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Are you looking for the best knitting machine?
Knitting machine has several types:
– Hobbyist spool knitting machine
– Flatbed home knitting machine
– Sock-knitting machine
– Circular knitting machine
The DIY knitting machine is one of the circular knitting machines.

There are various knitting machines on the market. Do you find it hard to choose the best one? LumBuy provides quality and popular knitting machines.

The knitting machine is easy to learn. You can quickly start a knitting project at a really fast speed. However, the downside of a knitting machine is that it may not be as easy to create intricate stitches and patterns as you might think. A knitting machine is a good option for those who like knitting work but do not have enough time.


A knitting machine is used to do knitting work semi-automatic or fully automatic. Knitting machine has several types: hobbyist spool knitting machine, flatbed home knitting machine, sock-knitting machine, circular knitting machine. The DIY knitting machine is one of the circular knitting machines.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Generic, Addi, Sentro, Prym, and Authentic Knitting Board.

You can use an eight-ply yarn or any eight playfully yarn. Recommend using a softer type of yarn because it runs better in the knitting machine. And don't forget to switch the button to T/P mode according to your knitting type.

Crank the handle until you find the white peg right by your side. The white peg notifies you when you're at the end of your round. All the pegs are numbered, so the white peg is number 48, and the number one peg is right next to it. So crank until number one. It is just at the front of the yarn guide, where they will take the yarn.

Holding your working yarn with your left hand, and on the other side will be the end(leave about ten inches). Thread the working yarn in under number peg one. Then slowly crank the handle. So the first went in under the peg. The second peg, you are going it around behind it. Go in and out of pegs. When it gets back to the white peg, continue cranking until the white pegs are just past your yarn guide.

Thread your yarn through the yarn guide. Then go through the tension guide so that you will be able to see on your machine there are three different holes. Go through the middle hole.

Continue cranking so a couple of rounds. Pull out spare for preparation work and go through slowly to prevent dropping any stitches. Every time you get back to your white peg, your row counter will go up a number, indicating you have finished another round. That is the start step for a beginner.

Instructional video for knitting a reversible hat:

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You can knit long scarves, wool hats, and even sweaters. Smaller projects can be completed quickly. Knitting a sweater can take a few days. It is also possible to knit hats, skirts, etc. For children or adults.

If you want to knit a big hat on a knitting machine, you can use a 48-gauge knitting machine. For small hats, you can use a 40-gauge knitting machine. Small items like socks and small toys can use the 22-gauge knitting machine.

Prices for small knitting machines like making sweaters, socks, and toys vary by size, material, and knitting design options. Prices range from about $50 to $400.