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Fire pits are a perfect way to keep warm in the cold winter months. Besides providing heat and light, they can also give you a great barbecue. Adding a fire pit grill will make your backyard the ideal gathering place.

Grilling over a fire pit can be challenging because it’s difficult to control the flame compared to a gas grill. But for many cooks, the joy of cooking over an open fire cannot be put into words. Whether you’re grilling poultry, fish, meat or seafood, a barbecue tastes better over a wood fire. Plus, as you and your friends and family gather around the fire pit, the bond between you grows.

LumBuy fire pit grill brings warmth and fun to your backyard! From a 48-inch fire pit grate to a 30-inch round grill grate, you’ll find the right fire pit for your gathering. So if you’re considering a fire pit as a grill, LumBuy has the solution for you.


A fire pit grill, also known as a fire pit grate, a fire pit cooking grate, or a fire pit barbeque grill, can be used to grill food over a fire pit. Usually, there are two types: BBQ fire pit tables and fire pit tripod grills. Generally, simple models have grills directly on the fire ring, while complex models have cooking surfaces and fire pit cooking accessories. Using a fire pit grill has challenges. Compared to electric or gas grills, you have difficulty controlling their fire.

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If you're planning to use your fire pit as a grill, you've come to the right place.

  • Check your fire pit
Any fire pit can be used for a backyard barbecue if it has fire pit grilling accessories.

Some fire pits also have cooking surfaces. If it lacks a cooking surface, there are many products to upgrade it. Many vendors also sell accessories. Some can be mounted on a traditional campfire or used as a stand-alone grill.

I don't recommend doing it on top of a gas fire pit grill because food grease falling onto the flame can damage your gas burner system.

  • Grilling gloves
When dealing with fire, a pair of heat-resistant gloves is essential.

I recommend that you use high-density fabric gloves that can withstand intense heat.

  • Use the right fuel
If the wrong fuel is used, such as damp leaves and twigs, sap-rich cork and chemical accelerants, etc., this can lead to excessive smoke.

Dry hardwoods are best, such as oak and hickory. Do not use softwoods such as fir, pine, spruce and cedar.

  • Start the fire early
Don't start a fire too late. You will need to remove old ashes and stack new wood before starting a fire.

  • Cooking food over hot coals
We recommend that you wait until the fire has calmed down before you start grilling. Otherwise, the roaring flames may scorch the food.

Before buying a fire pit grate, you can consider the following factors to get the best one.

  • Shape & Size
What shape and size do you need? A larger fire pit grill is more appropriate if you regularly entertain many people. The size will also affect the size of the cooking area.

In addition, there are two general shapes: a square fire pit grate and a round fire pit grate.

  • Safety
Always check if the fire pit grate has safety features. Likewise, consider whether the material or fire pit grate is prone to deformation. Some fire pit grates include a fire cover.

  • Materials
Stainless steel fire pit grills are durable and heat resistant. Cast iron fire pit grills have better heat retention compared to steel.

  • Bowl Depth
A bowl that is not deep enough may cause the food to burn. However, a bowl that is too deep may affect the taste of the food. 6 to 10 inches or so is a good choice. Adjustable fire pit grills are also available to control the distance between the food and the flame.

  • Portability
If you are on the go a lot, a smaller fire pit grill is best.

Smaller fire pit grates are also good if you grill a lot in your backyard.

  • Fuel
Do you want to use wood and coal as fuel? Usually, coal burns longer and slower.

Also, do not use accelerants and gasoline as it is dangerous.

  • Accessories
Accessories can improve the experience. Fire pit grills with accessories work better, such as tongs, grills, heat-resistant pans, etc. If you are on the go a lot, a fire pit grate with a travel bag is best.

  • Price
You first need to consider the features of what you want and set a budget to make a wise decision. Some expensive models may not have the features you need. Also, more affordable models are not always made of cheap materials.

A fire pit can work as a grill. Any food can be grilled on the fire pit.

However, fire pit fuel sources are firewood and anthracite coals. Proper fuel is essential. Do not use leaves, branches, cork, lighter fluid, etc., which will cause smoke. Your food will become unpalatable. It is recommended to choose hardwood.

Also, do not use a gas fire pit grill. Oil and food residue falling into the flame can cause burner damage.

A Weber grill fire pit can be transformed into a fire pit with a few tools. Please follow the following steps.

  • Step 1
Remove and set aside its dome, charcoal grate, and cooking grate.

  • Step 2
Remove the bolts holding the three legs in place.

Pull each leg out of the tube.

  • Step 3
Remove the two screws securing the handle.

  • Step 4
Measure the depth and diameter of the fire pit grate.

  • Step 5
Dig a hole that is one inch wider and one inch deeper than the grill.

  • Step 6
Close the side vents and place the grill into the hole.

  • Step 7
Place gravel around the outside of the grill to fill in the gaps and for decorative purposes.

  • Step 8
While the fire is built, place the grill in the Weber oven. When the grill is finished, cover the fire pit with a dome.

Flammable materials include sheds, houses, trees, overhanging branches, vehicles, etc. You should keep fire pits 10-25 feet away from flammable materials. In most cases, a distance of 21 feet is appropriate.

If you don't clean your fire pit properly, it will rust or accumulate ashes. Regular cleaning will make it last longer! Different materials require different care, and we'll show you the best way to do it.

  • What to use?
- Cloth/old towels/rags

- A bucket of water

- Gloves

- Detergent

- White vinegar

- A hose

- Steel wool

- A spatula

- A heat-resistant trash can

  • When to clean it?
Never clean it immediately after the grill is done because it is very hot. You can start cleaning it a few days later as it has cooled completely.

  • How to clean a Corten steel and regular steel fire pit grill?
Remove the ashes.

Wipe it with soapy water and a cloth.

Rinse it.

Wipe it dry.

Gradually, it will rust to protect the inner layer of steel.

  • How to clean a stone fire pit grill?
Remove the ashes.

Mix GREEN ENVY dulcimer solution with water in a ratio of 1 to 9.

Brush it.

Rinse it.

Dry it.

  • How do I clean my gas fire pit grill?
Keep the burners clean.

Check the gas lines regularly.

  • How do I clean a copper fire pit grill?
Remove the ashes.

Spray it with a hose.

Wash it with a cloth and hot soapy water.

Dry it with a dry cloth.

  • How do I clean a cast iron fire pit grill?
Remove the ashes.

Wipe it with a wire ball.

Use distilled white vinegar and a cloth to remove dust or rust.

Dry it.

Re-paint and seal it.