different heights can use adjustable learning towers.

  • Foldable
Folding learning towers can be stored in smaller spaces.

Larger models usually have more features.

  • Step-up mechanism
The step mechanism allows children to get in and reach the proper height.

  • Stability
Wooden learning towers are recommended. It will be more stable than plastic ones.

Learning towers are great helpers for children from 2 to 6 years old. According to the kid's development, many parents use the kitchen helper stool around 18 months. It develops the child's sense of independence and is done under parental supervision.

Here are five safety tips. Please pay attention to these tips. By doing so, you can provide a safe environment for your child.

1. Adult supervision

Children need to be in your line of sight, and you need to supervise them.

2. Materials

Second, the materials are safe for the environment and do not release toxic fumes. Paints are low VOC or non-toxic.

3. Pack up dangerous items

Ensure your child is away from all toxic, sharp, or dangerous objects.

4. Watch out for your child's burns.

Keep your child away from electric stoves, irons, etc. If your child washes their hands or dishes, make sure the water temperature is set, so they don't get burned.

5. Stability

Use them on a flat surface or stable structure.

6. Pack them when not in use.

Keep them out of sight when it is not in use.

7. Check before use

Please check them and be sure to tighten the screws.

Andreas Haase invented the montessori toddler learning tower for his son. He recognized that high chairs do not allow children to move freely and are not safe, so he invented the toddler learning tower so his son Carl could safely work with him in the kitchen.

Do you want to buy a toddler learning tower? But you are hesitant to do so? Here are the benefits of a toddler learning tower.

  • Stability & security
The toddler learning tower is very stable. It has three sides and safety bars, providing extra protection. It is stable and safe.

  • Independence & Confidence
Let your child cook with you, and they learn to be independent.

  • Focus & Sense of Accomplishment
In the kitchen, children focus on their work, which helps develop their ability to focus and brings them a sense of accomplishment.

  • Foster Mother-child Bond
Baby can play and work with mom in his toddler learning tower. This helps to develop the bond between parents and children.