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Nowadays, computers and mobile phones are indispensable in our daily lives. As we stare at screens for long periods, many eye problems arise, such as wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, discoloration, and so on. This is where eye massagers come into play.

Eye massagers are helpful for dry eyes, migraines, headaches and can reduce dark circles. They massage acupressure points (such as the temples) to relieve headaches and eliminate wrinkles. At the same time, they also improve blood circulation around the eyes, thus improving your vision and preventing eye strain.

Eyes are the windows to one’s soul. They are so important that we need to take good care of them while studying and working. LumBuy eye massages beat these problems. Why not take a look?


What are eye massagers?
Eye massagers, also called smart eye massagers, eye massager masks, heated eye massagers, and eye massage machines, are helpful for dry eyes, migraines, headaches, reducing dark circles.

Eye massagers massage acupressure points (such as the temples) to relieve headaches and eliminate wrinkles. At the same time, they also improve blood circulation around the eyes, thus improving your vision and preventing eye strain.

How often do you use eye massagers?
You should use an eye massager for fifteen minutes a day.

For best results, you can use it before bedtime.

Of course, you can also use eye massagers at any time.

Do not share your eye massagers with others, leading to eye infections.

Why choose LumBuy?
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What are the best eye massager brands?
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How to use eye massagers?
Who can use an eye massager?

People who use computers and mobile phones excessively should use them.

- Computer operators

- Teachers

- Precision machine workers

- Accountants

- Students with myopia

- People with dark circles, crow's feet and bags under the eyes

- People with the following symptoms

1. Headaches

2. Eye pain

3. Neurasthenia

4. Facial trigeminal neuralgia

5. Insomnia

How to get better results?

It is recommended to read the instructions carefully. The instructions will provide all the information.

To use it, lie on the bed or sit down.

How often should you use the eye massager?

Eye massage is performed daily.

How long does it take to have an effect?

The results can be seen after use.

The effect also depends on how often you use it.

When should I use the eye massager?

Use before bedtime

After watching TV

After using the computer or mobile phone

After reading

At lunchtime

How to choose the best eye massager?
Before buying an eye massager, there are some things to look for.

  • Weight
The eye massager should be light and comfortable.

  • Massage settings
Buy an eye massager that allows you to adjust the pressure and heat.

Manual massagers let you control the pressure manually.

Eye massagers also offer different massages, such as air pressure, vibration, infrared therapy, or shiatsu.

Some come with music, which helps to relax.

  • Comfort
Eye massagers must be made of high-quality materials that are not irritating to the skin.

  • Power
Some are rechargeable. Others use batteries.

Before buying an eye massager, consider the cost of batteries or buy one that can be recharged by USB.

  • Cost
The price of an eye massager depends on the quality of the product. Consider the price before you buy.

Can eye massagers improve vision?
If your eyesight is temporarily impaired due to "digital eye strain", then yes. An excellent electric eye massager will do the trick.

If your vision is impaired due to nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, an eye massager will not work.


Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism involve different eye structures, which are responsible for your impaired vision. An eye massager will do nothing to repair the structures of the eye.

In addition, there is no therapeutic effect in eye massagers for people suffering from glaucoma, cataracts, or age-related macular degeneration.

How do eye massagers work?
There are many types of eye massagers, and they generally include these functions.

  • Vibration
  • Air pressure
  • Infrared induced heat compression
  • Percussive movements
  • Music
The cushions are usually very soft and massage the eyes, eye sockets, temples, and other acupuncture points.

They also relax your eyes by heating and compressing them.

Its design blocks out light.

Most of them come with remote control. The remote control allows you to adjust the intensity.

They are usually battery-powered. Some use a USB cable.

Are eye massagers useful?
As a result of prolonged computer use, eye strain can manifest itself as follows: dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches, to name a few. Sometimes, it can also cause vision loss.

Eye massagers do help to relieve eye strain. However, they are almost useless if you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. This is because eye massagers cannot repair the structure of your eyeball or cornea.