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Long for six-pack abs and bigger arms? If you’re not much of a weightlifter, then a dip bar is the best option for you.

Regular home dip bar exercises allow you to work several muscles simultaneously, including your shoulders, chest, and triceps. Dips also make your joints stronger – wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Unlike push-ups, dip exercises help you lift your entire body’s weight. In addition, push-ups do not work as well as dip exercises on muscle stability, flexibility, or wrist strength.

No matter your fitness goals, don’t leave out dip bar workouts. If you’ve never tried a dip bar before, you can start parallel bar dips with parallel bars. Buy the best dip station for calisthenics and home gym!


A dip bar, also known as a dip station, pull up dip station, pull up, and dip bar, is a piece of fitness equipment consisting of a U-shaped bar, usually about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. It is designed for dip bar exercises. It can also be used to do push-ups and knee raises.

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  • Steps to follow
1. place your body between two parallel dip bars.

2. Put your hands on the two dip bars to support your weight with your hands.

3. Retract your shoulder blades. Move your shoulders back and down.

4. Lift your body. Once in the air, bend your legs at the knees for enough room to dip down.

5. Bring your body down with your elbows bent. Keep your chest up.

6. When your elbows are bent to 90 degrees, push back to the top position. Contract your triceps and chest. Keep the shoulders locked.

7. Make sure to lock in your elbows so that your triceps and pecs are fully contracted.

8. Repeat 5-7 times for the desired number of reps.

For free-standing dip bars, the width should be 18 – 24 inches. The muscle groups to train and the body shape/size will have the final say.

  • To train the triceps: 18 inches or so.
  • To train the chest: 24 inches or so.
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Just as your shoulder width will determine how wide the dip grip should be, height will determine the answer. The height is generally between 3 and 6 feet, as long as you can stretch yourself throughout the entire range of motion.

Keep in mind that your legs should be bent at the knee when you perform the exercise in proper form, which should compensate for the distance you lower yourself during the dip.

  • For beginners
If you are a beginner, you should start with push-ups. Since your feet are on the floor and you are not pushing your entire body weight, they are easier than dips.

Before you can do dips, you must be able to do 15-20 perfect push-ups.

  • For advanced weightlifters
For advanced weightlifters, things get a little more interesting.

Since you have had some training before, you can do push-ups, dips, or a combination of both.

The dip places a high load on the shoulder joint. To reduce the stress on the shoulder, do not lower your body beyond the elbow at a 90-degree angle.

Factors to consider before buying the best dip station:

  • Stability
First, look for bars with heavy-duty steel frames that shouldn't wobble or sway to support your full weight.

Compared to smaller feet, Wide feet are more stable, and You should cover the feet with non-slip material to prevent slipping on the floor.

  • Weight-bearing capacity
The maximum weight limit can range from 250 pounds to over 500 pounds depending on the various designs.

  • Grip Quality
The grips should be soft and durable so that they will not wear out after long-term use or sweat.

  • Available Space
It is wise to compare the size of each product to the space you have available.

  • Versatility
Because of different designs, your bar can also serve as a power tower or power rack, and you can do many different exercises.

  • Price
Be sure to consider your budget before you buy a dip bar. This will help you quickly choose what meets your budget.