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Many children ask, “Can I play the drums?” when they are first introduced to music at school. To encourage them to explore music, you have to put up with the noise.

To get a good start on drumming, children need to learn it at a very young age, which can benefit future drumming skills. A kids drum set can start your child’s musical journey. However, picking out a drum set is no easy task.

Toddler drum sets come with different drum heads, sticks, thrones, pedals, clappers, cymbals, and hardware. We have a list of toddler drum sets for your child, no matter their age, so you can check out our guide to toddler drum kits.


A kids drum set, also known as a toddler drum set, kids drum kit, or junior drum set, is usually cheaper and smaller than adult drum sets. It has a better quality of sound compared to kid drum set toys. They are designed for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

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To help you choose the suitable drums for your child, we have listed what you need to know before buying a drum set.

  • Types
There are two types. One is the traditional drum set (acoustic drum set), and the other is the electronic drum set.

- Acoustic Drum Kits

It is good for beginners and is relatively cheap. They are very loud and consist of a snare drum, a bass drum, some snare drums, and metal cymbals.

- Kids Electronic Drum Set

The electronic drum set is much smaller than the acoustic drum set. It can be connected to headphones, so there is no noise! It can also be connected to an electronic bookend and an amplifier.

  • Hardware
- Bass drum

Bass drums, also known as kick drums, are the largest. People play it with a bass drum pedal instead of drumsticks.

- Snare Drum

The snare drum is the loudest and most crucial drum.

- Toms

Tom-toms include a medium tom, a high tom, and a floor tom.

- Cymbals

There are three main types of toms.

Ride cymbals are usually found in full-size drum sets.

The crash cymbal makes the most noise.

Hi-hats can also be played with a foot pedal.

- Drum holders

Make sure it is adjustable and comfortable.

- Drumsticks

Drum sticks are straight. Most drumsticks are made of hickory, which is low weight and durable. Want to learn rock music? 2A drumsticks are recommended! If you want to learn jazz, you can buy 7A drumsticks.

- Drum set size

Plastic drums that resemble a "toy" kit are perfect for children under six years old.

You can buy a "beginner" acoustic drum set when a child is ten years old.

For kids 12 and older, it's also good to buy a full-size drum set.

If you buy a good quality and more expensive drum set, it can grow with your child. Typically, the drum set for kids price is between $150 and $800. For a 6-8-year-old, you can buy slightly cheaper drum sets for less than $100, but they won't stay with your child for long.

The number of drums in a drum set varies.

The 4-piece kids drum set is suitable for beginners and includes a bass drum, a floor tom, a snare drum, and a mounted tom.

The kids 5 piece drum set has an extra mounted tom.

The 3-piece kids drum set includes only a bass drum, a single mounted tom, and a snare drum.

Age is not the only factor in this matter, and height is a more important factor. In most cases, children's drum kits are suitable for children between 3 and 10 years old, but you should also consider the child's height.

Children under 150 cm can use children's drum sets. Usually, 3-piece kids drum sets are smaller, while 5-piece kids drum sets are a little bigger and suitable for slightly older children.

There are two sizes, full-size kids drum kits or junior-sized kids drum kits.

Junior drum kits are much smaller and are perfect for children ten years old and younger. A full-size kids drum kit usually has a 20" or 22" bass drum, so the child may not be able to reach the pedals and play the toms and cymbals. If they are under ten years old, use a junior size kit.

You need to replace a drumhead when any of the following conditions occur.

- There are wrinkles or large dents in the drumhead.

- There are holes or cracks in the drumhead.

- The white coating on the drum head has disappeared.

Although the drums will still work fine, the sound quality will turn worse and worse as time goes by. So please replace the drum head promptly.