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Are you looking for the best egg chair?
The egg chair is also called a swing chair. There are several types of egg chairs: hanging egg chairs, egg stools; outdoor egg chairs; ovalia egg chairs.

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The swing chair has been a more popular design recently. Its unique shape gives it a comfortable and fashionable feeling. The chair is connected to the frame by a chain and can swing back and forth like a swing.


The gaming desk is also called a computer desk, computer table, PC desk. The gaming desk is an ergonomic table especially designed for computer game lovers. This table can make you feel more comfortable during the game process.

There are several types of egg chairs: hanging egg chairs, egg stools; outdoor egg chairs; ovalia egg chairs.

Egg stools

These types of egg chairs use a smaller egg shape as the upper part of the chair and then install it on the chair legs to form an egg stool. It can be rotated and can be adjusted in height.

Outdoor hang chairs

The comfortable and stylish outdoor egg chair is suitable for outdoor decoration. This kind of hanging chair has a base for hanging the chair, which can place the chair wherever you want without hanging it from the ceiling.

Hanging egg chair

One end of the hanging egg chair is connected to a chain, and the other end needs to be installed on the ceiling.

Ovalia egg chair

The shape of this ovalia egg chair is similar to the hanging egg chair, but it has a round base that cannot be moved or rotated.

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The egg chair is an interesting and comfortable seating choice suitable for various spaces. Compared with ordinary chairs, egg chairs can provide more all-round support and can swing. Let you relax more.

Generally, the carrying weight of a hanging egg chair is between 250-300 pounds.

Mix distilled white vinegar with warm water in a ratio of one to four. After vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner, spray the solution on the mat and let it sit for 15 minutes. Use a soft brush to clean the stains.

Egg chairs can be hung on the ceiling, but you need to calculate the position of the suspension. The beam is best because the beam is strong enough.

How do you hang a ceiling chair?

Step 1. First, you need to find a strong beam to ensure that it can support the weight of the chair and the person sitting on it. Choose a location with space around it to prevent the chair from hitting a wall or railing when it is rocking.

Step 2. Punch a hole on the beam where the chair will be installed. The diameter of the hole is smaller than the diameter of the screw.

Step 3. Install the screw in the pilot hole and twist until all threads are no longer visible on the screw.

Step 4. Attach the S-shaped lock to the eyebolt of the chair lift.

The price of egg chairs is a bit higher than ordinary chairs. Most are between 500-1500 US dollars. The cheaper ones are between 100-200 US dollars.