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Are you looking for the best hand massager?
Hand massager is also called hand massager machine. Hand massage is roughly divided into two types, one is Shiatsu hand massager machine, and the other is Swedish hand massager machine.
Shiatsu is a type of therapeutic massage from Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, and percussive methods to relax the hand muscles.
There is also a Swedish massage. Swedish massage is to relax by massaging the muscles for a long time along the direction of blood returning to the heart. It can help increase the oxygen content in the blood and accelerate blood circulation.

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A hand massager machine is a massage tool used to relax hand muscles, relieve joint stiffness, and accelerate blood circulation. People who have arthritis or whose hand muscles are strained due to work are suitable for hand massagers.


A hand massager machine is a massage tool that combines compression, vibration, and heat to relax hand muscles, relieve joint stiffness, and accelerate blood circulation.

The principle of hand massager is to use percussion or vibration massage to treat pain, relieve muscle tension, and relax muscles. A faster massage speed means that the force transferred to the muscles will be greater, relaxing the muscles more deeply and accelerating blood circulation. Therefore, it is best to choose a slightly faster vibration speed.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like TheraGun, Homedics, Thera Cane, Gaiam, Oster.

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The tightest hand muscles are at the mouth of the tiger, the area under the thumb. You can use your fingers to press in a circle. Usually, the hand being massaged will soon feel weak because the massage requires more force. So the best way is to have a hand massager. The advantage is that it can be maintained at a suitable strength until your hands feel comfortable.

How to massage arthritic hands?

Using a hand massager to massage your hands regularly can help relieve pain and increase blood circulation. It also has a certain relief effect on arthritis.

The frequency of hand massage depends on your condition. If you feel much pain, it can be used every day, no less than 15 minutes each time, and the massage should be more heavenly.

Daily massage can relieve the pain of patients who have arthritis. The most suitable hand massager for patients with arthritis uses pressure and heat to relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness and accelerate blood circulation in the hands to relieve pain.

The common price of a hand massager is between $70 and $150. Those with a lower budget can also choose around $50.