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1. Are you looking for the best gaming chair?
Gaming chairs are also known as office chairs, computer chairs, ergonomic gaming chairs. Gaming chairs are specially designed for professional gamers and game enthusiasts, people who sit in front of the computer and play games for long hours. The lumbar support mat provides a big comfort.

2. Gaming chairs come in three different types.
The first one is designed for PC gaming. The second one is suitable for X- box, PS4 games. It is similar to a recliner chair, some of which may be very low to the floor. The third one is a swivel gaming chair.

3. There are various gaming chairs on the market. Do you find it hard to choose the best one? Go to LumBuy and find the most suitable gaming chair for yourself.


What is a gaming chair?
The gaming chair is also known as an office chair, computer chair, ergonomic gaming chair. It is an ergonomic chair designed for people who play games for a long time. Gaming chairs come in three different types. The first one is designed for PC gaming. The second one is suitable for X-box, PS 4 games. It is similar to a recliner chair, some of which may be very low to the floor. The third one is a swivel gaming chair.

How to buy the most suitable kids or adult gaming chair ?

Compared with ordinary chairs, the game chair provides a more comfortable experience. The adjustment back of the chair is convenient, so you can lie down and rest when you get tired. First, choose a chair type from the three types above according to your playing environment. Then focus on follower key points.

  • Chair legs
  • Most of the legs of the game chair are made of steel, which has good durability and higher bearing capacity.

  • Inside material
  • It is best to choose a game chair with an inner sponge filling. The sponge has high density and good resilience, making your gaming time more comfortable.

  • Chair back
  • Gaming chairs generally have a high back desk, conforming to the ergonomic curve, and can share the weight of the body. It is best to choose PU material, which is comfortable, breathable, and durable. But even the best PU fabric is not as good as mesh and fabric material in terms of air permeability. The most important thing to choose a gaming chair is comfort, and secondly, you can choose different styles of chairs according to the decoration style and the size of your home.

  • Color
  • Whether you are a girl or a boy, pink, purple, green, gold, grey, you can pick any color that you like!

    What are the best brands?

    Here are some famous and popular brands: Razer, Secretlab, Respawn, X rocker, Dxracer.

    Do not do these.
  • The gaming chair has a cylinder, so you should buy a brand-guaranteed one.
  • Do not jump sitting on the chair; adjust to the most suitable height and keep it.
  • Do not sit on the armrest of the chair, which has a limited load-bearing capacity.
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    Are gaming chairs really necessary?

    For professional e-sports players and game enthusiasts who play computer and X-box games for a long time, the gaming chair is indeed necessary. Just as you need a good bed to sleep in, a comfortable gaming chair is essential for a good gaming experience.

    The air permeability of the gaming chair is better than that of the ordinary one. The back design has good wrapping, which can reduce the pressure on the waist, ease back pain, and is not easy to deform. The headrest protects your cervical spine. The office chair with a footrest is convenient when you lie down, just like a bed supports your feet.

    How much is a gaming chair?

    The price of gaming chairs, including gaming massage chairs, ranges from 100$ to 400$. Most of them are under 200$. The kid's gaming chair is a bit cheaper than the adult gaming chair.

    How to clean gaming chairs?
  • Mesh
  • Dust on the mesh of the chair can be cleaned up with a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner. If there is a stain, you can wipe it with a damp towel.

  • Leather
  • The leather fabric can be wiped with a wet towel and then with a dry towel. You can also buy steam engines and cleaners for leather cleaning. After cleaning, apply a layer of protective liquid on the chair to prevent dirt from corroding the leather surface.

  • Wood
  • Do not use a wet towel to wipe the surface of the wood. A dry one is better.