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For most people, dirt bike riding is an extreme sport. Although you will get dirty after riding on rough off-road terrain, dirt bike games are a great way to stay healthy.

Riding dirt bikes for long periods increases your heart rate, and your leg and arm muscles get a workout. Like any other exercise, dirt bike riding releases endorphins that keep you away from the stresses in everyday life.

Life can get boring sometimes. A mini dirt bike can bring great joy to life. Motocross gives you a sense of freedom that no other sport can provide. LumBuy provides the best dirt bike brands for you. Please buy with confidence!


A dirt bike, also known as a dirtbike, off-road motorcycle, motocross bike, is a light motorcycle for dirt bike racing. Motocross bikes can handle rough terrains, such as mud, dirt, and rocks. Most have rugged dirt bike tires and suspension. You can put on your dirt bike gear and find various places to ride near you.

Their speed also varies. Usually, a 125cc, 50cc, or 250cc dirt bike is popular. There are also various types available, such as electric dirt bikes and gas dirt bikes.

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In most communities, riding around on dirtbikes is illegal, and you can be ticketed. Most states do not allow dirtbikes to be ridden because dirtbikes are not street legal. However, if you modify your dirtbike, get a registration, license, and title, you may be able to ride it on the street.

Off-road vehicles generally do not have headlights, taillights, and other street-legal dirt bike parts. You can't ride them on the road or in most neighborhoods. They are very noisy and disruptive to people's lives.

If you want to ride it on the street, you can make modifications and check local regulations and laws so you will know how to make your off-road motorcycle street legal.

Typically, a 125cc offroad motorcycle costs more than $3,000. 250cc offroad motorcycles are more expensive, costing between $8,000 and $10,000.

If you are a newbie, you don't need to buy a Yamaha or KTM. The average price of popular brands like KTM and Yamaha is $8,000 to $9,000. You can also buy used dirt bikes for around $2,000.

Here are the prices of the famous brands.

KTM 250SX-F: $9,000

KTM 250 XC: about $9,000

Husqvarna TE150: $8,500

Yamaha YZ250F: $8,299

Beta 125 RR: $7,999

Honda CRF250R: $7,999

Kawasaki KX250: $7,800

Kawasaki KX450: $9,300

Both SSR and Benelli off road motorcycles are made in China. Quality control is ensured throughout the entire process, from the factory to delivery to dealers.

The requirements for street legal motocross bikes vary from state to state. In the United States, it varies from state to state. In general, a street legal dirt bike has the following things.

- Headlamp with high and low beam

- A taillight

- A taillight including a brake light

- Front and rear indicators or turn signals

- A license plate with lights

- Rearview mirrors

- Street-legal tires

- Horn or siren

The success depends on the type of the off road motorcycle and the budget. Buy a dual-sport version, and you won't have to spend money modifying it.

To choose the right off road motorcycle, you need to consider these factors: height, age, weight, power plant, and your level. This will reduce the likelihood of injury and ensure that you can easily control the off road motorcycle.

  • 10-12 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 143

Seat Height (inches):26-31

Engine:110CC /125CC dirt bike

  • 8-9 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 133

Seat Height (inches):24-26

Engine:110CC dirt bike

  • 9-10 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 140

Seat Height (inches):24-26

Engine:110CC dirt bike

  • 3-6 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 90-110

Seat Height (inches):23-24

Engine: 50CC dirt bike

  • 5-8 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 120

Seat Height (inches):23-25

Engine: 50CC dirt bike

The average speed of an off-road vehicle is 50 to 60 miles per hour, and the average maximum speed is about 100 miles per hour. These depend on the type of engine, terrain conditions, etc.

  • 125cc dirt bike
A 125cc motocross bike has a top speed of 55 to 60 miles per hour.

  • 250cc dirt bike
The maximum speed of a 250cc motocross bike is from 55 to 70 mph (90-113 km/h).

  • 50cc dirt bike
A 50cc motocross bike is capable of speeds between 20-40 mph.

  • 450cc dirt bike
Generally speaking, the maximum speed of 450cc motocross bikes is about 90mph.

  • 110cc dirt bike
The top speeds for 110cc motocross bikes are from 35 mph to 45 mph. The more expensive models approach 60 mph.

  • 70cc dirt bike
The speed of 70cc motocross bikes ranges from 23 mph to 35 mph.

Generally speaking, you don't need a driver's license on private land, but you usually need a license when you are on public roads. An off road motorcycle needs to have specific features and a license before using it on the public road.

The average wet weight of an off road motorcycle is 215 lbs (98 kg), which includes the bike's weight with fuel. The dry weight is the weight without fuel. How much fuel is in the tank determines the total weight.

Usually, people use a pickup truck because it is simple and easy to use. You can also attach it to a trailer or motorcycle van.

Pit bikes are small motorcycles for pit racing and are suitable for kids, while dirt bikes are suitable for riding on streets and uneven roads. Pit bikes and off road motorcycles are similar in many ways. Their differences include engine, frame, tires, price, and suspension.

  • Engine
- Pit bikes

4 stroke engine:


Swift acceleration

High speed

- Dirt bike

2 stroke dirt bike:

Quickly accelerate

4 stroke dirt bike:

Do not accelerate quickly

More powerful

Use less fuel

  • Short Frame
- Pit bike

Smaller frame

Shorter frames

Big handlebars

- Dirt bike

Bigger frame

Proportional handlebars

  • Tires
- Dirt bike

Rubber on the tire surface

A better grip and balance

Move in dirt, mud, sand, rough terrain

- Pit bike

Have no rubber on tire surfaces

  • Suspension
- Dirt bike

A better suspension

- Pit bike

The suspension system is not as good as that of an off road motorcycle.

  • Price
- Dirt bike


Difficult to fix

- Pit bike


Easy to fix

Spare parts are easily available.

  • Budget
New or used bike? You can buy a used bike.

Before you buy it, think about how often the trail bike is used. If you don't ride it often, you probably don't need to buy a too expensive one.

  • Terrain
Do you want to ride on the public road or off-road?

You'd better get a street-legal off road motorcycle if you ride on the road. You can use it for weekly commuting.

  • Size
The factors to consider are your height, weight, etc.

  • 10-12 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 143

Seat Height (inches):26-31

Engine:110CC /125CC

  • 8-9 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 133

Seat Height (inches):24-26


  • 9-10 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 140

Seat Height (inches):24-26


  • 3-6 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 90-110

Seat Height (inches):23-24

Engine: 50CC

  • 5-8 years old kids
Person Height (cm): 120

Seat Height (inches):23-25

Engine: 50CC

  • Mechanical knowledge
A new bike is recommended if you don't know much about mechanics.

If you know how, try buying a used one, and you might save a fortune.

  • Two-stroke or four-stroke?
- 4 stroke dirt bike

Easier to ride


Requires more maintenance

It costs more to rebuild

- 2 stroke dirt bike

Faster powerband


More agile

Cheaper to buy and rebuild

Louder noise

More polluting

Requires more skills