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Are you looking for the best cupping massager?
Cupping massager is also called cellulite massager. Cupping massage has many functions. One of them is fat loss, especially for overweight people. But not everybody can do the cupping massage. Traditional cupping cups include bamboo, glass, and vacuum jars. Among them, the operation of vacuum cupping is relatively simple.

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What does cupping massage do for your body?
Cupping massage is for scar repair at the very beginning. Cupping massage increases regional blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, improves overall blood flow, and loses weight.


Cupping massage is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which therapists put a cup made of bamboo or glass over your skin. Remove the air to create suction. Cupping massage helps relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow, and relax your body as a deep tissue massage. Cupping therapy can be traced back to ancient Egyptian and Chinese medical cultures.

What is smart cupping?

Smart cupping massager is a combination of ancient cupping therapy and modern technology, combining dynamic suction, cupping massage, and red light therapy.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like KS, LANBENA, ELERA, and LURE Essentials.

Traditional Cupping

Get a piece of cotton wool in lockable forceps and soak it in surgical spirits, making sure that the excess alcohol is rubbed away. Remember to close the bottle before lighting it because it's a fire hazard.

Use the flame to create a vacuum in the cup and then apply it to the skin. Use some smaller cups around the big bony joints and the bigger cups to work on the larger areas.

The effect of suction on the skin is going to pull blood deeper down to the surface of the body and also start nourishing muscles that have been very tight and adhesive for an extended period. It's not applied universally to everybody and can be performed differently in different situations for different diagnoses.

Left the cups on for about 15 minutes. If you see a purple coming through from these areas, which shows where the most accumulation has happened in the muscles, there's the least blood flow.

Smart Cupping

Smart cupping massage works the same as traditional cupping but is more convenient than conventional. It saves the step of burning the air in the cup to obtain suction in conventional cupping therapy. It can automatically generate suction, which is safer. It also features massage and red light therapy.

How long does cupping last?

The best cupping time is about 15 minutes. The marks left by cupping massage on the skin will disappear in about a week.

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The most common areas for cupping massage are the back part, including the shoulders, neck and waist, as these areas are most prone to getting tired. But in fact, any part of your body below the head can do a cupping massage. However, people with skin diseases, high blood pressure, and pregnant and elderly who have heart disease should not do cupping massage.

How often can I do cupping?

Cupping massage is for muscle soreness relief and body relaxation, preferably once a week.


The cupping effect will be better if you do a massage before cupping to clear the meridians.


The local capillaries are still in a congested state just after cupping. And massage will speed up the bleeding of the local veins, which is not good for your body.

Cupping massage is an easy-to-operate, highly feasible and safe physical therapy method. You don't need a lot of tools, and there's no need to go to a physical therapist for an expensive cupping session if you just want physical relaxation. You can buy a set of cupping massagers that you can use at home. Of course, if you have pathological pain, then you'd better find the help of a professional physical therapist or a doctor.

Some people feel itchy and flushed after cupping. Do not scratch to prevent skin infection.

Do not take a bath within two hours after cupping. It is recommended to go to cupping after bathing.

Do not repeat cupping on the same body part until the marks are gone.