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Are you looking for the best kneeling chair?
A kneeling chair is also called an ergonomic kneeling chair. There are three types of kneeling chairs: single padded kneeling chair, double padded kneeling chair, and saddle kneeling chair.

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The kneeling chair is designed for people who sit on the chair for a long time and cause waste and back discomfort. It can distribute weight to the calves and buttocks to reduce the pressure on the lower back.


The ergonomic kneeling chair is a chair that supports the hips and knees at the same time. The angle of the cushion of the kneeling chair is lower than that of the ordinary chair by 20-30 angles and supports the knees to share the weight of the body.

Before buying a kneeling chair, you need to take into account the angle and distance between the cushion and the knee pad; style of wheels, that is, whether it's swaying or sliding.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Flash Furniture, Yaheetech, Amazon Basics, XIXOHOME, Hbada, and Boss Office Products.

First, place your hips on the seat and your legs on the floor. Adjust to the most comfortable position. Then, raise your legs and place your knees on the mat, keeping your weight on your hips and keeping your back upright.

How to set the best angle on a kneeling chair?

The working principle of the ergonomic kneeling chair is to increase the angle of the thighs and torso to share the body's weight and better balance the use of muscles and spine strains. The most suitable kneeling chair tilt angle is 25-30 degrees.

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  • Studies have shown that kneeling chairs can indeed relieve sciatica. Compared with sitting on a traditional chair, sitting on a kneeling chair can significantly reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine, thighs, and buttocks.

    The principle of the kneeling chair is to arch the lower back by changing the position of the pelvis. This will reduce the pressure on the spine joints, thereby alleviating waist discomfort.

    Is kneeling chair bad for knees?

    When sitting on an ergonomic kneeling chair, the leg movement area is limited. Sitting for a long time will slow down blood circulation in the legs, and it may take a while to stand up. So do not sit on the kneeling chair for long hours. You should stand up and move your legs appropriately to relieve the pressure and discomfort caused by sitting for a long time. If you are tall, you should find a high kneeling chair. Otherwise, your legs will feel more uncomfortable.

  • Step1. First, prepare three wooden boards and two wooden bars, then cut them into suitable sizes and shapes.
  • Step 2. Punch the wooden board and assemble it into a kneeling chair frame with screws.
  • Step 3. Connect the kneel support and the diagonal bars with glue and screws.
  • Step 4. Connect the seat board and the diagonal bars with glue and screws.
  • Step 5. After the glue dries, use screws to assemble the parts together.
  • Step 6. Use yarn to smooth the surface of the wood and spray paint.
  • Step 7. Fix the cushion on the board.
  • Step 8. If you want a chair with wheels, you need to adjust the height of the chair and fix the wheels on the legs of the chair.
  • Here is a guide video: