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Are you looking for the best indoor fireplace?
The indoor fireplace is also called the corner fireplace or fireplace heater. There are four types of indoor fireplaces: solid fuel, gas, electric, and ethanol.

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Indoor fireplaces are becoming more popular these days. An indoor fireplace is an ideal choice if you want to add a fashionable and efficient heating option to your home. Indoor fireplaces provide heating and add a retro look as well as a warm and pleasant ambience to your house. There are several different indoor fireplaces, so choose the most suitable one according to your preference.


Traditional indoor fireplaces are made of brick, stone or metal, and most use solid fuel. Modern indoor fireplaces come in various designs, with wood, gas, electricity and ethanol fuel, not only for heating the room but also for adding warmth and a comfortable ambience to your house.

Are the outdoor/indoor fireplaces efficient?

Traditional open fireplaces are used to heat rooms. However, 80%-90% of the heat is lost through the chimney. However, modern indoor fireplaces, like gas or electric indoor fireplaces, greatly improve efficiency at heating.

What is your purpose for installing an indoor fireplace? Is it heating efficiency, aesthetics, or both? A thermostat-controlled self-regulating fireplace is good at heating efficiency. It will automatically adjust the temperature. An indoor fireplace with a fan does help with circulation, but little to increase heat output and can be noisy.

Choose the control ways for your indoor fireplace, like wall switches, remotes and thermostats. Gas and electric indoor fireplaces are ideal. Electric fireplaces come in several sizes and styles, like tabletop fireplaces, mini fireplaces, and corner fireplaces. Electric fireplaces do not need ventilation, and you can install them anywhere in your home.

The last thing is to find an indoor fireplace that better matches the decor of your house.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Generic, Duraflame, Ameriwood Home, Konka, and NEWIMAGE.

Open the vent in the fireplace. Place the firewood at the bottom and lay another layer to start the fire. When stacking firewood, remember to leave room for air circulation. Light the fire with a match. Do not close the vent until the fire is extinguished.

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Electric fireplaces work by breathing in cold air, heating it through a heating coil, and then exhaling the hot air with a fan to warm the room. Some electric fireplaces also use infrared technology to heat the room.

Traditional solid fuel indoor fireplaces have a fire risk and are not safe for children. Besides, wood smoke is harmful with tiny particles that can get into your lungs when you are breathing, and people with asthma should avoid solid fuel fireplaces. Gas and electric fireplaces are the ideal alternatives for you.

Mix baking soda with a bit of water, making it a paste. Spray it to the fireplace and let it stay for 5-10 minutes. Then brush it, and finally rinse it off with water. Then you can get a clean fireplace.

The size of the propane tank for the indoor fireplace depends on the size of your house. For small, 1-2 bedroom dwellings, a 100-gallon propane tank will suffice. Larger houses opt for a 500-gallon propane tank.