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Many people will recall a fresh, airy cone of cotton candy when it comes to childhood fun. Here, LumBuy cotton candy machines take you back to those childhood years and bring hours of sugary fun.

Thanks to the candy floss machine, a sweet treat is no longer out of reach. Whether you want to treat yourself on a Friday night or host a birthday party, a cotton candy maker lets you enjoy this sweet treat whenever you want. What’s great about making cotton candy at home is that the flavors, ingredients, and serving size are up to you. All you need is hard candy or flossing sugar and a stick, and you can make cinnamon, sour, spicy, or sugar-free cotton candy.

Today,candy floss machines come in all types, from nostalgic cotton candy carts to compact models. If you host an event, you can choose a commercial one. If you want to make cotton candy at home, you might consider a home cotton candy machine. Here, candyfloss machines are at the top of the list.


A cotton candy machine is also known as a cotton candy maker, candy floss machine, candy maker machine, or fairy floss machine. Cotton candy makers produce a web-like material that sticks to the stick or cone by spinning the sugar. It is used to make cotton candy as a garnish for desserts or drinks.

Cotton candy, also called candy floss or fairy floss, is a spun-sugar confection similar to cotton. The sugar is heated and liquefied, then centrifuged and spun so that it cools quickly and reforms itself into fine strands. It is served on a stick or a paper cone and is usually sold at circuses and carnivals.

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A candyfloss machine can stay with you for many years, but only if you buy a good one. Here are the factors you need to consider.

  • Purpose of use
Before you buy a marshmallow machine, please consider the following questions.

- Do you occasionally want to eat marshmallows?

- Do you want to entertain guests at weddings and birthday parties?

- Do you carry it around a lot?

- Do you want a simple one for the kids or a powerful one?

To invite a few friends, you can buy a mid-range machine. If for many guests, a high-end device is a must. Therefore, a high-end machine should come with a large sugar tank, but it will usually be heavier.

  • Tank size
The size of the sugar tank is a crucial factor.

For children or confectioners, a small sugar tank is an option. However, if you want to make many cotton candies, you will need larger tanks, some of which can produce four marshmallows in a minute.

  • Power
Power affects performance. There is no doubt that a powerful cotton candy maker can produce cotton candy quickly. Most of them have between 250W and 2500W of power.

The most common is 450 to 500 W. Below this power, it takes 10 minutes to heat the sugar and another 5 minutes to produce one cotton candy. A machine with more than 1000 W can heat the sugar quickly and make two cotton candies per minute.

  • Important features
Many machines only have an on/off switch. However, high-end cotton candy makers have a thermostat or a heating switch.

Whichever you choose, stability must be considered. Lightweight candy floss machines (under 2 kg) should be suction cup foot machines. If it is heavier, non-slip feet are a must.

  • Materials & Design
High temperatures are required to make marshmallows. Poor quality plastic will melt at high temperatures, and toxins will seep into the candy. So, please try to choose stainless steel materials. If you can only choose plastic, make sure it is free of Bisphenol A (BPA).

In terms of design, the colors should generally match the festive atmosphere. We recommend red, pink and white.

  • Universality
What kind of sugar does the machine use? It is an essential factor. You need to take into account the consumer's tastes. For this reason, it is advisable to buy a versatile cotton candy maker.

- Hard candies

- Regular sugar

- Syrups

- Special sugars

We recommend buying a fairy floss machine, which obtains a soft, fine, or hard texture.

  • Paper cone VS. wooden stick
If you are a beginner, or if children want to make marshmallows, then choose wooden sticks as they are easier to handle.

Be it wood or paper, choose reusable ones that are more economical and eco-friendly.

  • Easy to clean
High-powered machines generally have removable parts that you can easily wash. In addition, as the device is better maintained, the longer it will last. Make sure that you can clean the machine easily after use.

  • Make colored cotton candy
Before buying a candyfloss machine, make sure that the device can provide colored cotton candy.

Cotton candy machines usually come with instructions so that you can turn to the instructions. However, almost all cotton candy makers are similar. Let's take a look at the exact steps.

  • Safety Tips
Keep the cotton candy maker upright.

Do not lift the cotton candy maker with the rotating head. Use the handle.

You should use floss bubbles. The floss head rotates at high speed and is very dangerous.

Keep hands and face out of contact with the floss head.

Ask bystanders to stand as far away as possible.

Switch off the cotton candy maker before adding sugar.

Using flossing sugar as other sugars may damage the cotton candy maker.

  • Before plugging in the power supply
1. Loosen and push down the two knobs to reduce the transport bracket.

