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When it comes to indoor games, perhaps nothing beats foosball table games. Foosball soccer table game is such a fun game that it can be the perfect distraction for you. If you like competition, foosball table games will help you enjoy it at home. While playing foosball table games, you will make precious memories with your family.

A foosball table can go a long way toward building partnerships among employees if you have a business. The game makes your employees communicate, appreciate each other, and get to know each other better. When you play foosball, your shoulders, knees, wrists, and feet are always in motion for blood circulation and hand-eye coordination. Table football also serves as a rehab sport for arthritis patients.

If you want to have fun, you’ll always find foosball fun. All LumBuy foosball tables have been carefully selected for excellent value. Bring the best foosball home and enjoy! Take a look at the foosball table reviews.


A foosball table, also called a soccer table, outdoor foosball table, or professional foosball table has eight foosball rods. Most tables are wooden foosball tables. There are three types: tabletop, stand-alone soccer foosball table, and foosball multi-game table. You make the foosball players kick the ball into the opposing team's goal by pushing, pulling, and spinning the rods. Much like football, you need to kick the ball into your opponent's goal. Only two players, or two players on each side, can play the game. Nine balls are used in a tournaments foosball table, with the first team to score five goals winning. Nowadays, foosball coffee tables are also available with the development of times.

Foosball table prices range from $20 for a mini foosball table to $4,000 for a cabinet foosball table. However, most soccer tables cost between $100 and $1200, whereas tournament foosball tables cost around $2000.

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When assembling your soccer table, you should pay attention to some important tips.

- Before turning it over, please pick up the soccer table. Thus you will not break its legs.

- While the best foosball set includes tools, you can also use your own.

- Please make sure that all parts are in good condition.

  • Foosball Table Setup Step 1
Lay out all the pieces of an outdoor foosball table.

If your foosball desk's manual is hard to read, turn to YouTube for help.

  • Foosball Table Setup Step 2
Assemble the largest part first so that you can stand your desk upright.

When installing the legs, place the soccer table face down.

Flip the soccer table by following the three steps.

- Install leg braces or leg endplates

- Place your soccer table on its side to ensure the floor is parallel to the legs.

- Lift your soccer table off the floor, flip it in the air and place it gently on the floor.

  • Foosball Table Setup Step 3
Connect the rods to your soccer table

Attach the players to the rod, slide them into the marked groove, and tighten the stop ring.

- How to assemble a player on a rod?

When securing the rods, separate the side plates and set up the rods on a separate surface.

Secure rods to one side of the soccer table and turn to the other side.

Slide rods into the appropriate hole and secure the plug in the right position.

  • Foosball Table Setup Step 4
It would be best if you assembled the plastic frame separately. If necessary, cup holders and other foosball table parts and accessories can also be installed. Please refer to the manual for installation.

  • Foosball Table Setup Step 5
Please decide on your favorite configuration right from the start.

Place other foosball table parts and accessories, bags, tools, and other items in the box.

Make sure you set up all parts correctly.

In short, every soccer table is different, and assembling them is also different. But most soccer tables are about the same.

  • Regulation foosball table
Foosball table dimensions: 56″ L x 30″ W x 36″ H(tournament foosball table)

Weight: 195 lbs – 235 lbs

  • 60″ table
Foosball table dimensions: 60″ L x 42″ W x 37″ H

Weight: 200 lbs – 210 lbs

  • 56″ table
Foosball table dimensions: 56″ L x 30″ W x 34.5″ H

Weight: 60 lbs – 75 lbs

  • 48″ table
Foosball table dimensions: 48″ L x 24″ W x 32″ H

Weight: 40 lbs – 50 lbs

  • Tabletop
Foosball table dimensions: 27″ x 14″ x 3″

Weight: 10 lbs

Generally speaking, the full-size foosball table dimension is about 5 feet or so long and 2 1/2 feet wide. A standard foosball table's dimension is 29-30 inches wide, 34-36 inches high, 54-56 inches long.

If you want to buy the best outdoor foosball table, you need to consider a number of important things.

  • Your skills
Your skills and preferences determine which one to buy.

- Beginners:

The desktop model is the best choice because it is cheap.

- Intermediate player:

Intermediate stage is a good choice for intermediate level. The best will be up to $500.

- Pro:

High-end soccer tables are the best for you. They are expensive but of high quality.

  • Foosball table size
- Full-size soccer foosball table: 7 feet by 8 feet of play space.

- Smaller desktop: Requires less space.

  • Table material
- Particleboard: Less expensive, but less durable;

- Solid wood or composite material: higher price, first-class quality, strong durability.

  • French table leg
Legs support the outdoor foosball table and ensure stability. Please buy a soccer table with thick legs.

  • Adjustable height
A soccer foosball table's height is 36 inches or so, which is not suitable for children. Leg-adjustable foosball game tables are for all ages.

  • The rod
Please choose hollow steel rods. They will increase your speed and reduce your stress.

  • Goalkeeper configuration
Some are solo goalkeepers, some are three-man goalkeepers. Some of their goalkeeping configurations can be changed from three to one.

  • The quality of French football
Look for balls you can grasp easily. Avoid plastic, shiny balls.

These are important things to consider. You can choose a perfect soccer foosball table according to your preferences.

  • Regulation foosball table
Dimensions: 56″ L x 30″ W x 36″ H(official tournament rules)

Room size: Minimum 9′ x 6′

  • 60″ soccer table
Dimensions: 60″ L x 42″ W x 37″ H

Room size: 9′ x 6′

  • 56″ soccer table
Dimensions: 56″ L x 30″ W x 34.5″ H

Room size: 9′ x 6′

  • 48″ soccer table
Dimensions: 48″ L x 24″ W x 32″ H

Room size: 8′ x 6′

  • Tabletop
Dimensions: 27″ x 14″ x 3″

Room size: not relevant

  • Why do you need to clean foosball rods?
Foosball rods, if not cleaned, can affect your gaming experience and performance. No one wants to play with a rusty rod. If maintained, an outdoor foosball table can last twenty years or more.

  • Cleaning tips
Often wipe the rods and men with a clean cloth.

For handles, ball and men, you can use alcohol to clean them.

Most importantly, you need to lubricate the rods with silicone.

  • Why silicone?
Foosball rods need to be well lubricated. The best way is to use silicone on the rods. It works for the performance and speed when playing and prolongs the bearings' life.

  • Spray silicone and liquid silicone?
We recommend the liquid version, not the spray version.

You can't actually spray silicone onto the bearings. However, you can use liquid silicone and manually drip it onto the bearing yourself.

Don't use WD-40 sprays! It dries out the bumpers and bearings.

  • How to use liquid silicone?
If you play a lot, do weekly maintenance.

If you play it a few times a week, you can lubricate it monthly.

If they rotate more slowly and are harder to slide in and out, your rod needs lubrication.


- Get clean clothes.

- Put silicone on a cloth.

- Apply it to each rod.

- Do not drip silicone onto the soccer table surface or handle.

- Once you have applied it to the rod, you should transfer it to the bearing.

- Take out your silicone and put a drop or two on each bearing.

- Turn the rod slowly to ensure that the silicone is fully into the bearing.