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Have you ever imagined relaxing and sleeping in a hammock during long camping trips? You might even try before but stopped the idea because it’s hard to find a place to hang a hammock.

However, it is no longer an issue with hammock stands ready.

As the name suggests, hammock stands, also known as free-standing hammocks and stand-alone hammocks, are a combo of hammock and stands. Standard hammock stands are generally made from rust-proof powder-coated steel or hardwood, making long-time outdoor use a reality.

LumBuy provides the best hammock stands that have gone through the strictest screening process. With these high-quality buddies, you can contemplate, relax and take a break from the busy world for at least a moment. There is nothing better than cozying up in a hammock stand with your phone, a book, or just nothing but random thoughts in your mind.


Hammock stands come with low and long chair stands resembling a boat frame, woven hammock seat (or hanging pod). Made from hardwood or powder-coated steel, they are often durable and weather-resistant. Good hammock stands can be set up in minutes so you can take a sound afternoon nap or dive into your read. With the aim to enhance the camping or outdoor experience, many hammock stands available are portable and easy to fold.

Here is a concise buying guide to help you select the best hammock stands that fit your needs.

  • Hammock stands material
You need to consider where you plan to place a hammock and what kind of stand will go best with the space. Most hammock stands on the market are made out of metal or wood.

If you prefer a metal hammock stand, steel will be the most common option. Many metal hammock stands are often adjustable and even equipped with wheels to enhance portability and convenience. Compared with wooden hammock stands, they usually have a more linear and bolder look. Besides, always remember to look for hammock stands with a rust-resistant coating if you decide to pick metal ones.

On the other hand, wooden hammock stands are made from moisture-resistant and durable hardwood, like cedar or bamboo. Unlike metal stands, wooden ones offer various looks, depending on the stain or oil and the wood type. While rich-toned and sturdy wood can create a feeling of solid support, a lighter one gives you a relaxed and casual vibe.

  • Hammock stands dimensions
Although the lengths vary from one to one, most hammock stands are about four feet wide. Make sure the stand length is greater than your hammock length. Typically the two-feet difference is optimal. But it will be no issue if you buy a combo of hammock and stand. They often match each other. Some lengths available for hammock stands include 5 feet (typically for chair hammocks), 9.5 feet, 14.5 feet, and 15 feet.

  • Weight capacity
The payload of hammock stands can vary, depending on the specific type. Many hammock stands can usually support a person weighing from 350 to 500 pounds. If you are worried about the upper weight limit, you can also look at double hammock stands, which are designed for larger people and can often support more.

  • Key features
Apart from the basics, you need to take some key features into account as well if you want to enjoy your hammock stand for the long term.

Firstly, the hammock stands should be compatible with your hammocks’ spreader bars, which are long bars placed at each end of the hammock to make the cloth tauter. Remember that hammock stands with spreader bars are more likely to tip. Ones without spreader bars may be better choices if you want to enjoy your nap in the hammock very often.

Secondly, many free-standing hammock stands are adjustable for different lengths, while some can only work with one particular length. So adjustable hammock stands are often more flexible and convenient.

Thirdly, if you dream about enjoying the breeze in your hammock at any place, you can consider hammock stands with wheels, which are highly convenient, especially when the stands are heavy and large. You can also choose collapsible hammock stands made out of lightweight aluminum. They can easily break down into several portable parts for your travel or camping.

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It’s usually simple to set up hammock stands by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If not, you can take the following tips as a reference. Just insert the ends of your hammock into the proper space at the top of both sides. The hammock itself will hook the loops on the stand without using any metal hardware.

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It’s important to know your hammock length as it directly decides how much space you can use. If the hammock is not long enough or becomes too tight, it will make you lie lengthwise and uncomfortable because of the pressure on your back and shoulders.

To measure your hammock length, you need to lay it flat and measure the actual length, which should not include any rope or suspension straps.

It depends on which type of hammock stands you opt for. The price of hammock stands ranges from less than $100 to more than $400.

Ideally, the size of a hammock stand should be two feet longer than the whole length of the hammock. For example, a hammock with 12 feet in length requires a hammock stand measuring 14 feet.