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Are you looking for the best hot towel warmer?
Hot towel warmers come in two types. They have various options for mounting and electrical installation.
Towel heater-Rail type
Rail towel warmers have two install ways, freestanding or wall mounting. They are not only for warming towels but also for drying towels and clothing.
Hot towel warmer-Cabinet type
Cabinet towel warmers are usually closed boxes. They can be set on the floor or countertop. They can heat up the towel quickly.

Are towel warmers a good idea?
Heated towels help dry faster and can help prevent or even kill bacteria that can grow on towels due to wet bathroom conditions. Warm towels can also provide more warmth in cold weather. Feel a little bit confused about choosing a hot towel warmer? LumBuy filter best hot towel warmer for you.


Towel warmers are used to heat towels or bathrobes so that you can use warm towels and bathrobes after showering or swimming. The towel warmer also dries it quickly, reducing bacterial growth.

You need to turn on the device and put in the towel 40 minutes earlier. But if you're going to heat a wet towel, the time it takes depends on the temperature of the towel. If you wet them with hot water, they won't take long to heat up. Wearing gloves, grab a clean towel, fold each towel twice, and roll.

Take your rolled towels, wet them completely and then wring them out so that they're wet but not too wet. You don't want them to be dripping water.

Place the wet folded towels into your towel cabinet. Close the door and wait for them to get nice and hot.

If your unit is equipped with a UV sterilizer, you have the option to turn it on. UV light helps to sterilize any surfaces that hit our hot towel cabinets.

When you remove a hot towel to use during your treatment, ensure that it's not too hot for the skin.

Keep everything clean. Wipe down all surfaces inside the hot towel warmer with a clean, dry towel. Remove the drip tray dump out the water, and let it air dry overnight. It is also a good idea to leave the doors open overnight so that all surfaces can air dry.

We do research targeting the products on the market, and there are some popular and well-known brands: Aphrodite, Suavecito, Greenlife, DERMALOGIC, and Ergodyne.

You need to wet the towel before using the towel heating. Don't get too wet, though. Make sure the towel is drip-free before putting it in the towel warmer because there will be a risk of fire if you put a dry towel in the hot towel warmer.

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Towel warmers are electronic devices that are left on for extended periods of time. So we're curious to know if it's safe to do so. Some towel warmers are equipped with special features that allow you to control or monitor how hot they get. But there are some towel warmers that are not designed this way.

Most towel warmers are very effective at heating and drying towels. In other words, they don't use a lot of electricity to do their jobs. To be more specific, towel warmers consume 100 to 200 watts of electricity per hour.

The temperature of a hot towel warmer is approximately 284 to 302 Fahrenheit. They are low-wattage consumption equipment.