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There are more than ten different types in the clarinet family. The most common types of the clarinet are Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, A clarinet, contrabass clarinet, Eb clarinet, anti-alit clarinet, and alto clarinet. And each type of clarinet has different keys and holes.

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The clarinet was originally popular in jazz. The clarinet is the only reed instrument with a cylindrical hole among typical modern wind instruments. And the clarinet has a unique sound, and the clarinet sheet music is easy to learn.


When was the clarinet invented?

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that includes a clarinet mouthpiece, a straight cylindrical tube with a circular hole, and a bell mouth. Johann Christoph Denner invented the clarinet in Germany in 1700.

You need to consider the hardness of the reed. The hardness of the reed is divided into five levels, from soft to hard, with one being the softest and five being the hardest. Hard reeds produce a fuller and thicker sound, while softer reeds are easier to play and are suitable for beginners.

There are many relatively well-known and popular brands like Buffet, Jupiter, YAMAHA, Sky, Eastar, Blessing, GLORY.

Both of your hands should be in C shape like "lego hands." Left hand on the top, right hand on the bottom. Place fingers on home keys. With the thumb of the left hand down, the middle finger of the index finger, and the ring finger up, press the first three holes, respectively. Then the same goes for the right hand.

Put the clarinet mouthpiece in your mouth, and you want the clarinet to be at about a forty-five-degree angle.

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Grap your bell and lower the joint, and you are going to twist them into place gently, but if you feel like you have some resistance, you can actually use some cork grease, and you will just put a little bit on to lubricate the cork so that your assembly happens much more smoothly.

Gently twist these two pieces onto place and grab your upper joint and use a very small twisting motion to get them into place, and the bridge mechanism which is helping to connect two joints should be aligned as such.

Then grab your barrel and then grab your mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has a hole, which needs to align with the instrument's back.

Then grab your reed which should be moistened either with water, and you are going to put the flat part of the red so that it is in contact with the facing of the mouthpiece and slide your ligature on top. You should only see the thinnest black line behind the reed.

Disassemble the reed and mouthpiece, and use a clarinet swab to pass through the instrument through the bell. Use warm water and a neutral detergent when cleaning the mouthpiece.

Disassemble the clarinet and wipe all parts of the instrument with cotton swabs.

The material cost of the clarinet is very high, and the price of a professional intermediate clarinet or clarinet is usually between US$1,300 and US$2,800.