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Inline skates offer many health benefits for everyone, including kids and adults. It is so fun that it has become a hobby for many people.

After a workout, you’ll be sore the next day. However, inline skating improves your bones without hurting them, so you wake up the next day without pain. As one of the best cardio exercises, inline skating increases your heart rate from 140-160 beats per minute to 180 beats per minute. With the development of your skill, your balance improves tremendously. If you skate at 10 miles per hour, you burn about 360 calories per hour.

Inline skating not only does wonders for your physical health but also your mental health. It helps release and increases endorphins, keeping you in a good mood and relieving brain pain. If you are looking for a way to change your negative emotions, put on your inline skates.

You can buy a pair of inline skates and head to skate world, where skaters of all ages and skill levels are welcome.


Inline skates, also called roller hockey skates or inline hockey skates, are skates that are suitable for inline skating. Unlike quad skates, most roller hockey skates have two to five wheels. Some have rubber brakes on the back of one or both skates. This allows the skater to slow down or stop.

When were inline skates invented?

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Scott and Brennan Olson trademarked Rollerblade to promote inline skating widely. Today, Rollerblade has become a universal trademark.

Inline Skate Parts

Rollerblades have boots that are worn on the feet, and the boots have a frame to hold the wheels in place. The wheels rotate freely around an axle via inline skate bearings. Most rubber brakes are located on the frame of the right boot.

Inline Skates Types

Different types of skating require different roller hockey skates, such as aggressive inline skates, inline speed skates, etc. They usually differ in terms of boots, frames, and wheels.

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  • Best Inline Skates Brands






Roller Derby






K2 Skate

Jackson Ultima



Epic Skates





Inline skates on Walmart cost as little as around $40. The average price on Amazon is $110 or so. High-end roller hockey skates, usually custom-made, can cost up to $600 to $700 or more. We recommend that you do not buy roller hockey skates that are too cheap, as this may make your experience bad.

With the countless roller hockey skates on the market, it can be hard to find the right one. Before buying roller hockey skates, the main factors you need to consider are the brand, your skill level, gender, type, wheel size, etc. We'll go into more detail next. We will help you narrow down the field.

Which brand of inline skates is best?

The inline skates brand depends on personal preference. If you don't have a brand you like, you can choose the right one based on the type of roller hockey skates.

The best inline skates brands include Ferrari, IMPALA, Mission, Bauer, CCM, Tour, Roller Derby, Rollerblade, Powerslide, ROCES, K2 inline skates, etc.

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How about your gender & age?

Roller hockey skates are suitable for different genders and ages, such as unisex, men, women, adults, and kids (boys and girls). Usually, roller hockey skates suitable for different genders have different versions, colors, and sizes.

What Inline Skates Types should I get?

- Inline Speed Skates

It is suitable for long-distance or marathon enthusiasts. There are 3 and 4 wheel speed skates. 4x100 and 4x110 wheels are popular, and 3x125 wheels are the fastest and preferred for long distances.

- Aggressive Inline Skates

In skate parks, you can wear aggressive inline skates for skating, jumping, and grinding. Wheels under 60mm are the most popular because of their low center of gravity. However, small wheels have limited speed, so some prefer larger wheels (up to 80 mm).

Standard aggressive skates use a hard molded plastic shell. High-end aggressive skates use carbon and are designed for performing complicated tricks and jumps.

- Urban Inline Skates

Urban inline skates combine cross-training roller hockey skates, aggressive inline skates, and freestyle skates features, making them versatile. People often use it in urban areas for exercise, commuting, recreation, etc.

The wheel size is from 90mm to 125 mm. There are 3 wheel inline skates, and 4 wheel urban inline skates. 4 wheel roller hockey skates with 80-84 mm wheels focus on control and speed and are very similar to aggressive inline skates or freestyle skates.

Typically, not all urban skates have brakes, as they make for less flexibility.

How about your skill level?

Skates should be appropriate for your skill level. We recommend that you buy skates that are slightly beyond your skill level. Remember, skates that are too far beyond your skill level may make you unhappy or even injure you.

