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Are you looking for the best and most long-lasting gabion baskets?
Gabion baskets are also called gabion retaining walls. They are made of galvanized wire, filled with stones inside, and then placed on slopes as semi-flexible building blocks. It features easy installation and is durable. Feel a little bit confused about choosing a gabion basket? LumBuy filter best gabion baskets for you.

As a new approach to retaining walls, gabion-filled gabions are a new trend. They are cheaper and easier to install than traditional sleepers. You don’t need gardening experience to build one. Simple wire mesh panels and helical wrapping make building retaining walls very easy.


The word gabion comes from the Italian gabbione, which means "big cage". It is commonly a cylinder or box filled with rock, concrete, but also sand and soil and is used in civil engineering, road construction, military applications and landscaping.

Whether it's a freestanding wall or architectural use like cladding, 4mm provides the straightest face. 4mm gabion baskets are also suitable for walls over 3 meters in height. If you are inexperienced with the size selection of gabion baskets, you can consider 3mm and 4mm gabion baskets.

Each gabion basket is made up of six panels, top, bottom, front, and back into n panels plus 12 helices. It is quite simple to assemble a gabion basket. You only need to helical them like a corkscrew just lines through.

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When filling the gabion basket, pay attention to the type of filling stone. First, the rock needs to be unaffected by cold weather types like granite and flint. Otherwise, it will weather rapidly. Weathered rock can destabilize structures.

The diameter of the rock should be between 10cm and 20cm. Small rocks may slip out of the basket, and too large may be difficult to align with other rocks.

Finally, it is worth noting that when placing rocks, try to minimize the space between them. The smaller the space, the more stable it is.

Can you fill a gabion with soil?

A gabion basket is just a large mesh cage filled with filler, including sand and soil, rock or concrete.

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Stable base

10-20mm of compacted hardcore beneath the gabion baskets. Although there isn't a requirement for a gabion retaining wall to have foundations, it's obviously important that they're installed on a level, stable surface.


Supports can be used as additional fixation. Purchase special supports along with your gabion basket. It will help keep the sides of the basket from bulging outwards, allowing the wall to retain its shape and strength for long periods.

Increase wall depth

You can also increase the stability of the gabion basket by increasing the depth. Two stacked walls provide a more secure structure than just one basket thick.


The function of the gabion retaining wall provides a barrier to retard erosion caused by excessive water seepage on steep or gentle slopes. Gabion baskets do have advantages but also disadvantages as well.

The building materials of the gabion retaining walls are easily transported and can be constructed at a fast speed. Thanks to the flexibility of their wire mesh construction, they can withstand repeated wave impacts without disintegrating. The galvanized wire used in the grid resists corrosion and rust and lasts for decades.


Once the rock inside the gabion basket is displaced or worn, the entire wall must be dismantled to repair the damaged area, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Although gabion baskets offer a good economical choice for most applications, they need heavy lifting equipment to set heavy wall sections in place.

Gabions are designed for long-lasting construction, and their expected lifespan can range from 10 to 75 years, depending on the environment in which they are installed.

Unlike traditional concrete walls, gabion retaining walls are permeable and release hydrostatic pressure, so there is no need to install drainage systems.

Generally, the hot-dip galvanized gabion baskets can not easily corrode within 2 years. It is generally used in slope protection projects. A layer of soil is formed on the edge of the gabion baskets, and then some plant communities will grow around it. After one year, it will experience rain and soil erosion. The gabion baskets will be tightly fixed. Even if the gabion basket is rusted, it will not affect the project.