2. Make sure that the flossing ribbon is not jolted out of the band. If necessary, push it back into place.

3. Place the machine on a flat table. Place the bowl on the base of the device.

4. Fix the stabilizer to the inside of the bowl.

5. Place the floss bubble on the bowl. (optional)

6. Make sure that both switches are off.

7. Plugin the plug.

  • Operate the machine
1. Switch off the main switch and fill the floss head with water. Fill the flossing candy 90% full to bring the flossing head into balance. If it is overfilled, it will vibrate excessively. Before switching on the power, turn the flossing head to balance the sugar.

2. Turn the marshmallow machine off before adding sugar.

3. Turn on the main switch and the heating switch.

4. Turn the heat control knob clockwise to the maximum setting.

5. When the machine starts making floss, reduce the heat setting.

6. Turn the heat control knob counterclockwise to the marked operating position.

7. If you see smoke, reduce the heat.

  • Make floss
1. Keep your hands away from the rotating head.

2. Pick a cone.

3. Hold the pointed end of the cone with your fingers and roll the cone into the floss net.

4. Lift and rotate your cone to collect the floss around it. Don't roll the floss while it is in the pan.

5. Make sure the humidity is not too high.

Why do you need to clean your candy floss machine?

Like any other tool, the candyfloss machine requires maintenance. Cleaning keeps the device lasting longer and ensures good quality floss. If it is not cleaned, the accumulation of sugar crusts can clog its parts and block the small holes, thus reducing efficiency. In addition, the marshmallow machine may break down, and the floss gradually loses its quality.

How to clean a cotton candy machine?

There are two methods to clean it.

  • Quick cleaning process
Step 1

Remove the bowl and clean it with warm water.

Run the machine to remove all residues.

As a result, there is no longer any sugar on the floss head.

Step 2

Keep on the highest temperature for about 60 seconds to bake off any residual sugar.

Step 3

Get rid of the ribbon of carbon.

Take some water in a cup and pour it into a hot bowl to remove the sugar crystals.

Do this for about 30 seconds.

Let the marshmallow machine run for another 30 seconds without adding water.

Step 4

Disconnect the power and allow the marshmallow machine to cool.

Step 5

Once it has cooled, use a towel to dry the water from the bowl and floss head. Wipe down the splash guard or bubbles as sugar may remain on them.

  • Cleaning tips for parts
Step 1 - Dismantling

Remove the splash guard.

Remove the stator with a screwdriver.

Remove the rotator.


Ensure that the power is disconnected before dismantling the cotton candy machine parts.

Step 2 - Cleaning the parts

Put the bowl, spinner cap, and stator in hot water for 1 minute to remove the sugar. Then, wash them with water.

Step 3 - Cleaning the motor base

Use a damp cloth to wipe its base. Do not use water.

The average price on Amazon is $199.26 or so. Low-end models may cost only a few tens of dollars, while high-end models can cost several hundred dollars. Generally speaking, the features and quality will have the final say on the cotton candy machine price.

Cotton candy makers melt a certain amount of sugar and centrifugally spin it into fine sugar strands in a bowl. When the power is on, you spin a stick or cone in the bowl to capture the sugar strands onto the stick. Some have a protective lid to catch stray strands of sugar.

Can you use regular granulated sugar in a cotton candy machine?

Yes, you can use regular, unflavoured granulated table sugar.

Can you use sanding sugar in a cotton candy machine?

You can use sanding sugar to make cotton candy. However, it does not melt as quickly as regular sugar. So, preheat your cotton candy maker before adding the sanding sugar.

Can you put Jolly Ranchers in a cotton candy machine?

Yes, you can. Jolly Ranchers are stickier hard candies that produce smaller, denser cotton candy.

Can you put Skittles in a candy floss machine?

Yes, you can. Skittles will work fine. However, cheap marshmallow machines don't heat up enough. We recommend spending a few hundred dollars on a high-end cotton candy maker.

For best results, mix freeze-dried Skittles into a powder. Cotton candy is produced much faster and tastes better.

Can you use hard candy to make cotton candy?

Most hard candies will work fine in a cotton candy maker. If a commercial-grade machine is not available, break the sugar up first. Crushing the sugar produces a larger, fluffier marshmallow.

What hard candies can you put in a candy floss machine?

- Jolly Ranchers

- Peppermints

- Lifesavers

- Werther's

What's the difference between floss sugar and regular table sugar for making cotton candy?

Floss sugar is added in the right proportions with flavoring agents and dyes, making a variety of flavors possible. In addition, it is larger, denser, and fluffier than marshmallows made from table sugar. Overall, it tastes better.