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The chicken coop is also called rabbit hutch and duck house. There are two types: one is a non-fully enclosed rabbit hutch for fresh air circulation, mostly made of wire mesh, and the other is a closed rabbit hutch with doors and windows, which can reduce air circulation and maintain temperature, moreover protect the chickens from hunters.

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A rabbit hutch is a room that can protect rabbits, chickens or other poultry. There may be egg-laying boxes and perches in the coop. There are two types of rabbit hutchs. One is an open type that can keep the air circulating in the chicken house, and the other is a closed type with a door to keep the temperature of the chicken coop.


The chicken coop is a space for poultry to rest and lay eggs, and it is also a protective structure.

There are many types of chicken houses on the market to choose from, so when selecting a new chicken house, you can consider the following points: size, ventilation, predator protection, ease of cleaning, and egg-laying boxes.

In addition to the chicken house design itself, the location and water and electricity supply should also be considered.

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The selling price of a chicken coop varies from hundreds to thousands depending on its material and size. The price of building a chicken coop is usually about half of the cost of buying a ready-made chicken coop, in other words. But you can also use existing materials, which costs less. But building a chicken coop requires construction expertise and tools, and it costs more time and cost.

All chicken coops should have the following basic equipment: walls or fences, roof, proper ventilation, egg-laying boxes, heat and light equipment.

Materials: wood, pallets, hinges, latches, barbed wire, and metal materials used to make the roof.

Tools: screws, hand saw, spirit level, electric drill, and tape measure.

Step 1: First, draw the architectural drawing of the chicken coop. Determine the location and size of the chicken coop.

Step 2: Cut the wood into rectangles and use it as a fence.

Step 3: The roof is made of metal for waterproofing. If there is no metal, you can use a waterproof cloth.

Step 4: You can buy a second-hand door to install in the chicken coop or use old wood to make a door.

Step 5: You also need to fix the hinge to the side of the door and the bolt to the door frame.

The size of the cage depends on the breed and number of chickens. If it is 6-10 chickens, a 4x8 or a large one coop can be used for the chickens to walk and run.

Two issues need to be considered when chickens spend the night outdoors: the first is temperature, and the second is safety. When the chicks are not full of feathers, the outdoor temperature is too low to make the chicks sick. Other animals may attack chickens at night, so it is best to stay overnight in a cage.

Remove all dirt, feathers, and feces.

Rinse it with water.

Disinfect the chicken house with natural cleaners such as vinegar.

Rinse again with clean water.

You should provide fresh food and fresh water every day. The chicken coop should be cleaned once a week or every two weeks.