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Are you looking for the best ice ball press?
Ice ball presses are also called ice ball maker, ice press. At present, many ice ball presses are made of aluminum. Given the ice ball press cost and performance, aluminum is the most cost-effective metal. But it does not mean that it is the best material for melting ice cubes. The best material for melting ice blocks is copper because copper melts twice as fast as aluminum, and its price is two to three times that of aluminum.

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What is an ice ball press

The ice ball press is a press mold made of aluminum or copper that melts irregular ice cubes into round ice balls. Given the cost and performance, aluminum is the most cost-effective metal. But the best material for melting ice blocks is copper because copper melts twice as fast as aluminum.

What are the best brands?

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Macallan, Tovolo, Glacio, Findking, Awlfos.

How to use ice ball press?

But after the ice ball press is used, its temperature will decrease, and continuous use will slow down its melting speed. The correct way is to cover it with warm water after use to let it return to normal temperature before using it.

How long does an ice ball press take?

An ice ball can be made into a hockey puck in 30 seconds with an ice ball press.

How do you make an ice ball maker?

Prepare: First prepare two aluminum blocks according to the size of the hockey puck you want. The volume of an aluminum block should be ten times that of a hockey puck. Two stainless steel rods are used as the bottom vertical guide shaft.

Step 1: Cut the aluminum block into squares, and cut it flat to ensure that the two aluminum blocks fit neatly and completely.

Step 2: Use a CNC milling machine and related software to model the original aluminum block, make a sphere of the size of the hockey puck you want, and keep half of it. In this process, you need to use a large end mill for rough machining to make a rough shape and then use a ball nose tip for finishing to make the surface smooth and round.

Step 3: The stainless steel stick is made to be close to the height of an ice hockey puck but not higher than the ice hockey puck.

Step 4: A section of the stick is made into a thread shape, a thread-like hole is drilled in the cut aluminum block, and the stick is screwed on.

Step 5: Another piece of aluminum was punched with two round holes, the depth of which was equal to the length of the stainless steel rod without the threaded section.

Why does copper melt ice faster?

Among metals, copper has the largest thermal conductivity, followed by zinc, brass, and aluminum. It also means that copper can transfer more heat, so copper melts ice faster.

How much does an ice ball maker cost?

The price of an ice ball press is generally between 200 and 400 US dollars. It is for aluminum ice ball press. The price of copper is two to three times that of aluminum.

Why are ice ball presses so expensive?

The ice ball press was originally designed for people who drink whiskey. Because compared to ordinary ice-making molds, ice balls made with ice ball press are firmer, less prone to cracks, and have less effect on the concentration and taste of whiskey. A good piece of ice can give you a better taste if you love whiskey, so it is worth it.

On the other hand, the ice ball press is equipped with a complete set, including a mold for making ice cubes, a tray for collecting water, and a pair of tongs for holding ice.