- Beginners

Beginner skates have smaller wheels and brakes and are slower. You can control it easily, and your confidence and skills will improve.

- Intermediate

If you have some skating experience, you can choose intermediate skates. If you don't skate often, you can buy intermediate skates with wheels no bigger than 4x84mm or 3x110 or beginner skates.

- Advanced

If you are confident that you can skate well no matter what happens, you can handle it well, whether you choose advanced skates or beginner skates.

- Expert Level

If you've been skating for years, you'll be able to handle lower-level skates easily, so you're better off getting expert-level skates with high-end features.

What size inline skates should I get?

The size of the wheel determines the speed, comfort, and stability, so it is an essential factor. Since small wheels make skating stable and easy to control, it is suitable for low-skilled skaters. Bigger wheels are usually designed for advanced skaters.

What types of boots should I get?

The three types are soft boots, molded plastic, and composite/carbon fiber. Soft boots are light, well ventilated, and suitable for long-distance skating. Molded plastic is more durable but heavier, so you will be tired after a long slide. Composite carbon fiber shells are not only durable but also lightweight, making them a high-end choice.

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When do you change your inline skates wheels?

You need to change your wheels when the following conditions occur.

- Only by bowing your knee inward can you stand on roller hockey skates.

- You lose traction when turning or stopping.

- You have to exert a lot of effort to skate.

- Only some of the wheels are turning. (Some wheels are badly worn)


Please rotate your wheels often and adjust your skating stance to improve wheel life.

What types of wheels last longer?

Smooth surfaces:

Softer wheels are better for smooth surfaces because they grip better.

Outdoor use:

Harder wheels are better suited for skating on concrete, asphalt, etc.

Why are my inline skates wheels wearing out so fast?

We have summarized the reasons for this. Please take a look.

If your knees are bent inward, the inside edges of the wheels may be wearing badly.

You don't rotate the wheels frequently.

Your wheels are too hard or too soft.

When wheels are worn unevenly, you need to rotate them. Several factors affect how often you rotate wheels, such as skating frequency, skating surface, hardness and quality of the wheel, and your weight and skating style, to name a few.

By rotating the wheels, the wheels last longer and can save you money. When cracks, flaking, and pockmarks appear, you must purchase wheels.

Generally, Rollerblade has wheels and bearings lasting from 12 to 18 months. The most important factors that affect the life of wheels and bearings are material and quality. High-end skates and good care can add years to the life of roller hockey skates.

  • Inline Skates vs. Rollerblades
There is no apparent difference. Inline skates include all types, while as a particular type of inline skates, rollerblades are manufactured by the Rollerblades brand.

  • Inline Skates vs. Quad Skates vs. Roller Skates
Different skates have different styles, types, and features, and they are suitable for various skating programs. Both inline and quad skates have their advantages and are ideal for varying levels of expertise.

- Quad Skates

Quad skates, also known as roller skates, are suitable for amateurs. They have four wheels in total, with two wheels in the back and two in the front. They have a broader base, which is more stable and helps you maintain balance. Usually, they have brakes in the front. Beginners can control it by shifting their body weight.

- Inline Skates

Roller hockey skates are suitable for inline skating and fitness skating. They usually have 5 to 2 wheels which are in a straight line.

Beginner roller hockey skates have brakes, while advanced models do not have brakes. To adjust speed and stop, experienced people will develop braking techniques.

Skating at high speeds on uneven surfaces may pose problems. In addition, it is not as stable as four wheels, and you need to have better balance.

Are quad or inline skates easier?

Quad skates: more stable

Inline skates: faster and easier to handle

Quad skates are suitable for beginners because they are more stable and easier to control. But for those who like ice skating, inline skates are easier because they have wheels similar to blades.

As one of the best cardio exercises, inline skating increases your heart rate from 140-160 beats per minute to 180 beats per minute. If you skate at 10 miles per hour, you burn about 360 calories per hour.

If you use it regularly, we recommend that you clean the inline skate bearings once every two or three months. If you only skate in dusty rooms, you should clean them once a month.

The average speed is about 8-16 mph. Top skaters skate at over 25 mph for 1 hour and can exceed a top speed of around 40 mph.