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Is it weird to use a cat stroller? You may consider using a stroller for your cat, but some doubts still linger in your mind.

A cat stroller is also called a cat carriage or kitty stroller. It is a kind of pet stroller for cats designed to let your cat explore the amazing world outside. Compared to a cat backpack, a cat stroller is a better option for people with back problems, letting you take your cat outside with no effort.

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A cat stroller, known as a kitty stroller or cat carriage, is a pet stroller for cats, which lets you run an errand or travel with your cat on a hot day. For injured, older, or disabled cats, a good cat stroller gives them the chance and freedom to enjoy the exciting world they always love safely.

A quality cat stroller gives your cat a large room to stand, stretch and sit down comfortably. It should also have space for a blanket or a cat bed or come with a built-in soft surface. It’s very important that the stroller is easy to push and rolls smoothly. Lightweight and foldable ones will be better options if you'd like to take your cat along on travel.

Here are some other factors that should be taken into account:

  • Wheel’s quality (stability and durability)
  • Location and type of a cat stroller opening (from the top, back, or front)
  • Storage features (cup holders, pockets, etc.)
  • Durable mesh panels to let you see your cat from the top
  • Secure closures (zippers with locks)
  • Waterproof materials (easy to clean)
  • Storability (foldable)
  • Handle comfort (adjustable position and height, easy to push, etc.)
  • Airline-approved
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You may wonder how to train a cat to use a cat stroller or how to keep a cat in a stroller. Don’t worry. With patience and the following tips, you can help your feline friend get accustomed to using and enjoying a cat stroller.

  • Step 1
Ensure you have bought a cat stroller that is big enough for your cat to use. Large room should be guaranteed to maximize her comfort. Before the first walk, you should make sure your cat is accustomed to riding on a cat stroller. Find a place n your home to put the cat stroller. The place should be accessible to your cat.

  • Step2
Always keep the enclosing mesh and stroller fabric cover open, letting your cat enter the cat stroller freely, snip around and even take a nap. You can allow her to check out the cat stroller by herself for some days.

But remember to lock the stroller's wheels to ensure the cat stroller won’t move around when your cat is inside. You can even put some little treats inside to make the stroller more attractive to your cat. Spraying some catnip is also helpful because the catnip spray tells your feline friend that the stroller is designed for her and makes her feel more comfortable inside.

  • Step 3
If your cat starts to spend more time in the cat stroller, you can take some short walks around your home with the cat inside for about one or two minutes. It’s vital to zip the stroller mesh around the cat while walking. After walking, you can reward her with nice treats. The process may take around one or two weeks, but the patience and practice will pay off.

  • Step 4
You can take your cat outdoors once she is comfortable riding on the cat stroller indoors. Start with your yard and observe her reaction. To get your cat used to riding the cat stroller outside more quickly, you can sit with her on the patio to let her know it’s safe. Put her back in the cat stroller if she jumps out. Reward her for sitting still in the cat stroller.

  • Step 5
You can try to spend more time walking around your neighborhood with your cat in a stroller. Smooth and quiet terrains are good places, like sidewalks. Planing first will help you a lot. For example, avoid the areas where dogs often play.

You may use a cat harness or leash to enhance your cat’s safety during the walking, which is also convenient for her potty breaks as the walking may take a long time.

  • Step 6
For each walking outside, remember to push the cat stroller slowly and steadily and take your cat home if she seems tired or stressed. Keep practicing to build her confidence until she takes the cat stroller as a safe and comfortable haven.
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Yes, most cats like it. With a cat stroller, your cats get a chance to enjoy the exciting world outside while keeping safe inside the stroller. Both you and your cat can benefit from buying a cat stroller. Here are some summarized benefits:

  • Older or injured cats can get outdoors by riding in a cat stroller.
  • It’s a great alternative to car backpacks for people with back problems.
  • Your cat has a chance to enjoy the fresh air while being safe.
  • It can help you create a strong bond with your feline friend.
Most cat strollers are priced at $50 to $400. You may find a basic cat stroller for over $50. Deluxe and high-quality cat strollers can cost you as much as $400. Overall, the price depends on your needs.