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The gymnastics bar is also called the kip bar, the horizontal gymnastics bar. It usually refers to the gymnastics bar that kids home training equipment. In Olympic gymnastics, accurately, it is called uneven bars, only for women. There is also a high bar, which is only for men.

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Gymnastics bar can develop body coordination, balance, flexibility. It can also build a good body shape and improve sleep conditions.


A Gymnastics bar is a kind of rhythmic gymnastics equipment made of steel frame or wood, suitable for children who are just beginning to practice gymnastics.


Most gymnastics bars are height adjustable. Gymnastics bars generally have 3 to 6 adjustable heights.


The material affects the weight-bearing capacity of the gymnastics bar, so when choosing a gymnastics bar, you should also consider the material of the kip bar. The bars are usually made of wood, fiberglass, and steel.

Gymnastics Mat

In addition, gymnastics mats are also essential. It provides a soft, protective platform for the child.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like ZENOVA, EVERY MILE.

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The bars are fiberglass with a wood coating or, less commonly, wood.

Gymnastic bars are height-adjustable, and most are adjustable from 33.5 inches to 55.5 inches.

The common price for kip bars is between $70 and $600. Among them, the weight-bearing capacity, materials, and other details of kip bars will affect its price.