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Are you looking for the best dog ramp?
The dog ramp is also known as dog stairs, dog steps, and pet ramp. There are two basic types of dog ramps: steps or stairs, and the other is ramps, including telescoping dog ramps.

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Ramps or steps are used to help disabled or elderly pets successfully get on the bed or sofa at home. It is also helpful to use the ramp to get on and off the vehicle when going out.


What is a dog ramp?
Dog ramps or dog stairs are an aid that helps pets who are disabled or too young or too old get to bed or sofa.

What are the top brands?
There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Zinus, PetSafe, Amazon Basics, TRIXIE, ALL FOR PAWS, Pet Gear.

Where to buy a chicken coop?
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Are stairs or a ramp better for dogs?
Dog stairs take up less space than dog ramps, but they are still inconvenient for older dogs. So if you are looking for the one that doesn't take up space and your dog is young, choose dog stairs. If your dog is old, maybe a dog ramp is a better choice.

How to build a dog ramp?
How to make a dog ramp for a car/bed?

Plywood is a good choice for dog ramps because of its lightweight. If your dog is small, thin plywood is enough. Larger dogs need thicker plywood.

As for the length of the plywood, you can extend it as much as possible because the longer the ramp, the smaller the slope, and the less effort the dog walks on.

Prepare Material

Plywood, Pen, Saw, Sandpaper, Lacquer, Crossbars, Drill, Screws, Carpet Step by Step

Use a tape measure to measure the size you need, mark with a pen, and cut along the marks.

Sand the plywood until its surface is smooth. Paint after finishing sanding and painting can extend the life of the dog ramp.

Adding crossbars (about three to four crossbars) to the dog ramp can help the dog walk up and down more easily. If you don't add a crossbar, be sure to do a good job of anti-skid.

Use a drill to screw the crossbar into the dog ramp. Make sure the screws are tight and not protruding.

The final step is to carpet the dog ramp. Choose a thick material that is non-slip and fastens to the plywood.

There is one more step for the bed, which is the base and support rods. The base needs a flat plank about the size of the ramp. Attach the base to the ramp with screws. An additional support rod is required, which is attached to the base and ramp with screws.

What angle should a dog ramp be?
The angle of the dog ramp should not exceed 25 degrees for both large and small dogs. If your bed or sofa is tall, you can reduce the angle by extending the ramp or setting an angle-adjustable dog ramp.

How to train a dog to use a ramp?
You can put treats on the dog ramp to lure it up and reward him with treats after walking over the ramp. Repeat several times, and then it learns.

What to put on the dog ramp to keep from slipping?
To prevent slipping, you can add the carpet to the dog ramp or add some crossbars.