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Are you looking for the best floor chair?
Floor chairs are also called Japanese floor chairs. Most of these chairs are foldable, which is convenient. There are several types of floor chairs, rocking chairs, floor gaming chairs, and floor lounge chairs.

There are various floor chairs on the market. Do you find it hard to choose the best one? LumBuy provides quality and popular floor chairs for you.

The different types of floor chairs: rocking chairs, floor gaming chairs, and floor lounge chairs are suitable for different scenes. Whether it’s entertainment or rest, there is always one that suits you. Just like floor rocking chairs are more suitable for children, floor chairs are more suitable for adults.


A floor chair is a kind of lounge floor chair that provides ultimate comfort. It allows you to stretch the body in a relaxed position. The floor chair has comfortable back support but without the armrest and chair legs. It is also called a Japanese floor chair.

The materials and styles of the floor chairs of the same type are almost the same. If you want to choose a floor chair that suits you best, the most important thing is choosing it according to the usage scenario. A floor rocking chair is suited for children. The floor lounge chair is suitable for adults.

The popular brands are Malu, Delta Children, Amazon Basics, X Rocker, ECR4Kids, Chic Home.

LumBuy cooperates with well-known brands, quality and professionalism are well guaranteed. There are often discounts on LumBuy. Get the floor chair at a lower price, twenty-four hours pre-sale, and after-sales service. You can choose a floor chair that suits you on LumBuy.

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  • Found an old chair and disassemble it. Refit the chair to the size and style you want. Finally, fill it with cotton or old clothes and cover the chair. You can refer to this video:

    No matter what kind of chair, the most important thing is sitting posture. Otherwise, no matter how good or comfortable the chair is, it will not help you much.

    How to maintain the correct sitting posture?

    First, straighten your head, keep your ears and shoulders on a vertical line with your back straight, let the weight fall on your hips, and tighten your abdomen. The knees and toes are best facing straight ahead. Lean your back on the back of the chair while keeping the above posture unchanged.